Sunday, July 11, 2010


Summer in Civitavecchia means beach, swimming and running - yes working also and this is another boring story - but now the lombago doesn't allow to swim and run. Tomorrow I will come back to my doctor, he is a runner too, to understand what I can do. Last week I only ran 8,5 km and swam 15 minutes!!! Too much pain. In the meantime I am going to the ancient roman thermal baths and the hot sulphur water is a good medicine:
To forget this trouble my wife Daniela had a romantic dinner with me at the Sunbay Park Hotel where we could enjoy a beautiful sunset; the pic is not so good because it was taken by the mobile phone:
However july and august are not the best months to race here because all the events are organized in little hilly towns and the routes are full of downhill under a hot sun. After a war council, Sir Giorgio and I took the decision to begin the race season in september.
As Mark Knopfler knew of my injury decided to come to Rome for a concert. He was very kind and I accepted his homage. On tuesday the Black Knight will receive Mark at the Auditorium of Rome. The pics of the show will be available next sunday.
The fearless leader is injuried but he is sure that all of you are ready for a week of glory and victories.


  1. Hai there Stefano, found you through someone else and recently started following Giorgio's blog.

    I love to read adventures of a knight from Italy as it is my favorite country for a holiday. Especially my husband is, he wouldn't mind living there after all it's Ducati country.

    Anyways, I've added you to my reader and hope to read more of you.

    If you have some spare time and want to, feel free to visit my blog (yep she's Dutch).

    Hope you like Mark Knopfler. I don't like his music but my husband does.

  2. Too bad about the lombago...hope the doctor can help.

    How sweet of Mark Knopfler to do a concert just for you ;) :)

    BTW, what I missed was my 8K steady (I had made a mistake, so I fixed it) it's even less important :)
    Thanks again for your support!

  3. Hope you get well soon, Black Knight. Your troops need their gallant leader.

  4. Hi Stefano,
    I am so sorry that you are still experiencing pain when you run and swim. Hopefully the ancient roman thermal baths will do wonders:) Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures! The sunset is lovely:)

  5. Sorry about the pain. I hope you take the time to heal properly!

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures!

  6. Hope you get everything sorted out soon. Those pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  7. yes, i brought my shoes with me. you and johann were right. im switching my running shoes to beater shoes so i'm wearing the beater shoes which i can run in if the desire hits.

    sorry for your injury. im taking a couple days off because im getting worried about my aches. my knee discomfort is increasing and im having other things too. i understand how hard it is to not run.

  8. I hope you get well soon Stefano. I absolutely agree with you about the relation between hilly races and summer time. As a consequence, We'll run the next race in September.
    Nice images of the town. Great post!

  9. beautiful pictures regardless. Seems that our army always suffers some kind of calamity bui let's keep hoping that one day we can run again pain free. All the best

  10. It's great that your doctor is a runner too, I'm sure he is encouraging instead of telling you something you don't want to hear!

  11. I hope your doctor can give you some ideas of what to do so you get better. It is great that he is a runner too!

    The sunset is beautiful. How good of you to take your wife out to a romantic dinner.

  12. Your pictures are fantastic! I hope you get better soon!

  13. Hi Stefano, thankyou so much for giving me a place in your army. See my blog post going up today. Sorry to hear about your back pain.I'm a registered nurse at a large sports hospital here in South Australia and I never do what I tell my patients to do. When in pain I take two Ibuprofen and do it anyway. Cheers Lady Karen from Down Under.

  14. The hilly paths where I ran last Monday are situated through a hill called "Poggio Paradiso" (Ripetitori). "Macchia Infernaccia" isn't a hill but it is a valley with the river.

  15. I am wondering how you found a quilting blog Stefano. Are you a secret quilter? and how kind of you to put a photo on your blog with quilting patterns on that floor. Beautiful sunset.
    p.s. patchwork is fantastic therapy for those times when you have to just sit.

  16. Ciao Stefano, sorry to hear about your aches.....the terme should help a bit though - luck you! The pics are lovely, thanks for posting.
    I did not get around to Civitavecchia this time, but I will certainly take up your invitation for a run, on my next visit. Clearly, if you come to Boston, I have to introduce you to the running circuit around the Charles River, up to Harvard, and so on.
    Buon recupero!

  17. Take care of yourself and you will heal! It is great that your doctor is a runner; he will truly understand your desire/need to get back in the shoes & pool soon.

    The photos are amazing, I love the beach.

  18. Sorry to hear about your back! I hope you get that sorted out so you are at least able to enjoy swimming at your beautiful beaches.