Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy New Year

2010. This is the last post for this year and I want to thank all my blogger friends for the support and the kind comments. We have run some virtual races together but one day it would be so nice to organize a real meeting somewhere: can the dreams come true? Indeed I had the pleasure to receive the visits of strewth, CJ, Dori (twice) and IHateToast; with Dori we also made a workout together!

Lady Jill. Lady Jill was my secret buddy for the blog gift exchange. I received a beautiful book about her wonderful Colorado and a nice gift for my grandson Leonardo. Thank you very much Lady Jill, you are always very kind.
The Squire. The squire Massimo was demoted to Sir Giorgio's humble servant, the last of the servants, because he came to Orbetello to take some running pictures and he didn't succeed in this easy task, so we came back home without any photos. However the Black Knight is famous and he found through the web this photo of his final glorious rush:
Tagged. I was tagged by Lady Natalia and we go:

1) Do you prefer winter or summer running? Why?
I prefer winter running because this season here is not too cold so I can run at any time. On the contrary, in summer, the workouts are only possible in early morning or in late afternoon.

2) What's been your toughest race to date?
It happened on march 17, 1996 when I was member of the Italian Navy Cross Country Team. We had an important meeting in Caprera (Sardinia) but it was delayed 2 hours because of a rain storm. I made the mistake to eat something and I ran the whole race with a terrible stomach pain. At the end I was only 80° of 90.

3) Running goals for 2011?
Recovering again step by step and coming back to race at 4'30"/km and to finish 2 or 3 half marathons under the 1h 50'.

4) Do you have any other passions in life?
My family and to travel.

5) If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
If abroad in Scotland, if Italy in the country near Siena (Tuscany).

Your choice if you want to be tagged!!!!!


Monday, December 20, 2010

Orbetello 10k

Prologue. The last race of this year was held in Orbetello (Tuscany), a beautiful city built in the middle of a spectacular lagoon. All the path, totally flat, ran throught the ancient streets and near the sea, where we had the possibility to see many species of protected birds as herons and cormorants. The Black Knight Army was there on a cold morning strong of the 2 brave knights, the Black Knight and Sir Giorgio (have a look to his report) escorted by his squire Massimo who had the task to take many pictures. But this humble man made a series of terrible mistakes so we don't have any running photos; you cannot image the anger of Sir Giorgio who immediately fired the squire, demoting him to servant.
(the B.K. and Sir Giorgio)
The Report. Because of the necessary warm up, at the start we were the last runners of the last pack, so we lost some seconds but never mind. I ran the 10 km. at a regular pace with a finishing time of 48'10" (only a "little bit far" from my p.b. of 39'30" established in 1990, yes 20 years ago!!!!); it means 4'49"/km or 7'44" /ml. In Tuscany the pack is fast so I was 130° of 169 overall and 15° of 22 in my age group. The split km per km: 4'44"-4'46"-4'50"-4'48"-4'52"-4'54"-4'55"-4'46"-4'45" and 4'45".

Merry Christmas to all my blogger friends and your families.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The new challenge

Hi to all, thank you very much for the kind and very appreciated comments on my last post.

Training. Winter time here and the weather is always rainy so we have to make our workouts between a cloud-burst and another. This last period was not so bad and I succeeded in making many tempo runs and a weekly long distance run. The RW training log is a good help to plan and compare my trainings; thanks to it and an appropriate schedule (every week 3-4 runs and 1-2 swims) now my pace is 15-20"/km faster.
The Next Battle. The next battlefield will be Orbetello again. They don't succeed in understanding that they must not challenge the Black Knight Army! Sir Giorgio, his squire Massimo and the Black Knight will conquer the city on Dec. 19th. As usual we don't take prisoners but if the loot will be rich we could have mercy for women and children.
Races. This year it will be the 9th and last race. I don't complain because for the first time after the 2 surgeries I have been able to plan a running program even if modest. To preserve my leg I cannot run 2 days in a row and I cannot make the repeats but I am equally happy because I am "on the road again". How many races have you run in 2010?
Always this year I learned to race listening music; do you use the i-pod during the races?
Have a good running-biking-swimming week.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Short Post

I know that I have not posted lately and I have not been able to comment, but we had a loss in the family; my wifes'd dad left.
I will be posting and commenting (+ sending the shirts to the winners) on monday.
Of course the Black Knight Army didn't go to race in Orbetello.
Have a good week end.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Knight Army Virtual Race: the winner is....

