Sunday, October 10, 2010

Montalto 9,6 km.

The Black Knight (n° 327) and the Sir Giorgio's squire

Sir Giorgio (left) and the Black Knight with a candidate to join the Black Knight Army (see the gun on the left)

The scared Chatelain hidden inside her castle before the battle

The loot
The Legend. Montalto was conquered this morning after few minutes of fighting. Listening to our friends' requests, the Black Knight Army had mercy and didn't destroy the ancient castle. The heroic platoon was composed by the Black Knight, Sir Giorgio (other pictures are available on his blog) and his squire Massimo. The 3 warriors were more than sufficient to defeat the enemy.
The Report. A strange and tough route, indeed not very hilly but never flat. The results: 9.6 km. (5,96 ml) in 45'49" at the pace of 4'46"/km. (7'40"/ml). It was my fastest pace after the incident. 65 of 91 overall and 7 of 9 age group!!! To finish 65° and 7° is terribly embarrassing but this happens when we race in little towns where we find few but fast runners. The split: 4'26, 4'46", 4'52", 4'52", 4'45", 4'46", 5'09", 4'54", 4'59" and the last 600 metres in 2'20" (the first half was easier than the second one).
The Podium. I think you can be interested to know the podium. Men: 32'42", 32'44", 33'00". Women: 41'22", 42'15", 43'18".
The Loot. There were awards for the first 10 in every age group so I conquered the beautiful loot that you can see in the picture above.
The Diet. This time I tried to follow a regular diet before the race. 2 days before proteins and vegetables; the day before carbohidrates and vegetables. What a pity, no pepsi at all! It worked. Do you follow a special diet any days before the event?
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Have a good running week!!!!


  1. Congrats on another race completed. I need to run where you are, the loot would be worth the flight. Good to know the Black Knight went into battle again.

  2. Well done! That is a great pace! The loot looks awesome. Seems this battle was easy for you. Have a fantastic week!

  3. This made me laugh out loud:
    "The scared Chatelain hidden inside her castle before the battle" That awesome!!

    Congrats on a hard won battle!! And the loot looks fantastic!! I need to run some of those races!! :)

    Congrats on your fastest pace since the incident!! That is fantastic!

  4. Wow, you got some great loot!! I've never seen anything like that here, especially anything with alcohol! Congrats on your great pace - I know that has to make you feel great!!

    Thanks for the nice words on my blog today. Sorry to hear about some of your rubgy teammates, it is hard! I'm sure that was a very special time in your life, the rugby years. And um, I'm right up there in the age category, too. Haha.

  5. Now that's a race worth doing--great loot! Way to go.

  6. Awesome loot!
    I don't follow a diet. I pretty much eat what I want.

  7. I am so glad you spared the castle.
    You are serious about the loot, aren't you? First 10 get this? Really? Only in Italy.

  8. I love the pic of the "scared chatelain"! Great loot and what a good time. I am glad the recovery is going so well. Sometimes a few weeks off is beneficial. By the way, is the squire the one without the website?

    Complimenti e vai cosi'!

  9. The loot is incredible. The Black Knight is ever victorious!

  10. Nice new PR - congratulations! Awesome loot too!

  11. I can't believe you said I was fast. You, sir Knight, are fast! That's a great race time! Thanks for the comment and I look forward to reading your blog more, too!

  12. That loot is amazing! Wow! I really must go race in Italy one day :) You did great...congrats!

  13. I love it how you write your posts!
    What a great time you've run especially since I've done a 10K yesterday in 1.08 (and was proud of it). You're so much faster than me :)

  14. nice race - for the black knights !
    i have followed diets on my long runs (100kms) - one week before the race - 3 days of only proteins (NO carbohydrates or sugars at all are allowed) and continuing light training - the idea is to run the battery flat (this works!!!!). Then 3 days before the race it's a high slow-sugar diet - rice, potatoes, pasta, quinoa, up to the night before the race. The day before i began drinking high sodium water (St Yorre) and Caloreen (a glucose used to feed babies who have digestive problems...). No crudities (raw fruit and vegetables 2 days before - difficult to digest!!).
    This is an excellent diet but very difficult to follow - it certainly helped me complete 2 100km races in 10h40 :0)).
    It has a name but i don't remember it.

  15. You are so funny about your pepsi! I try to stay away from spicy foods a few days before a race, and eat a bit more pasta.

    Congrats on such a great finish!

  16. Great race and nice report!
    This afternoon I did 50 min. relaxed run. We could run next Friday with the running team.
    Congrats again!

  17. wow, that is some wonderful loot. and the wine = "will run for wine :)"

  18. Did you get wine for loot?! Jealous!

  19. You're getting some speed back! Very nice.

    And I think that gun would be a perfect addition. :)

  20. your army looks very strong. Those bottles of wine....gee, we dont get that downhere

  21. Hi Stefano,
    Thanks for the wonderful race report! You did great for having such a challenging race route:) That's it I want to run in always get wine and good stuff in your racing swag:)

    Have a great week Stefano!

  22. Nice LOOT and thanks for sharing your pre race diet. I've been trying to figure mine out before NYC and I appreciate your experience!

    Your weather seems warm still. When will it get chilly?

  23. Nice PR! You are killing me with the loot!! We never get anything near as good.

  24. Great job with the race.

    Your loot is a treasure. One day, we may battle as I try and steal your loot.

  25. You did great!
    Congratulations. :-)

    Me, not so good here.
    I am injured after my last few weeks of exploits. It doesn't pay to do too much with too little training. :-(
    Will I ever learn?

  26. Sorry to hear of you flu and lumbago. (I'll have to look that up - not sure what it is.)
    Get well soon!

  27. Well done! Congratulations. Good luck on your upcoming marathon. Have the best run always! Nice pics! ~ chaco sandals ~

  28. I think that is the best prize I have ever seen! I'm so glad you had a great race! I should work on my diet before a race. Glad yours is working for you. Congrats!