Friday, October 22, 2010

The Rescue

The Rescue. On a cloudy morning, the tranquillity of the Black Knight's kingdom was shaken by fear. Four devilish dragons (indeed 4 cats) captured in the garden a pacific wall-lizard. The reaction of the Black Knight was immediate and after an epic battle Liza(rd) was rescued. In the pic (click to enlarge) you can see Liza after the ordeal.
Injury-Training. After 7 days off I made 2 workouts: 10,1 km and 12,4 km at a slow pace. During that period of rest I took anti-inflammatori, made physiotherapy and had 2 thermal baths. The doctor said: no swimming pool for another week.
Log-book. By october 1st I began to use the Runnersworld training log, instead of my dear old running bloc notes, and I find it very fun. Which kind of logbook do you use?
Next Race. Despite the stop and the insufficient training, the Black Knight will be present at the start of the Grosseto 12 km escorted by Massimo, the Sir Giorgio's squire. No goals, it has only to be a workout, no matter the finishing time and the position overall.
Have a great racing, running, biking, swimming week end.


  1. You, Black Knight, are a hero and a rescuer of damsels in distress. I'm glad that Liza(rd) wasn't in our garden or she would have been eaten by our marauding hens.

  2. You're a hero but the one thing I don't like about Italy are those lizards :lol:

    Running logs? Which one do you want to know :lol: I'm kind of an addict to lists so here we go:

    - I use an Excel spreadsheet for all my workouts including my running
    - I upload my Garmin data to the Garmin site.
    - I enter my running logs to a Dutch running site where I can also keep track of how many miles I've run on my shoes.
    - And I use Dailymile but that's more to keep up with training of blogger friends too.

    See? Told you I'm an addict :)

  3. That is an INCREDIBLY cute lizard!

    The cats needed this:

    I use Buckeye Outdoors, I like it, it's ideal for triathlon (and it synchronizes on the computer with the Garmin).

  4. Runner's World logbook was developed by Eric, the guy who started with same type of log but, I think, some more bells and whistles, great running community, and Eric himself who is available to answer any technical questions.
    Liza is cute.
    What did you do to the cats?

  5. I'm a huge fan of lizards (all living things) so you make me very happy!
    I've got a log I created in Excel with stats of everything you can think of related to running in there. I can plot a graph of any stat with the click of a button.:) I also use but that is really just to show my distances in my blog sidebar.

  6. My boyfriend used to catch a lot of garden green lizards and we have a tank full of them. :)
    Good luck and enjoy your next race/workout day.

  7. The lizard is actually pretty cute, in a lizard sort of way :).

    I just write all my stuff down on a Word and Excel spreadsheets, but I would like to get more organized with it whenever I run better again.

    Good luck with the fun to run "for fun" sometimes :).

  8. Aw, I love lizards! I would want to keep it as a pet, but we all know it would want to run free!

  9. I'm old school, I use a notebook for my log, but I also belong to, but haven't input much while my hamstring heals.

  10. Next Sunday I'll come back from Southern Italy.
    Good luck on your Grosseto's 12 km race although you're running it as training!

  11. We have many lizards around the yard and I enjoy watching them. Although I would love to have some cats to keep the mice away, I hesitate because they would drive the lizards away.

    Congratulations on your recent running victories. I'm sorry to hear about your injury and wish you a speedy recovery.

  12. Hi Stefano,
    My little guy thinks that your little friend lizard is the coolest thing ever! It would of scared the heck out of me but it is kind of cute:)

    Good luck with the next battle at Grosseto!

  13. you are my hero even if I dont like reptiles. I laughed when I read the name Liza(rd), how clever.

  14. A dragon of small size!