Monday, September 27, 2010

The War Declaration

The War Declaration. Considering the perfect organization, the beautiful landscapes in the country and the plenty of loots (see my last post), the Black Knight Army Council decided to plan the conquest of Tuscany. We took this decision because some cities inside the Province of Grosseto signed an agreement to organize the trophy "Corri nella Maremma" (Run through the Maremma) considering all the results of the single races of the year. The Maremma is, more or less, one hour driving far from here.
Workouts. The last week I made only 2 workouts: tuesday 12 km and sunday 15 km. Unfortunately I had 4 days off because on tuesday afternoon I went to the hospital to remove 4 little seborrheic adenomas by my face.
Sailing. Sailing across internet I found this picture (click to enlarge) of the last race. The Black Knight is on the left with the n° 36 on his black shining armour.


  1. Hi Stefano,
    That is a great picture of you running down the streets of Tuscany! Good luck with the next battle:) Don't worry about only getting two workouts you will be refreshed and well rested.

    Take care and have a great week!

  2. Imagine the fewer wars that would have been fought if the deciding factor was the distance of the country. Shall we attack England? Prussia? No, it's more than an hour away. We'll just stay home.

  3. Nice post about the conquest of Tuscany! You had a good 15 km workout and You will be ready for the next battle although you had 4 days off. Tuscany will be conquered!
    Could you make a new account and password? Paola have asked it! Thanks Stefano!
    See you next friday for the training. We are meeting at 6:00 p.m. at the olive trees garden (parco dell'uliveto).

  4. Tuscany is lovely:)! And yes my advice is right back at ya, better overrested right? Easier to say than to take i know.
    Go TWINS! I am going to the game thursday night. I havent been to the new stadium so i am psyched!

  5. Your always ready for battle!!! LOVE IT!!!! =)

  6. Way to win the battle of Tuscany!! I look forward to your next conquest. Rest is good, two workouts is more than I did last week! :)

  7. Cool pic!

    Your mileage last week is still more than mine so I don't think it's great.

  8. You got two nice workout in so that is great. Love the photo but where are all the lady knights lol

    off to the next battle one race at a time what a happy and healthly world this would be if our battle field was road races!! :)