Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Sorcery

The scared enemy, taken good note of the Black Knight’s rising, understood that the battles were pointless against the powerful Black Army. So after many bloody and humiliating defeats they decided to try new strategies, for this reason the evil enemy hired a cruel wizard who organized a dirty trick.
The day after the Race of the Cure, that wizard made a sorcery and the Black Knight, during a workout, put both his feet into a rope and felt heavily on the ground. He spent all the afternoon in the emergency room for the check up and the x-rays said that he had a strong contusion on the forearm, the elbow and the ribs and an abrasion on the knee. It was very painful and the sleeping was difficult. The Black Knight had to rest for 20 days before coming back to run and bike as the “bionic” leg permits.
To celebrate the end of the bad times the scottish minstrel Mark Knopfler offered a concert in Rome to pay honour to the Black Knight. This was the list of the songs: Cannibals, Why Aye Man, What It Is, Sailing To Philadelphia, True Love Will Never Fade, The Fish And The Bird, Hill Farmer's Blues, Romeo & Juliet, Sultans Of Swing, Marbletown, Postcards From Paraguay, Speedway At Nazareth, Telegraph Road, Brothers In Arms, Our Shangri La, So Far Away, Going Home [Theme from Local Hero].
The Black Knight was so kind to applaud the unforgettable performance.