The Warriors. Thanks to the 19 runners who entered the 10k. Black Knight Army Virtual Race:
01. Lady Karen: No finishing time, she ran without a watch. In black pants during the 10 k Glenelg Classic Road Race. Knowing how powerful she is, the race marshalls made some pointless tricks to deceive the invincible Lady. See her smile while showing the certificate.
02. Johann: 1.14'00" in black shorts and pack during a 18 km. trail with climb. See him running with the personal photographer, future long distance runner, Rohann.
03. Lady Molly: 60'01" all in black fighting against the terrible Hammy. Very funny the self-shot before the race.
04. Lady Katie: 46'47" all in black except shoes and socks (forgiven!!!!). 5 beautiful pictures to show the black shining armor and the finishing time.
05. Patrick Mahoney: 52'13"all in black, part of a 12,5 km. windy and muddy trail run. Great pics "full of mud".
06. Allison: all in black. During her run she met a dreadful extraterrestrial who was walking (she took a picture).
07. Angie Bee: 60'00" all in black, part of the Living History Farms Race where she "ran trough the woods like a barbarian". See the crazy costumes of many runners.
08. Amy: 59'24" on the treadmill because outside the temperature was -23C (-9 F). During the long and bloody battle she destroyed other 2 competitors.
09. Lady Caratunk Girl. No details or did I miss anything? However she did it!
10. Lady Kate: 58'00" all in black, part of the River Road 10 Mile Run. See what her brother wore to run and her supporter along the path.
11. Pretend this is real: not totally black because windy and cold (forgiven!!!) See the nice pictures with exhaustive justifications. For this occasion she invented a new kind of cross training (running + gardening).
12. Lady Christina: 60'00" all in black. See the nice pre-race puzzle (including Sundae the cat) got with the self timer. That was a terrible battle into the desert.
13. Jason: all in black. Part of the YMCA Dallas Turkey Troat. See the picture with his friends.
14. Lady Anne RunDmz: because of an enemy's dirty trick she ran 200 meters less but the Black Knight High Court accepted her entry.
15. Lady RunKathyRun: 49'23" all in black. She defended the honour of the Black Knight Army running 2 different races. In the Winter Wonderland she got the 3rd place in the women's masters ctg.
16. Lady Natalia: 1.13'00" all in black. This was her first event after the Philadelphia Marathon.
17. Jarrett @ "PaddlePedalPlod: 56'41" all in black (also the accessories). An adventure under the snow on a hilly battlefield.
18. Lady Anne: 1.08'17" in black tights, gloves and headband but with ... a white dog (Mr. Flocon). See them before the battle.
19. Lady Julie : 57'00" all in black. The battlefield was full of snow and ice (see the beautiful pictures) but the fearless Amazon won her battle. In the meantime she also defended her friend Joe (all in black too).
20. The Black Knight: 54'19" all in black (did you have any doubt?), part of the Fiumicino Half Marathon.
The war was epic and was fought all over the world: USA, Canada, Italy, Australia and South Africa. As you can see the battles were different: part of longer distances, trail runs, races or part of races, on the "dreadmill", hilly, under the snow ecc. This means that the Black Knight Army never surrenders!
The Winners. The random number generator said: 18 and 13, so the winners are Lady Anne and Jason. Johann wins the less fast award with his 1.14'00". Of course he is not the slowest of the pack and this virtual race is only a way "to stay together", to have fun and not to push. Please e-mail me to to let me know the address where I have to mail the shirts.
New Entries. The new Ladies are: Lady runningwithababyonboard, Lady Natalia, Lady RunKathyRun, Lady Christina and Lady Kate. Further new entries (Ladies and Sirs) are welcome and appreciated.

