Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The conquest of Tuscany

The conquest. After the conquest of the sea the Black Knight decided to conquer new cities and went straight ahead to Tuscany, a wonderful region in the centre of Italy.
The Army conquered Cortona, Florence, Arezzo, Montepulciano and other less important garrisons.
Now the black flags waves on the tuscan skies.

Pictures: n° 1 typical Val d'Orcia landscape; n° 2 the Black Knight at Monte Oliveto abbey; n° 3 Daniela (B.K.'s wife) near the Asciano cathedral; n° 4 the pool of the hotel in Cortona.
Training. The muscles of the left leg are smaller than the right leg ones, but this is normal after all the fractures. Now I succeed in running the 10 km in 60 minutes, 2 minutes less than the last month but, as we say, the road is long again. To stay fit I continue to swim and bike for a good cross training program. Even if my son “rings the bell” I don’t enter any race.