Saturday, August 08, 2009

The raid

The coward enemy heard that the Black Knight was wounded became always more reckless. The last outrage was the arrival of many invaders by the ship “Navigator of the Seas”.
This was the last challenge and the invincible warrior decided to conquer the battle ship and to show to all the Mediterranean sea how the Black Knight Army is strong again.
In few minutes the crew surrendered and was submitted. The other ports of call of the raid (july 19 – 26) were Genoa, Villefranche, Barcelona, Palma de Majorca and Cagliari. The natives didn’t resist the Black Knight Army and renewed the promise of eternal fidelity. And the justice ruled again!
The Navigator of the Seas in Cagliari:

Portofino, a wonderful town near Genoa:

Montecarlo: on the left the Casino and on the right the Hotel of Paris:

Daniela, the Black Knight Kingdom's Queen in Barcelona:

The Spanish Pueblo in Palma de Majorca:

The Black Knight and his wife onboard:

Training. At last the things go better. The knee doesn’t hurt anymore and the liquid between the knee itself and the bone was reabsorbed, however all the muscles of the left leg are weaker than the right leg ones. But now I can run and the distances are longer even if I am very slow (10 k in 62 minutes). At the moment I am following a cross training program (swim, run, bike) improving distances and speed even if I don’t see the triathlon in my future. I took this decision for many reasons: after all the fractures I have lost my speed and my endurance; I am scared to bike with the locks and also the swimming is a step to the future because of the special items to wear to get better performances.
Enjoy this summertime.


  1. Well raided!!!

    (Several years ago I effected a similar plan on Radiance of the Seas to Alaska. It was well worth it.)

    I'm so pleased to hear your training is progressing. Keep on keeping on!

  2. Yes, good work on the rehabilitation of knee etc....

  3. Have a nice cross training program which is important for the rehabilitation of the knee.

    I'm on Holiday in Ventotene Island. See you next week.

  4. As Depeche Mode would say, soon you'll "get the balance right." Keep up the cross-training...and the traveling. Very pretty pictures.

  5. I like how much you travel. :)

    Get that knee well.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful vacation! I really want to travel and see more of the world :) Happy that you're continuing your training, and you never know, with all the biking and swimming, a tri might still be in your future!

  7. Nice photos from the cruise! And I'm glad to hear the knee pain is no more. That, in itself, is a victory.

  8. Great pictures. Looks like lots of fun. Glad to hear the knee is feeling much better. Keep taakign things slow with the running. You'll be speeding along shortly.

  9. Again, the Black Knight is victorious. Glad to hear that you are improving every day!

  10. I'm so happy for you that knee no longer hurts and your training is going so well. What a great trip you had - those photos are fantastic! Stay strong. You are proving once again that you are a conquerer!

  11. That's good news on the running front! So glad to hear it! Play it smart and you will improve! I have not run since the May 31st marathon and just don't have the urge back yet! Maybe once the snow flies again, I will!

    You commented that you are a sailor! Me too, in a way! I grew up near the ocean, spent 25 years of my life there. I feel more at home there but I'm learning to appreciate the mountains since there is no ocean close by!

    Thank you for sharing some vacation photos! What pretty pictures!

  12. i'm glad the knee is improving. i'm sure it'll make you a happier knight.

    i normally don't look at cruises as fun, but maybe because the ones here are too far from any place all the time. i think the mediterranean ones would be right for me. All places close (no hurricanes/cyclones), and fabulous ports. i'll have to look into my own sea invasion.

  13. I'm glad you leg is getting better. The best news of all is that 62 minutes over 10K is just my speed!

    Excellent raid - you are still the Black Knight!

  14. Love the pics! :)

  15. A 62 minute 10K is a fine time. Especially for someone working to come nback. Looks like a nice trip, thanks for the pictures.

  16. you are improving- Great!