Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Surgical Operation

The time has come and the Black Knight began the tests and the medical examinations to remove the prosthetis inside his left leg before the end of this year. It is another long surgical operation because the scar will be very long and in the same place of the first one. The doctor said that in the future this will be only a bad dream, but in my opinion it is again a nightmare. In this photo, by a local newspaper, you can see the press conference of yesterday where the Black Knight (on the right) announced his triathlon debut.In the meantime the Black Knight doesn’t surrender and in a total secret way, not to reveal his plans to the enemies, is preparing his first triathlon competition. Swimming and biking are good, only running is slow: between 06’00”-06’20/km (09’39”-10’11”/ml) for no more than 12 km (7,45 ml). He hopes that after the new surgical operation the things will go better.
What a pity, vacation time is only a beautiful memory and work calls! Here are other 3 pictures of the last cruise (Istanbul by night, Mykonos and Capri).