Saturday, August 23, 2008

The battle of the Mediterranean Sea

Istanbul (Turkey)

Black Knight and his wife at Efeso (Turkey) - The yellow cap is an Ihate-Iliketoast's gift

Mykonos (Greece)


Athens (Greece) with an unknown lady

After a long period of peace the Black Knight decided that had arrived the right moment to expand his dominion towards east. For this reason he sailed by the cruise ship Celebrity Galaxy across the Mediterranean Sea. He conquered day after day Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes, Istanbul, Kusadasi, Athens and Naples. The war campaign lasted 11 days, by August 11th, with Civitavecchia (Black Knight's kingdom) as port of departure and arrival.
During the cruise was very difficult to run because on the ship there were only 5 treadmills and the jogging deck was too short (12 laps = 1 nautic mile) and crowded. Moreover the excursions were long and under a very hot weather so, at the end, we (my wife and I) were too tired to train in an appropriate way. However we ran 3 times for 1 hour on the deck. Bad times are coming, work calls: on monday I will be back to my office and the holidays are only a wonderful memory.