Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The war campaign continues, after the conquest of Sweden and France yesterday Belgium surrendered. The Black Knight spent 2 days in Brussels to discuss with the European Transport Network Agency (Ten-t) about a new project of Motorways of the Seas between Italy and France. What a pity, the invincible warrior could not run through the city because the next morning he woke up late after a night at the restaurant and in a typical local with the french collegues. One italian (the Black Knight) and 5 french talking of rugby, food and ...yes... work!!!!

(The cathedral)
(The Manneken-Pis)
All these trips don't allow the Black Knight to follow an appropriate program of training. It is difficult to run abroad after a day of meetings and formal lunches and dinners. When I am back home I need to rest one day after hours of flights and queues at the airport.
(The Grand Place)
However the last week I made a couple of good workouts, both tempo runs, 10,6 km and 16,9 km. The pace is again slow 5'40"/km but the recover is almost complete. In the pool the Black Knight had a terrible fight. He was swimming very fast, trying to finish 1500 metres in 35' when 2 persons entered into his lane 10 minutes before their turn (a relaxing aquagym) and this is not correct! Not only, they began to swim slowly and with a no correct style disturbing my training. I didn't say anything until the moment I was hit by a hand on my face. In that moment I remembered to be the Black Knight and I screamed: "Don't piss off the persons who are swimming. You must not enter 10 minutes before and having a bath instead of swimming"!!!!Few minutes later I apoligized but I was very very angry and my face hurted. On sunday the Black Knight will go to China.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The Black Knight and his son went to conquer Paris in occasion of the rugby match France-Italy. The forecast said: snow and ice and the hotel didn't have the gym so the two knights didn't bring with them the running clothes. What a surprise: sun and warm weather! So no relaxing runs through Paris!
The match was a shame, the Blues destroyed the Azzurri with a shocking 46-20. In my opinion the problem is that in our national team (Italy) there are too many foreigners at the end of their careers. We must invest on italian young players, only in this case we will have on the battlefield 15 Black Knights instead of a lot of soldiers of fortune (even if good and honest professional players).
(France-Italy: the kick off)
However during the full 4 days in Paris we had the possibility to visit again all the touristic attractions of the french capital.
(Tour Eiffel)
Despite of this stop the trainings continue following the usual weekly schedule: 3 running workouts (1 long distance run, 1 tempo run and 1 relaxing run) and 2 swimming sessions (1600 metres each session). I think that the Black Knight Army will come back to the battlefield in April.

(The Black Knight under the arc of his triumph)