Friday, January 29, 2010

After the long silence

APOLOGIES: More than 2 months far from the blogsphere: very long time! Two reasons: the 1st is that I don’t have any news about running because I am following the usual weekly schedule (see the last post) without racing. The 2nd is that I have a new task at work and it keeps me very busy so, now, I am member of an European Environmental Committee and executive of the local maritime organization. However I will not forget anymore my monthly update.
RUNNING/SWIMMING: The incident left my knee weak so I cannot run more than 3 times per week, but swimming helps a lot. The cross training is perfect to get in shape and to run at a dignified pace. At the moment I run at 5’30”/Km (8’51”/ml) and I swim the 1500 f.s. in 30’00”. Next program a popular 10 km. in Ladispoli (a city 30 miles far) with the goal of a 50’00” final time (feb. 21).
I tried to prepare a half marathon but after 16/17 km of training I feel a boring pain inside my left knee so I cannot risk …. maybe in april.
CELEBRATIONS: On dec. 12, 2009 the Deep Purple came to Rome to submit to the invincible warrior and at the end, together with the enthusiastic crowd, they sang the Black Knight hymn: “Black (k)Night”!!!!!!!CONCLUSIONS: As usual the Black Knight doesn’t surrender, he is always under arms because the enemies are everywhere. Always new tricks and new weapons to try to defeat (in vain) the Black Knight Army! He will conquer Ladispoli on Feb 21; that will be a bloody Sunday! Better they leave the city in time!!! A late happy new year to all of you!