Sunday, May 18, 2008

Race for the Cure

Today the Black Knight Army entered the Race for the Cure, the famous 5 km to raise funds against the breast cancer. 8 brave Black Warriors conquered the capital running through a wonderful route in the heart of the ancient Rome: the most important and beautiful monuments are there. As usual the enemy Army, about 40.000 people, surrendered in less than 30 minutes!
(36804 the Black Knight - 36802 Elisa the daughter - the Man in Black the son)
The report. 5 crowded km with uphill and downhill under a heavy rain. The “bionic leg” didn’t have a good support on the wet characteristic cobblestones but the Black Knight didn’t mind and finished the fastest run after the surgery: 29’10” (real time) – 29’55” official time. The split km per km: 06’00” – 05’55 – 05’48” – 06’03” – 05’23”.
Recovering update. The Spanish doctor told that I can remove the hardware because my body is “strong” but I must not run before the surgery. Indeed I don’t follow his advice, it would be a tragedy for me, so I decided to run 3 days a week on the soft ground and the other 4 to alternate swimming, biking and lifting weights. This could be a good solution.
Summer is coming: happy running!!!