The Next Battle. On dec. 8th the Black Knight Army will move to Tuscany to conquer the beautiful Orbetello lagoon. It will be a 10k cross country.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Premier

The Premier. The War Council of the Black Knight Army planned the december campaign and decided to conquer another part of the beautiful Tuscany: the Orbetello lagoon. This event will take place on dec. 8 (10 km. country-cross) and dec. 19 (10 km.). Many runners has already announced their participation but an unbelievable fact happened, our Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, knowing how dangerous to challenge the Black Knight can be, said to his colleagues and the press: "Those runners are crazy, nobody can challenge with impunity the glorious Black Knight"! (see the picture).Training. This is a rainy season and it is difficult to follow the schedule. The rain is heavy and I hate the "dreadmill" so I run when I can and sometimes I swim instead of running. However this week I swam and ran twice: 1400 meters + 1400 meters swimming and 17,2 km + 10,2 km running. I made the last workout on friday with the group usually led by Sir Giorgio (8 runners), it was a loop in the dark under a light rain through the suburbs and along the local marina: this is always a good chance to improve the speed. This morning I would like to run but today is a rainy sunday...I am waiting for a hour of better weather to go out.

New Entry. Examined the application and valued the curriculum, the Black Knight appointed Lady the kind runner Fran from The Netherlands. Congrats to Lady Fran. Further new entries (Ladies and Sirs) are appreciated, let me know and I will convene the War Council to discuss about the application.

Black Knight Army Virtual Race. So far Lady Karen, Johann, Lady Molly, Lady Katie, Patrick Mahoney, Allison, Angie Bee, Amy, Lady Caratunk Girl, Kate, Pretend this is real, Christina and Jason have already run the virtual race. Thank you, all the details and the winners in the dedicated post on Dec. 3rd. The Black Knight, of course, is perfect and never makes a mistake, but please let me know if I forgot someone.

Christmas Time. It's Christmas time and I will spend the holidays at home with my family. The next week I will go with my wife to Rome (1 hour driving far from here) for a little of shopping in the streets around Piazza Navona and Spanish Steps: Via del Corso, Via Condotti, Via Margutta, Via Frattina ecc. Here are 2 pictures which I took in early october.

Last but not least. Come on Italia!!!! Italia - Fiji= 24 -16

Have a wonderful week-end!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Entries

Black Knight Army Virtual Race. So far Lady Karen (Australia), Johann (South Africa), Lady Molly (USA) and Lady Katie (USA) have already run the virtual race: thank you, all the details in the dedicated post.
New Entries. Examined the applications and valued the impressive curricula, the Black Knight appointed Ladies the kind runners Jill and Katie ! Congrats Lady Jill and Lady Katie. Further new entries (Sirs and Ladies) are appreciated.
After the Fiumicino Half Marathon. The race left some problems, the operated leg hurts along all the external part but the physio said that this is not a big problem and I can run without pushing. For this reason I took it easy; this week I swam twice (1400 and 1500 meters) and I made 3 slow workouts: 10.3 km, 11.5 km and 12.4 km. I have all the time to prepare the 2 or 3 races in december. Here are other photos of the race.

Weather. Here the weather is rainy, this is the second week with all this rain but nothing can stop the Black Knight Army! Even if I have to admit that the good temperature (never too cold) permits to avoid the "dreadmill". How is the weather there? Do you succeed in making good workouts outside?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Half Marathon Again!

