Monday, October 25, 2010

Grosseto-Barbanella 12 K

(the Black Knight is on the left with the n° 6)

The Legend. The Black Knight Army overcame Grosseto's resistance after a long difficult battle. Escorted by the squire Massimo and without the help of sir Giorgio, busy to conquer another region, the venture was more difficult. For this reason, after the umpteenth victory, the Black Knight decided to destroy forever the rebel city. But his anger was calmed down when the defeated enemy king submitted to the winner's authorithy handing the loot (see the pic) over to him personally with meekness.

The Report (serious). As I told, I was not able to be competitive because of the insufficient training and all the heavy cures for the lumbago, so I entered the Grosseto 12k only to make a faster workout. The field was a surprise, I only met real runners: the pace of the last was 6'/km (9'40/mg)!!! The route was flat but we had to run through streets open to the traffic and this was bothering even if not dangerous because there were many volunteers to check the situation. The results: 12 km. (7,45 ml) in 1.01.30 at the pace of 5'07"/km (8'14/ml). 135 of 170 overall and 16 of 20 in my age group. Of course the lack of appropriate training left me without strenght after 7 km (4,35 ml) as you can see in the following split: 5'04" - 4'56" - 5'00" - 5'05" - 4'58" - 4'54" - 5'26" - 5'07" - 5'22" - 5'24" and 5'20".
Have a good running, swimming, biking week!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Rescue

The Rescue. On a cloudy morning, the tranquillity of the Black Knight's kingdom was shaken by fear. Four devilish dragons (indeed 4 cats) captured in the garden a pacific wall-lizard. The reaction of the Black Knight was immediate and after an epic battle Liza(rd) was rescued. In the pic (click to enlarge) you can see Liza after the ordeal.
Injury-Training. After 7 days off I made 2 workouts: 10,1 km and 12,4 km at a slow pace. During that period of rest I took anti-inflammatori, made physiotherapy and had 2 thermal baths. The doctor said: no swimming pool for another week.
Log-book. By october 1st I began to use the Runnersworld training log, instead of my dear old running bloc notes, and I find it very fun. Which kind of logbook do you use?
Next Race. Despite the stop and the insufficient training, the Black Knight will be present at the start of the Grosseto 12 km escorted by Massimo, the Sir Giorgio's squire. No goals, it has only to be a workout, no matter the finishing time and the position overall.
Have a great racing, running, biking, swimming week end.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Injured. The things go wrong, after a very good period with fruitful workouts and acceptable finishing times in race, a boring and painful problem has come. On sunday I ran the Montalto 9.6 km and, after a day of rest to recover, I swam 1500 metres but, in the afternoon, while making a normal effort at home, I felt a deep pain; the response is lumbago. So now I am taking strong pills and making physiotherapy. The doctor sentenced one week of rest.
Next Programs. I think I will be ready for new moderate workouts on monday to be able to enter the Grosseto 12 km the next sunday. Of course I will go there not to leave the Black Knight Army without its fearless leader, the enemy must not suspect that the invincible warrior is wounded. Seriously, more than a race it will only be a slow workouts, no matter the finishing time and the position overall.
The Tribute. When the U2 knew about the Black Knight's performance in Montalto, decided to homage the Army with a concert in Rome (see the photo - click to enlarge).
China. I just received a nice pic from a professional photographer who followed us during the business trip in China last april. The Black Knight is the 3rd from left (that is the Forbidden City in Beijing - click to enlarge).
Have a great week end.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Montalto 9,6 km.

The Black Knight (n° 327) and the Sir Giorgio's squire

Sir Giorgio (left) and the Black Knight with a candidate to join the Black Knight Army (see the gun on the left)

The scared Chatelain hidden inside her castle before the battle

The loot
The Legend. Montalto was conquered this morning after few minutes of fighting. Listening to our friends' requests, the Black Knight Army had mercy and didn't destroy the ancient castle. The heroic platoon was composed by the Black Knight, Sir Giorgio (other pictures are available on his blog) and his squire Massimo. The 3 warriors were more than sufficient to defeat the enemy.
The Report. A strange and tough route, indeed not very hilly but never flat. The results: 9.6 km. (5,96 ml) in 45'49" at the pace of 4'46"/km. (7'40"/ml). It was my fastest pace after the incident. 65 of 91 overall and 7 of 9 age group!!! To finish 65° and 7° is terribly embarrassing but this happens when we race in little towns where we find few but fast runners. The split: 4'26, 4'46", 4'52", 4'52", 4'45", 4'46", 5'09", 4'54", 4'59" and the last 600 metres in 2'20" (the first half was easier than the second one).
The Podium. I think you can be interested to know the podium. Men: 32'42", 32'44", 33'00". Women: 41'22", 42'15", 43'18".
The Loot. There were awards for the first 10 in every age group so I conquered the beautiful loot that you can see in the picture above.
The Diet. This time I tried to follow a regular diet before the race. 2 days before proteins and vegetables; the day before carbohidrates and vegetables. What a pity, no pepsi at all! It worked. Do you follow a special diet any days before the event?
Click on the pictures to enlarge.
Have a good running week!!!!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Running women

Running women. Always sailing across internet I found another Black Knight's photo (in black shining armour with the n° 36) during the last race in Grosseto (sept. 19) where you can also see 2 ladies. It is interesting to consider the following data: 195 participants including 32 women subdivided in 3 age groups. About the ladies, the podium on the distance of 12 km. (7.45 ml), was: 1^ 43'51", 2^ 49'37" and 3^ 54'13". The age groups' winners: 18/34 y.o. 43'51" - 35/49 y.o. 49'37" - over 50 54'13".
Workouts. After long long time I joined the sir Giorgio's running group to improve my speed. In the past I preferred to run alone for 2 reasons: to preserve my operated left leg and run in early morning before going to work to get all the evening free. In the past week I made 4 workouts: 10 km tempo run, 10.6 km. (relaxing slow run), 10.6 hill km. (with the group - 9 people) and 15 km. (with the group - 5 people). I hope to come back to the swimming pool on next monday.
The Next Battle. The battlefield will be again the medieval city of Montalto di Castro, already stormed and sacked many times, where the Black Knight Army - the Black Knight, Sir Giorgio and his squire Massimo (no promotion at all), enforced by Umberto - will destroy once and for all the enemy in a 9.5 km race. On the pic above you can see the Montalto castle for the last time because on sunday the Black Knight Army will leave behind only ruins. As usual we don't take prisoners.
Have a good running, swimming, biking ecc. ecc. week!!!!!