Monday, May 31, 2010


Cancellation: The Montalto 10 k race was cancelled. We don't know the reason but rumours say that nobody entered the event when the newspapers announced the participation of the Black Knight Army. Now this Army is legend: the adventures are also on the magazines.
The Next battle: on June 13rd the Black Knight Army, strong of 5 good warriors, will run the Formula Race Cup 10 km in Rome to support the Save the Children campaign.
Training: The usual scheduled program. Twice in the pool (1.650 and 1.700 metres) and 3 running workouts (12.2, 10.6 and 15.5 km). The swimming pool is the kingdom of the bad manners; after the free swimming (mine) it is the turn of the aquagym with about 30 persons. I have never seen people like those. They:
- leave the bathrobes on the clothes hooks outside the showers 40 minutes before;
- enter in the pool before their turn to "have a bath" (they call it warm up but it is a real bath) disturbing our training;
- ring the bell by themselves to announce on perfect time the change, complaining if we are a little late. It is crazy to see them to go out from the pool to ring the bell!!!!! But they cannot stay inside and they cannot ring that bell!!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The winner is....

...and the winner is Irene!!! She will receive the t-shirt of the Race of the Cure. I have just drawn lots putting all the names in my hat and the fate said: Irene! This rugby hat or the t-shirt of the next battle will be the next present for the blogger-friends, I will put the photo in June.
Training. At last I succeeded in following my scheduled program: 2 times in the swimming pool (1600 and 1550 metres) and 2 running workouts (11.3 and 11 km.). Tomorrow I will run 16/17 km through the country and near the sea. I cannot swim more because the turn lasts only 40 minutes but very soon, when the sea becomes warmer, I will not have limits.
The next battle. On saturday afternoon (06.30 p.m.) the Black Knight Army, strong of many brave warriors, will conquer Montalto di Castro challenging the enemy on a battlefield 10km long. Here many runners are joining this invincible Army and often the Black Knight or Sir Giorgio receive requests from aiming knights.
The visit. Yesterday I had the pleasure to meet in Rome Dori and her husband. The picture and more details will be available as soon as possible.
.......and now the next flanker of the italian rugby team: my grandson Leonardo!!!!!

Happy running week end!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The week after

The week after: This was the first week after a race with no pain. A good strategy (no pushing and regular pace) and my new supports inside the shoes (the incident left one leg 1 cm. shorter than the other one) prevented all the usual little injuries. The weekly trainings began after 2 days of rest: 1 swimming (1750 metres) and 3 running workouts: 11,5 km (7,14 ml) - 11,5 km (7,14 ml) and 16,1 km (10 ml).
The failed plans: I had 2 plans, on saturday a dinner with the running friends led by Sir Giorgio and this morning the Race of the Cure (against the breast cancer) but both failed. Yesterday I had to go to a wedding and today my family left me alone because they don't like to run under the rain, so I preferred to stay here enjoying a relaxing 10 miler through the country and near the sea with Sir Giorgio and another Black Knight. Here is a photo before the wedding:

Well, now I have the t-shirt of the Race of the Cure (m-size) and I would like that it can be a present for one blogger-friend. Please, tell me in your comments if you want to receive this t-shirt (see the picture) and on may 22nd the fate will decide the name of the winner.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Campus race

(After the race: from left Paolo, my in law Stefania, my son Paolo, the B.K.)
(Before the race, the Black Knight while wearing the black armour)
(Preparing the weapons before the race)
(The arrival)
The Legend: On a hot sunday morning the Black Knight Army, 5 brave warriors strong (included the B.K.'s son Paolo), marched to Rome to conquer the enemy headquarter of the Campus. The Army led by the Black Knight and Sir Giorgio, arrived from 2 different streets and, thanks to this trick, destroyed the proud 1115 barbarian enemies during a long bloody battle. After the fight the Sir Giorgio's platoon came back home to defend the kingdom while the Black Knight's platoon went to celebrate the umpteenth victory at the Hard rock Cafè.
Prologue: This was not a good period for running because for the third week in a row I only ran twice a week and always slowly, so I arrived on the day of the main event in no perfect shape. Moreover I gave more importance to the swimming-pool with quality trainings.
The Race: A very tough route 9.7 km. (6.02 ml) long, under a hot sun, many uphill and downhill with only few flat streets. Before the finish line a heartbreak uphill made the last terrible selection. The Black Knight score was: 49'22" (5'05"/km - 8'04"/ml) and 758° of 1115 overall.
Memories: Before the incident, despite a longer distance on the same route, the score was 4'34"/km (7'21"/ml) - 695° of 1412 and for the first time we wore the official Black Knight Army's armour.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

The rules

Rules: I learned many important lessons in these latest months. My life changed but I tried to keep on running how if in my leg nothing happened by that unforgettable Sept. 18, 2007. The results were a stress fracture (march 2009) and many stops for long periods. I must always remember I am lucky because I can run 3 years after an orthopedic surgeon told that I would have only been able to walk. Well, now, after many mistakes I gave myself the following rules:
1) The rule of five: 5 weekly cross trainings, if possible 3 runs and 2 swimming. If not possible it doesn't matter, swimming or running are the same thing but the days of rest don't have to be more than 2.
2) Never run 2 days in a row.
3) No repeats. Only tempo runs.
4) No races with long downhill.
5) The monthly increase of mileage must be max 10%
Training: Also this week I swam 3 times (1550, 1550, 1700 meters) and ran twice (14 and 13,2 km) instead of the contrary. For the first time I made a test on the 800 meters f.s. and the final time was 15'58": I need to be faster.
Now a couple of photos. The twin sisters and a little "lake" in the medical centre where I got the plantars for my running shoes (after the surgery I have a leg 1 cm. shorter).