The Secret. The Black Knight had a plan: to enter an half marathon again after 4 years. He was not sure to finish because he didn’t try the distance before and he didn’t know if the twice operated leg could support the effort. However, as Julius Caesar said while passing the Rubicone river, “alea iacta est” (the dice is cast) and the Black Knight, escorted by the faithful esquire Massimo, yesterday entered the Fiumicino Half Marathon with the modest goal to finish under the 2 hours. Personal Worse but Happy. During his "career", the Black Knight ran 27 half marathons between 1.31.58 and 1.51.18 (this last was totally uphill) and he didn’t hope to run again at that pace: too many doubts, too many years and too many troubles. That distance, at the moment, was “a jump in the dark”. The report: finishing time 1.56.16 (5’31” km. – 8’53” ml) – 1194 of 1604 overall and 161 of 214 in the age group. I held a regular pace for all the race with a stop at the km. 18 to drink water and warm tea; the last 3 km were painful because my body was not well trained and forgot what a long distance race means. The split: 5.15 – 5.11 – 5.18 – 5.27 – 5.27 – 5.33 – 5.29 – 5.32 – 5.31 – 5.26 – 5.29 – 5.32 – 5.32 – 5.28 – 5.31 – 5.31 - 5.27 – 5.33 – 6.14 (the stop to drink) – 5.32 – 5.35 and 0.31 the last 97 metres. This half marathon, for me, includes the Black Knight Army virtual race ran in 54’19” (the first 10 km.). Lady Karen (Australia) and Johann (South Africa) have already ran the virtual race: thank you!!! All the details in the dedicated post
The Esquire. He was very kind and faithful, he came even if he suffered for a bad lumbago. He tried to escort the Black Knight but after 2 km he had to stop the run for the deep pain. So this time in Fiumicino there was only the Black Knight to defend the honour of the glorious Army.
The Legend. The enemy this time was not put to flight because a single knight cannot fight against an army of 1194 soldiers, the struggle was violent and even if alone the Black Knight didn’t yield but didn’t win, either. After 2 hours of battle the enemy decided to ask for an armistice and the Black Knight came back home receiving the military honours.
Have a good running, biking and swimming week.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Virtual Race and Thank You Lady Karen

Thank you Lady Karen. The kind Lady Karen from “Down Under” sent to me this wonderful t-shirt which I will wear with pride. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Virtual race. The Black Knight Army, italian legion, would like to organize a virtual race in this month.
1. Wear something black (shoes, socks, pants, shirt or whetever you want);
2. Run 10 km in the period Nov. 8 – Nov. 28 (the 10 km can be part of a longer distance);
3. Let me know within Nov. 29th if you ran and if you wore something of black or if you mentioned it on your blog;
I will announce the winners in my Friday post (December 3rd) and will mail the gifts as soon as possible. The awards are 2 black long sleeves shirts random and 1 shirt for the less fast time.
Training. This week 1300 metres swimming and 3 runs: 10.8 km, 20,6 km. and 10 km today for the World Run Day (see the Natalia’s blog); my donation went to a dog shelter
The Black Knight needs you, find your role and join the glorious Army!

Monday, November 01, 2010


(before the last race: too sunny!!!)

(stormy weather on sunday)
Virtual race? November is a month without interesting races around our city, so the Black Knight Army's members planned a "think tank" to decide the possible organization of a virtual race among all the bloggers friends. The distance could be 10k and we have already 3 prizes: black running shirts long sleeves. What do you think? Any idea? Rules?
Workouts. I spent the last week (after the race) making physiotherapy and having thermal baths but the back hurts again. Luckily, despite that pain, I was able to run 4 workouts: 2 easy (10.3 and 10.1 km), 1 "long" (17 km) and 1 negative split - on sunday - under the rain (11 km). Tomorrow I hope to come back to the swimming pool for the cross training.

Have a good week and a wonderful november.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Grosseto-Barbanella 12 K

(the Black Knight is on the left with the n° 6)

The Legend. The Black Knight Army overcame Grosseto's resistance after a long difficult battle. Escorted by the squire Massimo and without the help of sir Giorgio, busy to conquer another region, the venture was more difficult. For this reason, after the umpteenth victory, the Black Knight decided to destroy forever the rebel city. But his anger was calmed down when the defeated enemy king submitted to the winner's authorithy handing the loot (see the pic) over to him personally with meekness.

