Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Knight Army Virtual Race: the winner is....

The Warriors. Thanks to the 19 runners who entered the 10k. Black Knight Army Virtual Race:
01. Lady Karen: No finishing time, she ran without a watch. In black pants during the 10 k Glenelg Classic Road Race. Knowing how powerful she is, the race marshalls made some pointless tricks to deceive the invincible Lady. See her smile while showing the certificate.
02. Johann: 1.14'00" in black shorts and pack during a 18 km. trail with climb. See him running with the personal photographer, future long distance runner, Rohann.
03. Lady Molly: 60'01" all in black fighting against the terrible Hammy. Very funny the self-shot before the race.
04. Lady Katie: 46'47" all in black except shoes and socks (forgiven!!!!). 5 beautiful pictures to show the black shining armor and the finishing time.
05. Patrick Mahoney: 52'13"all in black, part of a 12,5 km. windy and muddy trail run. Great pics "full of mud".
06. Allison: all in black. During her run she met a dreadful extraterrestrial who was walking (she took a picture).
07. Angie Bee: 60'00" all in black, part of the Living History Farms Race where she "ran trough the woods like a barbarian". See the crazy costumes of many runners.
08. Amy: 59'24" on the treadmill because outside the temperature was -23C (-9 F). During the long and bloody battle she destroyed other 2 competitors.
09. Lady Caratunk Girl. No details or did I miss anything? However she did it!
10. Lady Kate: 58'00" all in black, part of the River Road 10 Mile Run. See what her brother wore to run and her supporter along the path.
11. Pretend this is real: not totally black because windy and cold (forgiven!!!) See the nice pictures with exhaustive justifications. For this occasion she invented a new kind of cross training (running + gardening).
12. Lady Christina: 60'00" all in black. See the nice pre-race puzzle (including Sundae the cat) got with the self timer. That was a terrible battle into the desert.
13. Jason: all in black. Part of the YMCA Dallas Turkey Troat. See the picture with his friends.
14. Lady Anne RunDmz: because of an enemy's dirty trick she ran 200 meters less but the Black Knight High Court accepted her entry.
15. Lady RunKathyRun: 49'23" all in black. She defended the honour of the Black Knight Army running 2 different races. In the Winter Wonderland she got the 3rd place in the women's masters ctg.
16. Lady Natalia: 1.13'00" all in black. This was her first event after the Philadelphia Marathon.
17. Jarrett @ "PaddlePedalPlod: 56'41" all in black (also the accessories). An adventure under the snow on a hilly battlefield.
18. Lady Anne: 1.08'17" in black tights, gloves and headband but with ... a white dog (Mr. Flocon). See them before the battle.
19. Lady Julie : 57'00" all in black. The battlefield was full of snow and ice (see the beautiful pictures) but the fearless Amazon won her battle. In the meantime she also defended her friend Joe (all in black too).
20. The Black Knight: 54'19" all in black (did you have any doubt?), part of the Fiumicino Half Marathon.
The war was epic and was fought all over the world: USA, Canada, Italy, Australia and South Africa. As you can see the battles were different: part of longer distances, trail runs, races or part of races, on the "dreadmill", hilly, under the snow ecc. This means that the Black Knight Army never surrenders!
The Winners. The random number generator said: 18 and 13, so the winners are Lady Anne and Jason. Johann wins the less fast award with his 1.14'00". Of course he is not the slowest of the pack and this virtual race is only a way "to stay together", to have fun and not to push. Please e-mail me to more_than_this2@yahoo.com to let me know the address where I have to mail the shirts.
New Entries. The new Ladies are: Lady runningwithababyonboard, Lady Natalia, Lady RunKathyRun, Lady Christina and Lady Kate. Further new entries (Ladies and Sirs) are welcome and appreciated.

The Next Battle. On dec. 8th the Black Knight Army will move to Tuscany to conquer the beautiful Orbetello lagoon. It will be a 10k cross country.


  1. Wonderful!
    Congratulations to everyone who competed!

  2. Yay, at last my slowness pays off! Thanks Stefano!

  3. YAY!!! :) I'll email you today! I'm so excited to have won :) Thanks for holding this Virtual Race.

  4. Awesome. And so you know my buddies and I went to West Point every year to chear on the Army Black Knights in football so this was destined from the beginning.


    Email on the way with the address and believe it or not I live on Holy Grail....

  5. That was World War 3 with fighting on nearly every continent. Good luck with your upcoming race.

  6. Yea! I've been knighted...or whatever the lady equivalent is! :)

    Love your recap! Can't wait to go back and read a few more race reports. Thanks for a fun virtual race, Stefano (my first).

  7. Congrats to the winners! Thanks for hosting the virtual race.

  8. That looked like fun! Sorry I missed it. I have a black singlet too :)

  9. You made a great post with your recaps of everyone who has run your virtual race. Congrats to the winners!

    And good luck to you for next Wednesday.

  10. loved everyones recaps, thanks for such a fun race!

  11. Thanks for hosting and for the awesome recap post!! :D

  12. I had so much fun on my virtual race. I can't wait for your next one.

  13. Even if I didn't win, I am indebted to you for including me in the competition despite my "shortcoming."

  14. Amazing wrap up. Congrats to Lady Anne and Jason...

  15. So thanks for your chivalrous comments on my last post. I look forward to helping conquer that beautiful lagoon. Victory will be ours!

  16. Wow, that's a huge ARMY of runners. You must be an excellent leader and ruler. Oh, yes, and chivalrous too. I like that one!
    Hope you're well!

  17. Congratulations to everyone who competed and to the placegetters. Brilliant idea Stefano. I'm back on line and will be posting again tomorrow. Orbetello looks Divine !!!!