Monday, November 16, 2009

Changing my mind

(the Black Knight is the n° 547)
Some months ago I decided not to race anymore after the stress fracture on the highest part of the shin bone, the same bone fractured in 2 parts because of the motor bike incident. But thanks to Sir Giorgio on oct. 11 I entered a competitive race km. 10,700 (ml 6.64) long with a prudent pace (5’12” Km / 8’22 ml).
By that day I began a regular program of training: swimming and running; no more bike (risks on the roads and a little pain near the groin). The weekly schedule is:
Monday: rest
Tuesday: swimming (1600 metres)
Wednesday: running (tempo run 10/13 km)
Thursday: rest
Friday: running (relaxing 10/12 km)
Saturday: swimming (1600 metres)
Sunday: running (15/17 km).
Thanks to this program, on Nov. 8th I left my car near the 10th km mark and I made a 10 km test. I ran both the competitive race (oct. 11) and this test without pushing. To be sure not to change my mind during it I followed my scheduled program (no rest before the test: swimming the day before and running on Friday), moreover I didn’t wear my race shoes. I didn’t want to risk my leg finishing the half marathon. Well the time on 10 km (1 km uphill and no downhill) was 51’20” (5’08” km / 8’16” ml).
Looking back I can see a good progress: 62’00” in August; 60’00” in September; 52’00” in October and 51’20” in November. I hope to come back to run a whole half marathon next February.
The test story: In a dark and rainy bloody Sunday a barbarian Army of 1200 soldiers besieged the city of Civitavecchia believing that the Black Knight wouldn’t have been there to defend the territory. They began to sack the suburbs leaving their carriages everywhere. So Sir Giorgio called the invincible warrior to ask once more for his help to defeat the outrageous enemies. The Black Knight accepted, wore his shining black armour and among the wonder of the savage hordes took his place at the start. The Barbarian Army, scared and confused, began to run as fast as possible, leaving the city going to the country pursued by a very angry Black Knight. After 10 km they surrendered, defeated and humble came back to their carriages before going home wounded and humiliated.