The Report (serious). As I told, I was not able to be competitive because of the insufficient training and all the heavy cures for the lumbago, so I entered the Grosseto 12k only to make a faster workout. The field was a surprise, I only met real runners: the pace of the last was 6'/km (9'40/mg)!!! The route was flat but we had to run through streets open to the traffic and this was bothering even if not dangerous because there were many volunteers to check the situation. The results: 12 km. (7,45 ml) in 1.01.30 at the pace of 5'07"/km (8'14/ml). 135 of 170 overall and 16 of 20 in my age group. Of course the lack of appropriate training left me without strenght after 7 km (4,35 ml) as you can see in the following split: 5'04" - 4'56" - 5'00" - 5'05" - 4'58" - 4'54" - 5'26" - 5'07" - 5'22" - 5'24" and 5'20".
Have a good running, swimming, biking week!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Rescue

The Rescue. On a cloudy morning, the tranquillity of the Black Knight's kingdom was shaken by fear. Four devilish dragons (indeed 4 cats) captured in the garden a pacific wall-lizard. The reaction of the Black Knight was immediate and after an epic battle Liza(rd) was rescued. In the pic (click to enlarge) you can see Liza after the ordeal.
Injury-Training. After 7 days off I made 2 workouts: 10,1 km and 12,4 km at a slow pace. During that period of rest I took anti-inflammatori, made physiotherapy and had 2 thermal baths. The doctor said: no swimming pool for another week.
Log-book. By october 1st I began to use the Runnersworld training log, instead of my dear old running bloc notes, and I find it very fun. Which kind of logbook do you use?
Next Race. Despite the stop and the insufficient training, the Black Knight will be present at the start of the Grosseto 12 km escorted by Massimo, the Sir Giorgio's squire. No goals, it has only to be a workout, no matter the finishing time and the position overall.
Have a great racing, running, biking, swimming week end.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Injured. The things go wrong, after a very good period with fruitful workouts and acceptable finishing times in race, a boring and painful problem has come. On sunday I ran the Montalto 9.6 km and, after a day of rest to recover, I swam 1500 metres but, in the afternoon, while making a normal effort at home, I felt a deep pain; the response is lumbago. So now I am taking strong pills and making physiotherapy. The doctor sentenced one week of rest.
Next Programs. I think I will be ready for new moderate workouts on monday to be able to enter the Grosseto 12 km the next sunday. Of course I will go there not to leave the Black Knight Army without its fearless leader, the enemy must not suspect that the invincible warrior is wounded. Seriously, more than a race it will only be a slow workouts, no matter the finishing time and the position overall.
The Tribute. When the U2 knew about the Black Knight's performance in Montalto, decided to homage the Army with a concert in Rome (see the photo - click to enlarge).
China. I just received a nice pic from a professional photographer who followed us during the business trip in China last april. The Black Knight is the 3rd from left (that is the Forbidden City in Beijing - click to enlarge).
Have a great week end.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Montalto 9,6 km.

The Black Knight (n° 327) and the Sir Giorgio's squire

Sir Giorgio (left) and the Black Knight with a candidate to join the Black Knight Army (see the gun on the left)

