Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Visitor

The Visitor. On wednesday, before going to work, I had the pleasure to meet a baby geko during his exploration of my (his) garden. Immediately he was appointed Black Knight Army's scout to defend the kingdom by the boring mosquitos. Welcome home!

Summer. Summer has come and the weather is wonderful. Until my vacation time I can only spend on the beach (see the picture) the week end and friday afternoon. Often I run from home to the beach (almost 11 km) with Sir Gianni.

Training. A normal week of training following the scheduled program. 3 workouts (km. 11,2 - Km. 11 and km 11.6 tempo run) and twice in the pool (1650 metres and 2050 metres).
The future. In the future, saturday evening, there is the Bolsena 10km race with Sir Giorgio and other 2 brave Black Knights. Bolsena is a wonderful town near the lake, the route is part through the town and part lakeside. Here is a picture of the rock.

New Entries. The Black Knight Army is always stronger and powerful. Welcome to lady Amy and lady Molly. Waiting for other new brave warriors and amazons!!! The Black Knight Army needs you, find your role and join the Army!!!!


  1. i enjoy reading your stories !
    i love the look of your beach too !


  2. I'm an Amazon, Love it!!

    I don't have a geko, but I do have an owl and plenty of chipmunks! : )

  3. Hi Stefano,
    I am sure that your new little geko friend will do a great job defending the mosquitos:) I think that you need to add Lady Julie to your sidebar:) I think that I was one of your first US followers:) I want to join the Black Knight Army!

    Nice work on your runs during the week. The beach looks lovely and I hope that your vacation is coming soon:)

    BTW, you are not that much older than me Stefano:)

  4. I am not sure I could run to that beach and not sit on one of those chairs and relax...maybe forget the run back.
    Beautiful shots!

  5. I love gekos! Awesome pictures!

    Lady Caratunk Girl

  6. We have so many geckos in our house. In Summer we watch them run across our ceiling and cheer them when they eat the moths.

  7. I like your new visitor and approve of his new job as scout against mosquitoes. Mosquitoes must die!

    What beautiful places you have to run...I am jealous.

  8. Proud to be a member of the army, Black Knight! Wish I could join you on the beach, it's hot here too!

  9. We're ready for next battle. The hill where I ran yesterday isn't S.Gordiano. It's Tramontana! I didn't like the down hill. The first 7 km were very useful.

  10. shoot - was I demoted from weatherman? I guess I haven't been doing my job very well lately. :)

    Forecast looks good!

  11. Such beautiful places you get to race in...Go Black Nights!!!
    Your beach looks so inviting :)

  12. Wow! absolutely fabulous beach and rock photos. That would be an amazing run. Now I'm quite nervous of gekos and lizards. I can cope with seeing snakes because generally they don't chase you, but lizards YUK! I think I should join the Black Knight Army as the Aussie Rep.

  13. Your pictures are always amazing! I would love to be on that beach right now!

    Go Black knights!

  14. Beautiful photos!

    I gave you a mention on my blog.