Sunday, April 18, 2010


Vivicittà again: Before the race, last Sunday, the Black Knight made a call to a friend, member of the local association of photography, and he was so kind to take some shots. Here are 2 of them. Of course the Black Knight is the man in black with the #70. On the right of the first one you can see the Michelangelo Fortress. The result was not so good because he finished 122 of 135: around Rome this is the problem, few but fast runners and my 5'03"/km (8'03"/ml) is too slow. Below 2 photos by my friend Angelo Bonarelli (click to enlarge):
Wisdom: The Black Knight's plan included, for today, a race in Tarquinia but he decided to renounce because on the same route (uphill and terrible downhill), last year, he got a stress fracture in the same fractured leg. Better a normal workout on this sunny Sunday. The training now is regular: 2 sessions in the pool (1600/1700 metres) and 3 workouts (long run, relaxing run and tempo run). The future plans don't change, in may 3 races: Corri per il Campus in Rome (9th - 9,7 km), Race for the Cure in Rome (16th - 5 km) and Città Aperta in Montalto (29th - 10 km).
Happy running Sunday!


  1. The Black Knight look strong and happy in the photos have a good run today I need to know this myself sometimes its not about racing, a simple run is more enjoyable than a potentional wipe out. Nice decision.

  2. Long run, relaxing run and tempo run, plus a couple bouts of cross-training, is a great way of thinking of the week! "Few but fast" is definitely the word for your race peer group!

  3. Hi Stefano,
    Thanks for sharing those pictures of you running your race:) Sorry to hear about your stress fracture last year. Good luck on all of those future races...I am looking forward to seeing more pictures of your running in Italy:)

    I hope that you are having a nice weekend Stefano!!

  4. Looks like the B.K. had a great run! I cannot imagine running in such a beautiful place all the time--I think it would be distracting to me!

  5. I just got some photos from a race I did two weekends ago and they were soooo horrible. Maybe I need to hire my own photographer :-)

  6. great shots. Smart not to run that race risking injury. Downhills can be risky.
    Orthotics do work, they have helped me a great deal. I hope they work for you too. It is worth the price
    Happy running!

  7. It sounds like you're getting some great cross training in the pool, hope that keeps the injuries away!

    On a side note, I'm not afraid of spirits or ghosts either, I find them very interesting!

  8. LOVED the pictures!

  9. Last year I ran the Montalto's 10 km race around the power station. There were a lot of runners from Tuscany and Viterbo and this race will be held the 29th of May 2010 at 06:30 p.m.
    Another interesting race starts the 23th of May at 10:00. The track is 10 km through the old town of Tuscania.
    Then there's a 10 km race in Gallese the 18th of July 2010, but I don't know how the track is.
    In the meanwhile, we'll run the Rome's Campus race.

  10. Great pics and I think you made a wise decision indeed! Looking forward to reading all about your May races. Thanks for your encouraging words :)

  11. Where the formal dinner of the Black Knight Army will be held?
    Thanks for St. George whishes!
    You could join us next Monday at 06:10 p.m. and the training begins at Oliveto's Park. I look forward to reading your decision.

  12. You are doing so well!
    Running through it all!
    Me, too, somewhat. Not like BEFORE, but I am too STUBBORN to stop!
    Happy spring to you!
    Ciao! :-)

  13. Maybe next year you will return to avenge the stress fracture!

  14. I love seeing photos of where you run - brings back memories of your beautiful country. Stay strong - your training sounds really perfect.

  15. Sounds like the smart thing to skip that race, esp. since you raced the weekend before too. But you're lucky to have enough photos for two races :-)