The scared Chatelain hidden inside her castle before the battle

The loot
The Legend. Montalto was conquered this morning after few minutes of fighting. Listening to our friends' requests, the Black Knight Army had mercy and didn't destroy the ancient castle. The heroic platoon was composed by the Black Knight, Sir Giorgio (other pictures are available on his blog) and his squire Massimo. The 3 warriors were more than sufficient to defeat the enemy.
The Report. A strange and tough route, indeed not very hilly but never flat. The results: 9.6 km. (5,96 ml) in 45'49" at the pace of 4'46"/km. (7'40"/ml). It was my fastest pace after the incident. 65 of 91 overall and 7 of 9 age group!!! To finish 65° and 7° is terribly embarrassing but this happens when we race in little towns where we find few but fast runners. The split: 4'26, 4'46", 4'52", 4'52", 4'45", 4'46", 5'09", 4'54", 4'59" and the last 600 metres in 2'20" (the first half was easier than the second one).
The Podium. I think you can be interested to know the podium. Men: 32'42", 32'44", 33'00". Women: 41'22", 42'15", 43'18".
The Loot. There were awards for the first 10 in every age group so I conquered the beautiful loot that you can see in the picture above.
The Diet. This time I tried to follow a regular diet before the race. 2 days before proteins and vegetables; the day before carbohidrates and vegetables. What a pity, no pepsi at all! It worked. Do you follow a special diet any days before the event?
Click on the pictures to enlarge.
Have a good running week!!!!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Running women

Running women. Always sailing across internet I found another Black Knight's photo (in black shining armour with the n° 36) during the last race in Grosseto (sept. 19) where you can also see 2 ladies. It is interesting to consider the following data: 195 participants including 32 women subdivided in 3 age groups. About the ladies, the podium on the distance of 12 km. (7.45 ml), was: 1^ 43'51", 2^ 49'37" and 3^ 54'13". The age groups' winners: 18/34 y.o. 43'51" - 35/49 y.o. 49'37" - over 50 54'13".
Workouts. After long long time I joined the sir Giorgio's running group to improve my speed. In the past I preferred to run alone for 2 reasons: to preserve my operated left leg and run in early morning before going to work to get all the evening free. In the past week I made 4 workouts: 10 km tempo run, 10.6 km. (relaxing slow run), 10.6 hill km. (with the group - 9 people) and 15 km. (with the group - 5 people). I hope to come back to the swimming pool on next monday.
The Next Battle. The battlefield will be again the medieval city of Montalto di Castro, already stormed and sacked many times, where the Black Knight Army - the Black Knight, Sir Giorgio and his squire Massimo (no promotion at all), enforced by Umberto - will destroy once and for all the enemy in a 9.5 km race. On the pic above you can see the Montalto castle for the last time because on sunday the Black Knight Army will leave behind only ruins. As usual we don't take prisoners.
Have a good running, swimming, biking ecc. ecc. week!!!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

The War Declaration

The War Declaration. Considering the perfect organization, the beautiful landscapes in the country and the plenty of loots (see my last post), the Black Knight Army Council decided to plan the conquest of Tuscany. We took this decision because some cities inside the Province of Grosseto signed an agreement to organize the trophy "Corri nella Maremma" (Run through the Maremma) considering all the results of the single races of the year. The Maremma is, more or less, one hour driving far from here.
Workouts. The last week I made only 2 workouts: tuesday 12 km and sunday 15 km. Unfortunately I had 4 days off because on tuesday afternoon I went to the hospital to remove 4 little seborrheic adenomas by my face.
Sailing. Sailing across internet I found this picture (click to enlarge) of the last race. The Black Knight is on the left with the n° 36 on his black shining armour.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Grosseto 12 km and thank you Lady Julie

