Thursday, December 27, 2007

A 2007 to forget

2007 is a year to forget for all the problems I had to face. The last is the boring fact that I cannot post by Explorer and the only way is to use the Mac system by another pc, but it is impossible to create the links. I tried following the instructions and sending an e-mail to everything pointless! Any suggestion to fix Explorer?
The balance:
Mileage: 1221,1 (758.4 ml) until sept. 18th, day of the incident. The mileage was low because in the first part of the year I suffered of a bursitis as consequence of the Florence marathon. In the same period of the 2006 I ran 1903 km (1182 ml).
Races: only 4 and with a pace slower than my usual for the bursitis. Faster 4.39/km, slower 4.53/km. In 2006, in the same distances the paces were 4.26/km and 4.38/km.
The leg: At last, after the check, the doctor said that I can start to walk without the crutch. Slowly, and step by step, I must learn to walk again. Perhaps I will be able to run a little in early march.
At the moment I swim as long as I can and I walk all around the city waiting for the magic day when I will run for the first time after the incident.
This is my last post of the year so I wish a wonderful and happy new year to all of you. Ciao!!!!

(A memory: when the Black Knight was in the Coast Guard)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy Christmas

The Black Knight gets well day after day even if he needs a lot of time to recover. He works hard in the swimming pool and with the physiotherapyst to rebuild the muscles of the legs. Moreover he walks every day for not less than one hour: at last with only one crutch! It is difficult not to run and he misses the races and the workouts with the italian Black Legion.
The next medical check will be on the Christmas Eve and he hopes to begin to walk without the crutch: crossing the fingers.
In the course of a few days all the world knew of the incident and many Barbarian Tribes tried to attack the Black Knight kingdom but as you can see in the picture the fearless leader fought with only his good leg destroying the enemies! They didn’t learn not to piss off the Black Knight!
Happy Christmas!!!!!!