Monday, November 05, 2007


In the long run the Black Knight succeeds in walking faster by the crutches and in bending the knee. He can drive and go out alone.
Unfortunately last Monday, at the first monthly check, the orthopaedic surgeon said that the leg improves but the fractures are “very ugly” (see the picture) and for this reason I must use for another month both the crutches. However, to help to rebuild the weak muscles of my left leg, I swim 45 minutes every other day and this is a good news because I suffer to live a sedentary life.
When will I be able to run? At the moment it is also difficult to say when I can walk, the leg is full of “hardware” that I will have to remove the next year by another surgery.
In this difficult moment, the enemy is at the borders trying to attack the Black Kingdom with the awareness that the fearless leader is injuried. But the proud coward army doesn’t know that the international Black Knight Army is always stronger, angry and ready to fight everywhere.
Now another brave Knight strenghtens the group, he is Sir Peter our outpost sentry!


  1. That's quite a hunk of hardware! Hope the swimming helps you the heal faster and get out on the road! Any laps I swim this week will be in your honor!

  2. That is a very impressive x-ray! But I'm so sorry your leg got badly broken.

    The Black Army will prevail! All Hail the Black Knight and curses to the invaders. We will not rest until they have been vanquished!

  3. okay, first of all... SHOW OFF!

    you had to trump me in the metal category, didn't you! that's a doooozy.

    now for the unsolicited advice. even when the doctor says your bones can run, you might find that your muscles are so weakened that you run lopsided. i have found that by letting both legs start at the same place, i've been able to run better. i built up the weak leg, but then took time off to let the stronger leg go down to match the broken one (but you must get the weak leg to normal "i do no running" status, not "i just had major surgery" status).

    after i got my weak leg up and running for a few months, i took 2 months off. now i find that i am running better. it's the symmetry stuff.

    that's just what i've experienced with recovery. it's hard to break the limp habit once you start running.

    so, did they make you wear sexy green paper undies? they probably don't do that in a fashionable country like italy.

  4. mark can't do much blogging while he's in china. i sent him a link to this, but he can't post a comment. i asked him to comment to me via chatting:

    the armour belongs on the outside sir knight ... only a very clever warrior conceal in such a way ... my wife has also learned this trick, but i fear that this is too brave for me

  5. Must be frustrating with crutches. Keep your head up. The Black Knight is known to have a lot of "mettle" in him!

  6. Ouch is all I can say. That sucks but I still hope you recover fully and kick some non pirate arse soon!

  7. Your x-ray looks very "bionically" similar to my husbands! He has an artificial hip (steel and porcelin)
    and since his femur was cracked they had to put on several metal "twisty-ties" around it...
    Glad you are able to swim.
    Hubby of course can no longer run, but that's a whole different ball game than the one you are playing! Heal quickly! (It will never be quick enough though...hang in there!)

  8. you have a mean doctor!

    i'm glad you are swimming. maybe you will start bicycling, and then: triathlon!

    this must be very hard for you. but don't ever give up.


  9. Don't worry. The enemies will have to face the return of the Bionic Black Knight one day!

  10. Your comment to me that begins with "When I was a runner..." just breaks my heart!! I wish you continued recovery and hope you are on the run again some day!

    ciao, amico!

  11. We will defend until you return! Have faith and stay moving in whatever form you can. Keep fighting!

  12. The enemy will fail to break our resolve. We stand at the gate, until the Black Knight's mighty return.

    Glad you are still moving... swimming is great! Keep doing what you can do, and the time will fly, and you'll be back to your old self in no time!

  13. Stefano, I've just of read your accident and the fractures in your leg. I am so sorry to hear - I hope you are feeling alright. Here I was feeling sorry for myself. Steve and I send our best wishes and hope you have a speedy recovery. I am sure Daniella is taking good care of you.

  14. Stay strong -- and stay away from metal detectors.

  15. On this day of Thanksgiving over here we are glad the Black Knight is getting stronger daily to repel the border ruffians over there soon.

  16. the x-ray is magnificent. you will come back stronger. glad you can at least swim.

  17. I wish you a speedy recovery, Black Knight! Happy American Thanksgiving!

  18. So sorry to hear of the attack by your once trusted steed!

    Perhaps my prolonged absence has obviously led to a break down in discipline amongst the ranks.

    Wishing you a full recovery sir!

  19. Indeed the foreign armies fight on, but we miss our tireless leader.

    Hope the leg heals quickly and you are soon back in charge of the army.

  20. Ah, Sir Knight! I have been remiss in my duties in the BK Army while doing battles on my own physical & personal fronts here. I am glad to see that your spirits remain high in the face of such adversity.
    Heal well. Best of luck with your Christmas appointment, Merry Christmas Season and all the year long for 2008.