Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Delay

The surgery, expected on 31st october, was deferred to a later date because of a long waiting list of patients. This is a problem for me because I planned many activities basing myself on that date.
For example the Black Knight accepted the offers, after many persistent requets, to go in tour with the Nightwish and the Queen playing the keyboards (see the photos). He agreed because he wants to show to his subjects also the best part of him and not only the invincible warrior.

The training for the triathlon is going on, I swim 1500 metres easily and I can run 10/15 km. The only problem is the bike because at the moment I have a good pace for only 30 km. (18,6 ml) but here there are roads with much traffic and many uphill, so I can go only when it's possible.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Montalto 10k

Official report:
The mighty Black Knight never satiated with the victories, always looking for new glory, marched pride to the Montalto battlefield to remind to the subjects who rules on those savage lands. As the coward enemy army saw the Black Knight to appear on the horizon, the dread became irrepressible. After a bloody fight 57'40"long, the battlefield filled up of white flags. The enemy surrendered and peace and justice came back to Montalto. This is the photo of the loot of war:

Real report (Confidential -Not to share please!!!!): The official distance was 10,550 km (half - half marathon) but I think it was a little bit more because my pace was regular (split km per km: 5'22", 5'28", 5'26", 5'22", 5'22", 5'18", 5'35", 5'20", 5'25", 5'15") and how is it possible that I covered the final fastest downhill 550 metres long (0,34 ml) in 3'47"??? 3'47" means 6'53" km (11'05"ml)!!!! However the final official time was 57'40" (5'28" km - 8'40" ml). The score was 47° of 56 overall and 3° of 3 in my age group (51-55 y.o.). I could not make more than this in a competitive official race. My leg is heavy and I cannot push or I feel pain. I must be patient and waiting for the surgery with the hope that I will become a normal runner. At the moment I am disable at 17% because of the kind of the fracture and all the "iron" in my leg. However I won (???) a lot of food for the 3° place (see the photo) - even if last in my age group -

Ciao a tutti!!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Hectic period for the Black Knight: many riots to put down, new lands to conquer and victories to celebrate.
As the Black Knight will remove the prosthetis inside his left leg on oct. 31st, the Queen came to Rome to celebrate the event. In a very crowded Palalottomatica they dedicated the unforgettable concert to the invincible Black Knight Army. Here are two pictures that I took during the wonderful performance.
After the celebrations I had to go to Bruxelles to bring peace and justice. After one and half day the city surrendered. Two pictures of the city:
The last but not least: on Sunday the italian black legion will enter the Montalto 10 k. This will be my first real race on a “normal” distance because at the moment I am trained to run 12/13 km (7,45/8,1 ml) at 6’/km (9’39”/ml). I cannot wait for running again on my legs without all that iron inside!