Friday, January 18, 2008


Day after day the leg heals and the Black Knight must walk without the crutch: this is a strong order of the orthopaedic surgeon.
At the moment I am learning not to limp counting the steps as if I marched: one-two-one-two!
But the Black Knight doesn't forget that the enemy is on the borders always more arrogant and cruel; for this reason he follows a drill program on the ground and across the water to be ready to fight again.
Five days a week he swims 1500 metres and after he makes the rehabilitation into the swimming pool (jumps, runs and walks).
Everyday he works on the "dreadmill" walking as fast as he can, sometimes getting a little help resting his hands on the guides.
In the meanwhile he has planned an expedition to submit the enemies who live in Ireland. He will also be there to watch the match Ireland - Italy of rugby.
I am sure that the Irish Black Legion, after the enemy's surrender, will support the Irish team but....the Black Knight is a good fearless leader and will forgive his brave allied (indeed at the moment the only Sir Thomas).