Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Gift

Healing update. In this last period the Black Knight had many medical checks and the responses were good for the man but not for the runner. The surgery was perfect and the thigh bone heals fast but the fracture is complicated, the scar is long and in the leg there is much "iron". The doctors advise not to remove the hardware not to risk an infection. As the incident occurred while I was coming back home from my office, I claimed the damages and the recognition as a "job accident". The doctor of the Public Institute I.N.A.I.L. established that I am disable at 16%. The same said the doctor of the Insurance. Now I know that I can walk without problems but I will not be able to run as fast as before that damned Sept. 18th, 2007.
Training. Of course I don't surrender and now the training routine is more complete. I rest only one day a week and on the other six I work hard in the gym lifting weights (also with the injuried leg) and in the swimming pool. But the great news is that I run even if only one minute for 8/9 times during a fast walk on the "dreadmill": in one hour I succeed in covering about km. 6,200 (ml. 3,85). Running on the road is again painful for my knee.
The gift. Yesterday I received this beautiful gift, a wonderful memory: the picture! It was shot on Oct. 16th, 1974 (yes, 34 years ago!) before the rugby match Civitavecchia - Ile d'Oleron. Civitavecchia is my home town and the Ile d'Oleron is a french navy team. The final score was 43 - 10.  The Black Knight (under the arrow) was a young wing 18 y.o.
The picture is moving because now 4 of those Civitavecchia players are playing rugby in heaven. Ciao Gianfranco (flanker), ciao Giorgio (wing), ciao Cecco (lock), ciao Sergio (the best scrum half who I have ever seen), I will never forget you.
                                                    (The B.K. is under the arrow - click on the picture to enlarge)