Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Visitor

The Visitor. On wednesday, before going to work, I had the pleasure to meet a baby geko during his exploration of my (his) garden. Immediately he was appointed Black Knight Army's scout to defend the kingdom by the boring mosquitos. Welcome home!

Summer. Summer has come and the weather is wonderful. Until my vacation time I can only spend on the beach (see the picture) the week end and friday afternoon. Often I run from home to the beach (almost 11 km) with Sir Gianni.

Training. A normal week of training following the scheduled program. 3 workouts (km. 11,2 - Km. 11 and km 11.6 tempo run) and twice in the pool (1650 metres and 2050 metres).
The future. In the future, saturday evening, there is the Bolsena 10km race with Sir Giorgio and other 2 brave Black Knights. Bolsena is a wonderful town near the lake, the route is part through the town and part lakeside. Here is a picture of the rock.

New Entries. The Black Knight Army is always stronger and powerful. Welcome to lady Amy and lady Molly. Waiting for other new brave warriors and amazons!!! The Black Knight Army needs you, find your role and join the Army!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

10 km Montalto

The epic story. The Montalto race was cancelled 3 weeks ago. We didn't know the reason but rumors told that nobody entered the event when the newspapers announced the participation of the Black Knight Army. Because of many requests, the municipality decided to organize such event again but this time the Black Knight planned a stratagem to trick the enemy spies: in the morning he went to the beach pretending he didn't know anything about the race but at 07.00 p.m., as punctual as the death, he was present at the starting line in his black shining armor! Dread and panic between the enemy lines but it was too late, for them, to leave the battlefield.The report. 10 km. (2 laps 5 km long), with short uphill and downhill in a windy evening, around the power station of Montalto. With a regular pace the Black Knight got a finish time of 49.06 (4'55" km - 7'55" ml), 139° of 178 over all. It is the personal best after the fractures and the surgeries but far from my real p.b. before all the the troubles.
The loot. 2 medals, 1 bottle of wine and 2 sport bags.
Welcome to the new warriors of the Black Knight Army who joined this glorious group (see the last post): Anne, Caratunk Girl , Just_because_today, DawnB, Lily on the Road and Regina. Waiting for new brave warriors and amazons!!! The Black Knight Army needs you, find your role and join the Army!!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Flu and Spanish Steps

I will never say anymore when the Black Knight Army enters a race! Neither last sunday we were at the start and this is the third time in a row. Because of the flu I had to take a lot of antibiotics while my son is in the bed again with high temperature. Nobody of the Black Knight Army went to Rome without the fearless leader! Sir Giorgio and his platoon preferred to stay home as well. Despite the illness I kept on running and swimming even if I was very very weak: 3 slow workouts (9 km, 10 km and 10.1 km) and one time in the pool (1600 metres). Consequently I decided to take a week end off and I went to Rome with my wife to make shopping in Via Condotti (near Spanish Steps) and in a running shop where I bought the Asics Gel Nimbus and a black (of course) Mizuno singlet. In this shop they check the pace by a computer connected with the tapis roulant and the feet with an orthostatic device; after they suggest the best shoes for you.

Summer is coming, the sea is blue, the sand and the rocks are wonderful and the Black Knight Army is ready to enjoy the beach. If you want to join the Army (also on the beach).... you are always welcome!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

The beach

Beach-time. At last the time has arrived, sunny and warm weather, the perfect situation to enjoy the beach. This morning we began the summer season at the usual seaside resort (see the pic below). The owner saw 4 generations of my family: my parents, my wife and I, my children and now the grandson!
Training. Even if I am very busy at work because of the many cruise and passenger ships in the port, I succeeded in following the program: twice in the pool (2000 and 1750 metres) and 3 tempo runs (12.2 km hilly, 11.5 km flat, 11 km hilly) to prepare the next 2 races. People believe that the tourists come here to visit Rome but the truth is that they arrive to pay homage to the invincible and famous Black Knight. Now, until the day of the ultimate battle, only relaxing runs.
The next battles. The Black Knight Army, strong of 5 brave warriors, will run on June 13rd the Formula Race Cup 10 km in Rome to support the Save the Children campaign and on June 19th the Montalto 10 km.