Friday, January 28, 2011

Thank you Lady Christina

The Gift. 3 days ago I received a nice surprise, in my mailbox I found an envelope from Lady Christina, the 21th Annual Midnight Madness 3 mile run/walk beautiful long sleeves shirt: thanks, you are very kind, I will wear it with proud! Training. Despite the rain and the cold I don't use the "dreadmill", I prefer the workouts. My weekly schedule includes 1 or 2 easy runs (10-12 km), 1 tempo run (10-13 km) and 1 long distance run (20-23km). This afternoon I ran a l.d.r. with Sir Giorgio: 22.5 km. (14 ml). The pool is useful to strengthen the upper body and to stretch neck and back.
Towards Ostia. As I wrote in my last post, the next race will be the Roma-Ostia half marathon. Around here in January and February there are not many events so we cannot use other races to prepare the half. Indeed every Sunday in Rome we can find 2/3 races but the traffic inside the city is a deterrent; no matter about the fee and the poor loot because we run for fun. Moreover very often we have to go there (50 miles far) the day before to get the bibs.
Edinburgh. In march I will spend some days in Edinburgh (Scotland) with my son Paolo to watch the rugby match Scotland-Italy. I hope to find there a race during the week end (March 18-19).
What was your more distant race from home?

Have a wonderful week-end

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Towards Ostia

It's time to plan the new year and the first important event is the Roma-Ostia half marathon feb. 27th): the second italian race, the most followed by italian athletes. If you like have a look on (the english version is available).
In the same race I can enter 2 different competitions: the open one and the business run (only manager) so the loot will be bigger. The 14 km of the Trofeo Lidense, run last Sunday (see some pictures below), was a good test before starting the last month of training. Now I am more confident with the long distance runs and I think I can run faster than my first half after the incident (1.56.16 nov. 2010), the new goal is 1.50.00.

The scheduled plan is based on the cross training not to stress the operated leg. One week 2 times in the pool and 3 workouts, the week after 1 time in the pool and 4 workouts. I had only a problem, I could not swim for 10 days because some criminals set fire to the pool.
What is your first important running event of the year?
Have a good week

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ostia - Trofeo Lidense - 14 Km.

Prologue. On a sunny sunday the Black Knight and Sir Giorgio went to Ostia to help their allied theyogi to defeat 1259 cruel barbarians coming from everywhere to sack his beautiful hometown on the sea of Rome. The battle was bloody and we had to apply an appropriate strategy to win once and for all the invaders: Sir Giorgio had the task to ago ahead to throw into disorder the enemy army while the Black Knight and Theyogi provided to destroy the confused soldiers. As usual we didn't take prisoners.
theyogi began the war campaign as Black Knight's squire but for his valour he was appointed "Sir" directly on the battlefield. This is his comment on his blog (translated in english): "Black Knight I was very very glad to have been your squire, if I had run alone I wouldn't have had the same fun, Sir it was a real pleasure to support you. See you next ordeal".
Serious report. It was a flat and easy path near the sea and through a wonderful pine-wood. The start was crowded and the first streets to pass through were narrow but I don't complain because the rest of the race didn't give any problem. Sir Giorgio arrived 1 minute ahead while Sir theyogi decided to run all the race with the Black Knight even if he could do better.
My goal was to finish the 14 km in 1h 10' (5'/km - 8'03"/ml) and it was: real (chip) time 1h 09'47" (4'59"/km - 8'01"/ml), official time 1h 10'19" (5'01"/km - 8'04"/ml).
Results: 746° of 1259 overall, 678° of 1008 men and 55° of 110 age group.
The loot doesn't deserve any picture: only a poor t-shirt and one bottle of wine.
As soon as possible I will post other pictures of the race.
Thank you lady Natalia. Last friday I received this wonderful present from Lady Natalia, thanks, you are very kind!!!!
Have a wonderful running-biking-swimming week

Saturday, January 08, 2011

2010: one year in pictures.

January. In January a terrible crocodile wandered about the city frightening the people. He was my grandson Leonardo.
No races.

February. I went to Stockholm (Sweden) to attend the ESPO (European Sea Port Organization) - Sustainable Development Committee meeting. I found ice and snow.
No races

March. This was another traveling month. Before to Paris (in the photo the Black Knight is under the Arc of Triumph) to watch the rugby match France - Italy when the Blues destroyed the Azzurri with a shocking 46 -20 and after to Brussels to discuss with the European Transport Network Agency (Ten-t) about a new project of Motorways of the Seas between Italy and France.
No races.

