Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A little help to sir Giorgio

Prologue: The Black Knight was into his castle enjoying this period of pace and quiet. But, what a surprise, received the visit of Sir Giorgio (see his report) who came to beg the help of the invincible warrior to destroy an enemy legion. What happened? Taking advantage of the night, 62 rebels besieged the city of Montalto di Castro, a town 42 km far from the Black Knight kingdom capital, asking for tributes and food. For this reason on the morning of the last Sunday (the last Sunday forever for the coward enemies) the fearless Black Knight came back unexpectedly to a battlefield to defend the scared citizens and support Sir Giorgio in this new heroic adventure. Of course the enemy legion suddenly surrendered.
Pictures before the race: n° 1 the Black Knight, n° 2 from left Sir Umberto, Sir Giorgio and the Black Knight.

The Battle: It was a competitive race km 10,700 (6.64 ml) long, with uphill and downhill on a sunny day. This time I was prudent and I didn’t push to avoid another stress fracture. However I was confident because I worked hard in the pool (1500-1600 metres each time) and I followed a wise training running program (3/4 workouts for week no longer than 75 minutes). The final time was 55’49 (5’12”/km – 8’22”/ml). The score 38° of 62 and 4° in the age group.
The Future: No programs, only a step by step training. At the moment only swimming and running because the bike gives me some problems (pain near the groin).
The loot (the prize for the 4° place in the age group)