Sunday, December 12, 2010

The new challenge

Hi to all, thank you very much for the kind and very appreciated comments on my last post.

Training. Winter time here and the weather is always rainy so we have to make our workouts between a cloud-burst and another. This last period was not so bad and I succeeded in making many tempo runs and a weekly long distance run. The RW training log is a good help to plan and compare my trainings; thanks to it and an appropriate schedule (every week 3-4 runs and 1-2 swims) now my pace is 15-20"/km faster.
The Next Battle. The next battlefield will be Orbetello again. They don't succeed in understanding that they must not challenge the Black Knight Army! Sir Giorgio, his squire Massimo and the Black Knight will conquer the city on Dec. 19th. As usual we don't take prisoners but if the loot will be rich we could have mercy for women and children.
Races. This year it will be the 9th and last race. I don't complain because for the first time after the 2 surgeries I have been able to plan a running program even if modest. To preserve my leg I cannot run 2 days in a row and I cannot make the repeats but I am equally happy because I am "on the road again". How many races have you run in 2010?
Always this year I learned to race listening music; do you use the i-pod during the races?
Have a good running-biking-swimming week.


  1. I've done 8 races this year. I'm not sure yet if I will do another on December 31th.

    I always run with my Ipod, I can't run without it because I quit early because I'm bored. Music helps me especially on my long runs. When it gets tough I concentrate on the music and that helps a lot. On my blog there's a page running playlist with all the music that's on my Ipod.

    I never run two days in a row, I tried that before and I found out my legs need a day of rest in between two runs. If my schedule is busy I run two days in a row but I don't prefer it.

    Good to hear you've improved so good on your speed.

  2. I guess better rain than snow, right? Great job on the racing for this year.

    I am a no ipod person. I really enjoy tapping into my surroundings.

  3. I have run 4 races this year. This worked well for me as I was able to focus on training for each one and it kept me motivated throughout the year.

    I usually run with an iPod (especially if I'm stuck on the dreadmill), but sometimes go without just to be sure I don't rely on music too much!

  4. I just caught up on your last post, I'm so sorry about your father in law.

    I don't use my ipod in races, I for a bit duriking my marathon, but only because it was allowed.

  5. I ran four races this year! I don't run races with my Ipod but I do every now and then on a Sunday morning run. When I post names of certain people who kept me company along the run, it is their songs that I am listening to and that is how they keep me company.

    I like winter running especially Christmastime running! i like to run when it is dark and look at all the decorations and lights!

    Hope you stay dry running between clouds!

  6. Ready to read about you taking on that next challenge.

    I have participated in 6 sprint Tris, 1 1/2 mary and 1 full mary.

    I don't run with music. I want to listen to the world around me when I you never know if there is an enemy charging from behind if you can't hear them.

  7. I did not get to comment on the last post, sorry about you father-in law as well.

    Yayy for new challenges, I wish you luck!!

    I have ran in 3 races this year (4 with the black knight 10k virtual race :D) all 5k, and all in the 3 months of blogging. I am looking forward to 2011, I think it is going to be my year!!! I have lots of fun stuff planned :)

    I listen to music now, in my HS and college races it was never allowed so I didn't run with it. Now I am just as passionate about music as I am about running so putting the two together= pure bliss :D
    I don't always need it running outside, but on the treadmill I won't run without it!

    Thank you for your very kind comment on my post a week ago, it is hard for me to see myself as "good enough."

  8. I ran 10 races this year and might do another next weekend. My goal was one per month.

  9. Hi Stefano,
    Welcome back! I hope that the Black Knight Army will be successful in Orbetello....may you conquer and be victorious!

    I have done 21 races this year...all different distances but mostly half marathons. I enjoy racing but I think next year I will do less racing and more training.

    Take care of yourself Stefano!

  10. I use my ipod for long slow distances like marathons and half marathons, but for short things like 5ks, I focus better without it.

  11. I live in a summer rainfall region so I'm having rain as well, but at least it doesn't come with cold. All the best for the 19th!

    I ran in 29 races this year. A lot of these were done as training runs for others though. I had 35 races planned but missed 6 when I was sick with flu, a stomach bug and a gallbladder infection. But zero injuries! :D

    I never run with music. Like misszippy, I tap into my surroundings (and my body). Have a fantastic week!

  12. I am not an iPod person (except in the pool), I like the voices in my head ha ha ha But I really like to look around and tap into my surroundings.

    Congrats on a solid year of running, it is very impressive that you are running again and able to train consistently!!

    I did 8 races this year.

    Take no prisoners at the final battle!!

  13. Last year was my first year of running and I completed 4 races...loved every one of them! I'm a no ipod person...especially during races. I love being part of it all :)

    As for a 4hr marathon :) :) haha! Remember that it's my I'll try and stay under 5 hrs and aim for 4h30m :) Thanks for suggesting that though...made me dream for a minute :)

  14. So sorry to hear about the loss of your father in law - I wish you and the family much strength with this loss.

  15. If you don't destroy the Christmas market, your loot ought to be great.
    You had one busy running year. Good luck in upcoming race. May you be victorious.

  16. I'm so sorry to hear about your father-in-law.

    If I run two days in a row, the second day is a short, easy run. I did 11 running races this year and one bike race. I almost always run with my iPod, but I only put the earpiece in one ear. That way I can hear what's going on around me and talk to the people around me.

    Good luck in your next campaign!

  17. Nine races in a year is awesome, especially after surgery. Also, thanks for posting those pictures! I love getting to see where everyone runs.

    I am sorry to hear of your family's loss. You are in my prayers.

  18. I have never run with an ipod. I don't even own one.
    I run with the pack (or the back of it) anyway, so I don't need music. :-)
    I have done many races this year,
    (63 so far) but I don't usually RACE. I just run.

  19. Thank you for adding me to the Black Knight's Army. I never race with music. I always use it on the treadmill and sometimes on a long run, but not very often.
    This time around, I am going to be doing my training without music - maybe the treadmill will be an exception.

  20. So sorry to hear about the death of your father in law. Please give my condolences to your wife.Good luck with your run on the 19th. The Black knight will conquer as usual.
    This year I have run 22 races with my last one to be on Dec 26 for the year.

  21. I've run 16 races with one more 5k this it'll be 17.

    I rarely run with music. I did pull it out the other day just to find it was out of battery juice so I ran without it anyways.

  22. We're running between storms too, when last year it was a drought. It's La Niña!

    I think 26 races this year, and no iPod in races, only training (when not listening to Ruth). No biking or swimming either - I haven't got time!

  23. your posts always make me laugh.
    So tough to be injured but you are right, at least we are on the road again.
    I have not raced at all except for two marathons! I will change that in the New Year.
    Bon Natale

  24. I ran 6 races this year. From September to October my speed sharply rose (during the two races of Montalto and Grosseto I did an average pace of 4.19 min./Km). Since November my speed slightly decreased. This morning my average pace was 4.32 min./km. :(

    Please, let me know something about the Ostia's 15 km race on January.

  25. The photos you post are always so beautiful! The weather in Oregon is much like you are experiencing now; lots and lots of rain.