April. Another business trip to meet the Authorities of Lyanyungang and Guannan (China) and the italian Ambassador in Beijing.
1 Race: Civitavecchia-Vivicittà 12 km. in 1.00.38 (5'03"/km - 8'03"/ml). Here you can see the Black Knight before the race:

May. I had the pleasure to receive from USA the visit of Dori, her husband and a couple of their friends.
1 Race: Roma - Corri nel Campus 9.7 km. in 49'22" (5'05"/km - 8'04"/ml). Here you can see the B.K. wearing his shining black armor before the bloody battle:

June. Sad news, Wendy left on 19 after completing (and winning her age group) the Flower Sea Swim in the Caymans Island. Now she is swimming in heaven. We will never forget her.
Here it was already time for a lazy relax on the beach, always the same by the time I was 16 (Stone Age!!!).
1 Race: Montalto - Centrale Aperta 10 km. in 49.06 (4'55"/km - 7'55" ml).

July. I suffered for a lumbago and as Mark Knopfler (former Dire Strait's front-man) knew of my injury decided to come to Rome for a tribute to the sad Black Knight who kindly accepted the little homage, receiving this famous minstrel and his band at the Auditorium of Rome.
No races.

August. The Black Knight and his wife made a cruise across the Mediterranean Sea. The ports of calls were: Civitavecchia, Genoa, Marseille, Barcelona, Tunis, Malta and Messina.
1 Race: Ladispoli - Trofeo Todaro 6 Km. in 29'08" (4'51"/km - 7'46"/ml).

September. The Black Knight Army decided to race in Tuscany because of the perfect organization, the beautiful places and the rich loots. The decision involves both the years 2010 and 2011. The races are also an occasion to spend a different day with the families and to eat healthy typical local food.
1 Race: Grosseto - Forti e Veloci 12 km. in 1h01'14" (5'06"/km. - 8'12"/ml). The Black Knight is the n° 36:

October. A month with lumbago problems again appeared after the first race.
2 Races:
- Montalto - Maratonina 9.6 km. in 45'49" (4'46"/km - 7'40"/ml). The fastest race of the year.
- Grosseto - Barbanella 12 km. in 1h 01'30" (5'07"/km - 8'14"/ml). The B.K. is the n° 6.

November. After 4 years the Black Knight came back to run a half marathon. The main goal: to finish, the second goal under the 2 hours. I am sure that the next, thanks to this experience will be between 1h 50' and 1h 55'.
1 race - Fiumicino Half Marathon in 1h56'16" (5'31"/km - 8'53"/mg). Before the race:

December. Sad month because we lost my father in law so for the first time we celebrated Christmas without him. In the photo you can see "the last kid in town" the very young cat Angel taken from a shelter.
1 Race: Orbetello 10 km in 48'10" (4'49"/km - 7'44"/mg).

For my running this was the best year after the incident, the fastest pace in race was 4'46"/km (7'40"/ml) and the slowest 5'31"/km (8'53"/mg). Which was your fastest pace in race?


Saturday, January 01, 2011

2010 & 2011

2010. Another year has gone and I cannot complain. For the first time after the incident and the surgeries:
- I have run another half marathon;
- I have completed 4 races in a sub 5'00"/km (8'03"/ml) pace: 4'55" - 4'51" - 4'46" and 4'49"/km.
The numbers are: 9 races, 149 workouts, 1724 km (1070,8 ml) running and 93.300 meters swimming.
I made new wonderful friends via this blogs. Thanks to all of you!
As you can see on the list, the Black Knight Army is always more powerful despite all the troubles caused by the Sir Giorgio's humble servant; every kind of punishment is always too little for him!
Now two memories: 2 pictures, 20 years and 10 years old, waiting for a good photo of this year.

2011. Only 4 goals:
- A weekly post;
- Not less than a monthly race (see the race schedule above);
- A couple of half marathons around the 1h 50';
- A couple of 10 km in 45'.

Tagged again. Few days ago Char tagged me with some questions:

What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2010?
Coming back to the half marathon and running again under the 5’00”/km (8’03”/ml).

What are your running goals for 2011?
A couple of half marathons under the 1h55’ and a couple of 10k in 45’.

What is your favorite holiday guilty pleasure?
Reading the newspapers after lunch and a relaxing long nap.

What is your most embarrassing running moment?
Indeed it is a pre-race moment, when I need a rest-room and I don’t find it. Solution? A comfortable bush.