Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4th of July

The visit. The 4th of July was a great day in the Black Knight Kingdom, we received the visit of Katy the Greaty IHateToast from the pacified and unified kingdom of USA/Australia where she and her husband iliketoast rule with wisdom and justice. We visited many famous places in Rome: Spanish Steps, Via del Corso, the Pantheon, Campo de' Fiori, the Parliament, Navona Square and Trevi Fountain. The time was too short to visit other parts of that wonderful city. Thank you again Katy for the visit and the wonderful present: the singlet of the Brisbane Running Team, I will wear it with pride. Below the Black Knight (on the right with the blue t-shirt) checks the people who are waiting for the arrival of the famous Katy the Greaty (on the left Spanish Steps, in front Square of Spain, on the right the Spanish Embassy):

Below Katy the Greaty and Daniela (Black Knight's wife) near Trevi Fountain:
Below: Katy and Daniela in Navona Square refresh their noble feet:
Training: the things are going better even if the knee hurts a little but I know that the recover is long and I must be patient. The program now is day after day: swim 60/75 minutes across the sea), bike (90 minutes), run (50 minutes). The time of the workouts is more or less the same of the last month but now I am faster and I feel stronger.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The last victory

After 3 months without running, due to a stress fracture on the highest part of the shin bone with liquid between the knee and the bone, I came back to run. The first workout was hard, 35 minutes testing every part of my injured leg, with many bad thoughts and a big fear. Unfortunately the recover is long, that poor leg suffered 2 different fractures and 2 operations; for this reason I decided not to race anymore. The last magnetic resonance confirmed that decision, by now the knee, the ligaments and the meniscus don’t allow the effort of a race. However I will enter some popular events with thousands of runners but only to enjoy the group without pushing at all.
The current program is day after day: swim (40 minutes if in the pool or 60/75 minutes if across the sea), bike (90 minutes), run (40 minutes), rest. This is not triathlon but only a way to stay fit and in shape.
But the Black Knight Army doesn’t demobilize, all the heroic warriors fight everywhere: land, air, sea. At present is very active the Black Knight Navy busy to patrol the coast by 4 invincible seals: the Black Knight, the Black Knight’s son, Sir Giorgio and Sir Gianni. They heedless of danger swim often from the local marina to the shepherd’s cape to check that no enemy fleets are sailing against the coast of the Black Knight kingdom.
The last victory: the major terrified by the Black Knight’s anger decided to stop the cut of the trees (see the post down).