Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy New Year

2010. This is the last post for this year and I want to thank all my blogger friends for the support and the kind comments. We have run some virtual races together but one day it would be so nice to organize a real meeting somewhere: can the dreams come true? Indeed I had the pleasure to receive the visits of strewth, CJ, Dori (twice) and IHateToast; with Dori we also made a workout together!

Lady Jill. Lady Jill was my secret buddy for the blog gift exchange. I received a beautiful book about her wonderful Colorado and a nice gift for my grandson Leonardo. Thank you very much Lady Jill, you are always very kind.
The Squire. The squire Massimo was demoted to Sir Giorgio's humble servant, the last of the servants, because he came to Orbetello to take some running pictures and he didn't succeed in this easy task, so we came back home without any photos. However the Black Knight is famous and he found through the web this photo of his final glorious rush:
Tagged. I was tagged by Lady Natalia and we go:

1) Do you prefer winter or summer running? Why?
I prefer winter running because this season here is not too cold so I can run at any time. On the contrary, in summer, the workouts are only possible in early morning or in late afternoon.

2) What's been your toughest race to date?
It happened on march 17, 1996 when I was member of the Italian Navy Cross Country Team. We had an important meeting in Caprera (Sardinia) but it was delayed 2 hours because of a rain storm. I made the mistake to eat something and I ran the whole race with a terrible stomach pain. At the end I was only 80° of 90.

3) Running goals for 2011?
Recovering again step by step and coming back to race at 4'30"/km and to finish 2 or 3 half marathons under the 1h 50'.

4) Do you have any other passions in life?
My family and to travel.

5) If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
If abroad in Scotland, if Italy in the country near Siena (Tuscany).

Your choice if you want to be tagged!!!!!


Monday, December 20, 2010

Orbetello 10k

Prologue. The last race of this year was held in Orbetello (Tuscany), a beautiful city built in the middle of a spectacular lagoon. All the path, totally flat, ran throught the ancient streets and near the sea, where we had the possibility to see many species of protected birds as herons and cormorants. The Black Knight Army was there on a cold morning strong of the 2 brave knights, the Black Knight and Sir Giorgio (have a look to his report) escorted by his squire Massimo who had the task to take many pictures. But this humble man made a series of terrible mistakes so we don't have any running photos; you cannot image the anger of Sir Giorgio who immediately fired the squire, demoting him to servant.
(the B.K. and Sir Giorgio)
The Report. Because of the necessary warm up, at the start we were the last runners of the last pack, so we lost some seconds but never mind. I ran the 10 km. at a regular pace with a finishing time of 48'10" (only a "little bit far" from my p.b. of 39'30" established in 1990, yes 20 years ago!!!!); it means 4'49"/km or 7'44" /ml. In Tuscany the pack is fast so I was 130° of 169 overall and 15° of 22 in my age group. The split km per km: 4'44"-4'46"-4'50"-4'48"-4'52"-4'54"-4'55"-4'46"-4'45" and 4'45".

Merry Christmas to all my blogger friends and your families.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The new challenge

Hi to all, thank you very much for the kind and very appreciated comments on my last post.

Training. Winter time here and the weather is always rainy so we have to make our workouts between a cloud-burst and another. This last period was not so bad and I succeeded in making many tempo runs and a weekly long distance run. The RW training log is a good help to plan and compare my trainings; thanks to it and an appropriate schedule (every week 3-4 runs and 1-2 swims) now my pace is 15-20"/km faster.
The Next Battle. The next battlefield will be Orbetello again. They don't succeed in understanding that they must not challenge the Black Knight Army! Sir Giorgio, his squire Massimo and the Black Knight will conquer the city on Dec. 19th. As usual we don't take prisoners but if the loot will be rich we could have mercy for women and children.
Races. This year it will be the 9th and last race. I don't complain because for the first time after the 2 surgeries I have been able to plan a running program even if modest. To preserve my leg I cannot run 2 days in a row and I cannot make the repeats but I am equally happy because I am "on the road again". How many races have you run in 2010?
Always this year I learned to race listening music; do you use the i-pod during the races?
Have a good running-biking-swimming week.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Short Post

I know that I have not posted lately and I have not been able to comment, but we had a loss in the family; my wifes'd dad left.
I will be posting and commenting (+ sending the shirts to the winners) on monday.
Of course the Black Knight Army didn't go to race in Orbetello.
Have a good week end.