Sunday, April 06, 2008

Coming back to life

Recovering update. Another month has gone and the “dreadmill” is a good therapy to rehabilitate the broken leg. Every other day I run (???) on the dreadmill or on the soft ground of the parks not to overload the knee, again weak because the vast femoral muscle is not totally rebuilt. At the moment my running autonomy is 30 minutes but at only 8 min./km (12’50”/ml), walking fast is not anymore a problem. The other 3/4 days of the week I alternate swimming (1250-1500 metres in 45 minutes) and lifting weights at the gym.
On april 18th I will have another medical check in Rome (with a very famous surgeon who cared the soccer player Ronaldo in Madrid) to know if I can remove the “hardware”.
Coming back to life. This morning the Black Knight entered a not-competitive 3 km. race in his kingdom. He was angry because many enemies believed that he would have not anymore fought against the barbarian tribes. What a bloody mistake. He was there ready to defeat all the swindlers and the cruels enemies. The battle was fast and glorious, after 19’45” (real time) 20’40” (official time) the rebels surrendered.
The serious Vivicittà race report. It is a path mainly flat but with a long uphill in the middle. The not-competitive runners were only 40 persons mostly walking people, but never mind, I had to test my condition for the first time on the asphalt. The split is: 6’43” (official time 7’28” for the crowded start) – 6’45” and 6’28”. The difference due to the uphill between the 1st and the 2nd km. The strategy was only to maintain a regular pace to finish without damaging my knee.
The special guest. My wife Daniela was so kind to run with me all the whole race.
The Black Knight is back!