Sunday, April 25, 2010


Pain: I knew but I didn't want to believe. My knee, after the 2 surgeries at the leg, will not be able to make big efforts anymore. No more runs longer than a half marathon and no more speed work, moreover no more 2 workouts in a row, max every other day. The cross training with the swimming was the right solution not to leave the "running world". Everytime I push the knee "rings the bell" and I must listen to the advice.
Training: This week because of the rain and to avoid damages I swam 3 times (1550, 1600, 2050 meters) and ran twice (11,2 and 15 km) instead of the contrary. I am thinking to enter the 800 meters free style italian swimming championship (master 50-54 y.o.) on June 21st in Ostia (near Rome). I will decide within this month after a couple of tests.
The last of the Black Knights: Indeed my passion has always been rugby and we (my son and I) would like that Leonardo (my grandson) will play rugby one day. Here you can see the past and the future in 2 photos: grandpa Black Knight (under the arrow before a rugby match 35 years ago against a french navy team - yes, 35 years ago!!!) and grandson Leonardo with the shirt of the All Blacks. Click to enlarge:

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Vivicittà again: Before the race, last Sunday, the Black Knight made a call to a friend, member of the local association of photography, and he was so kind to take some shots. Here are 2 of them. Of course the Black Knight is the man in black with the #70. On the right of the first one you can see the Michelangelo Fortress. The result was not so good because he finished 122 of 135: around Rome this is the problem, few but fast runners and my 5'03"/km (8'03"/ml) is too slow. Below 2 photos by my friend Angelo Bonarelli (click to enlarge):
Wisdom: The Black Knight's plan included, for today, a race in Tarquinia but he decided to renounce because on the same route (uphill and terrible downhill), last year, he got a stress fracture in the same fractured leg. Better a normal workout on this sunny Sunday. The training now is regular: 2 sessions in the pool (1600/1700 metres) and 3 workouts (long run, relaxing run and tempo run). The future plans don't change, in may 3 races: Corri per il Campus in Rome (9th - 9,7 km), Race for the Cure in Rome (16th - 5 km) and Città Aperta in Montalto (29th - 10 km).
Happy running Sunday!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Vivicittà 12K

On sunday the Black Knight Army entered the Vivicittà race, 12 km (7,45 ml) very tough: 4 laps with a terrible uphill to run 4 times. There were few participants (I think 100 more or less) but this is normal when people know that the Black Knight is there!!!
With Sir Giorgio we had a lot of fun before the race joking with some green persons who entered the non-competitive run (1 lap).
The final time was 1h 00'38" for a pace of 5'03" km (8'03" ml) but the problem is that my injured leg is not yet ready because now my knee hurts. I don't know if for me it's wise to race again even if I never pushed during all the 12 km and my pace was regular (time on the laps: 15'08" - 15'20" - 15'09" and 15'01").
Danielle and Mandy sorry but I don't succeed in entering in your blogs to comment your posts.
Click on the pics to enlarge:
(Before the race with a nice green group)
(The warm-up with Sir Giorgio)

(The arrival)
(After the ordeal)

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The new battles and China again

Despite the lack of appropriate trainings due to the 4 trips in one month, the Black Knight decided to come back to the battlefields to remind to the enemies that he is alive and always angry. Moreover the fractured leg will not be anymore as strong as in the past and the speed is only a wonderful memory. Before the motor-bike crash, as master over 50, I didn't race if my pace was slower than 4'40/km, now my goal is 5'10"/km.
At last it's time to enter again some running events and the program is: april 11st Vivicittà in Rome (12k), april 18th Maratonina Tarquinia (11k), may 16th Race for the Cure in Roma (5k) and may 29th Centrale Aperta in Montalto (10k).
Here are other pictures of China:
(the Black Knight - in black of course - walks on the Great Wall)
(the Forbidden City in Beijing)
(the Black Knight -left- in Lianyungang)

Sunday, April 04, 2010


Prologue: The Black Knight is always more powerful, now his kingdom includes also China, conquered in only 7 days. At the arrival he found the surrender declaration ready and now a new Country has the pleasure to enjoy the Black Knight justice and wisdom.
The Black Knight (on the right) outside the Forbidden City
The trip: This was a business trip to meet the Authorities of the Municipality of Lianyungang and the Guannan County and some operators who came to visit our city last July. Moreover we spent the night of April 1st and all the next day in Beijung, the capital, where we had the possibility to visit part of the city (the Forbidden City, Tien An Men square, the Olympic Village, the old city and the silk market). It was a successful and interesting trip, the chinese authorities and operators were very friendly and kind with us.
The Great Wall
The training: In both the hotels there were beautiful gyms and pools so I could run 3 times on the treadmills. Of course I was not in the best conditions because of the different time zone (6 hours ahead) so I ran when for my body it was 01.00 a.m. It was very difficult to find the time for the gym: a full schedule by 08.30 a.m. until 11.00 p.m. included formal lunches and dinners, but I don't complaint. Swimming was impossible because the water in the pool was too cold for my standards. However, thanks, to these 3 trainings I will be able to enter the Vivicittà race (12 k) with Sir Giorgio on the next Sunday.
The Black Knight (on the right) during the dinner with the chinese Authorities
Adventure in Beijing: Outside the Forbidden City it was very difficult to catch a taxi to come back to the hotel so we immediately gathered the war council to solve the problem. The wise Black Knight said: "Let's take our time, let's wait, we have all the time to conquer an enemy tank (the taxi)". Some young warriors didn't want to listen to the advice and decided to accept the offer of 3 risciò (bikes for 3 persons: the driver and 2 passengers) drivers. After less than 1 mile the passengers noticed to be on the wrong way and jumped off. A bad quarrel occurred, the drivers pretended 300 yuan x person (1 Euro = 9 yuan = $ 1,30) and when my friends gave them "only" 100 yuan were attacked by those angry persons. During the fight they were so lucky to find one available taxi to come back safe to the hotel. On the contrary the Black Knight and his platoon arrived safe and glorious on a little bus with coach spending only 50 yuan in total. HAVE A GOOD RUNNING EASTER