Thank you lady Julie. Thank you very much Lady Julie for the much appreciated gift: a wonderful Minnesota Twins t-shirt that has the n° 7 on the back. As she kindly explained, it is the Joe Maver’s number. This player, originally from St. Paul, is the catcher for the Minnesota Twins. Thank you again Julie and sorry if in the picture I look so serious!!!Prologue.Unfortunately more than a race report this is the report of a calvary. I was well trained to finish the 12 km (7,45 ml) under 60 minutes but on friday I began to feel pain for an inflammation of the bladder and this was not the only trouble, in fact I also spent all the night between saturday and sunday with a strong migraine. I decided not to take any medicine because I didn’t want to become weaker (the antibiotics for the inflammation) and to drop the blood pressure (anti-migraine pill). For this reason I was present at the start weak and with a terrible headache despite the advices of Sir Giorgio and his squire Massimo who told that I didn’t have to run. Moreover we could not take any picture and make a short warm up because we arrived late and had only 10 minutes to receive the bibs and wear the running clothes.
The Report. 12 km. (7,45 ml.) in 61’14” (5’06”/km – 8’12”/ml), with an embarrassing 162 of 195, on an easy and flat route. The split: 4’53”-4’54”-4’55”-5’00”-5’09”-05’03”-5’14”-5’26”-5’18”-5’18”-5’05”-5’00”. The crisis is evident, km. after km. I was always slower and once I thought to retire because the migraine was too painful (see that 05’26”); after few moments of stop I decided to keep on running and I arrived slowly at the end of the race. At last I spent all the afternoon and the evening in the bed after having taken a pill for the headache.
The Loot. But the people of Tuscany could not get off scot-free because they know that the Black Knight Army doesn’t take prisoners. To get mercy they gave to the invincible warriors the few poor things that you can see in the picture. We had mercy and left Grosseto between a crowd of applauding people.
The Question. The Sir Giorgio's squire, former page, is hoping to become a knight. Even if he was brave in these latest battles he doesn’t deserve this title. Which could his role be? Please remember that he is not a blogger and this is a big problem for his promotion.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Early Bird or Night Owl?

Early Bird or Night Owl? When I began to run in the far 1985 I made all my workouts in late afternoon because it was very difficult for me to make quality works in early morning. Moreover my work-day began at 05.00 a.m. when the first ferry arrived into the port (I was in the Coast Guard) so it was impossibile to run at 03.00 a.m. When I got the present job, I didn’t change my habits and I kept on training at 06.00 p.m. and this also to run with other friends. However I noticed that the best performances happened at 10.00/11.00 a.m. (the workouts of the week-end); of course the races are not included in this statistic because we face them with a different competitive spirit. After the bad incident in 2007 I began to run in early morning at 07.00 before going to work and now this is my usual running-time. This is perfect because I have all the time to recover while I am in office and all the evening for my family or other important things. So a night owl became an early bird. And are you morning or night persons?
The Black Knight Army is everywhere. Talking about birds I must introduce you Pippo who defends the Black Knight Kingdom by the attacks from the sky and Silvietto who defends the Kingdom by the land attacks. Here you can see Silvietto (the black cat of course) while fights against a grey enemy.

Training. I cannot go to the pools again because closed during the week-end and open only while I am at work, so I have to wait for the next month. In the meanwhile I keep on running every other day increasing speed and mileage with the hope to run again a half marathon on oct. 31. Anyway on Sunday I will enter the Grosseto 12 km with sir Giorgio and his squire Massimo. My goal is to finish in less than a hour.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Opinion Poll

Opinion poll. After 5 years of posts I have a doubt: is it better to carry on the Black Knight's tradition with bloody battles and epic tales or this blog has to become a serious report of running/swimming topics? Please give me an answer, I would like to know your opinion.
Black Knight legend. In the meantime when I went to La Valletta I found many Black Knight's items and I bought one of them:Running-Swimming. Both the pools are closed again for maintenance so I only run. Because the weakness of my left leg I can run every other day but, thanks to the better temperature, I have increased the mileage (11-12 km. per workout). On Saturday I ran 15,5 km but I met 5 sheepdogs as you can read below.
The 5 sheepdogs. Last Saturday I planned a 15,5 km. run along the Giro d’Emilio route; after 5 km. I turned to pass through the country where I met 5 big white sheepdogs. I stopped my run to control the situation and a little bit later, after patting the dogs, they began to wag their tails. When the shepherd arrived said: “don’t worry they are very good animals”. All things considered, the Black Knight exchanged the business cards with those gentlemen of the sheepdogs and gave them a pass to walk freely through the Black Knight kingdom.The greatest Black Knight. This is Leonardo my grandson and the hat is a present from a friend of mine, thank you lady Donatella.