Saturday, January 08, 2011

2010: one year in pictures.

January. In January a terrible crocodile wandered about the city frightening the people. He was my grandson Leonardo.
No races.

February. I went to Stockholm (Sweden) to attend the ESPO (European Sea Port Organization) - Sustainable Development Committee meeting. I found ice and snow.
No races

March. This was another traveling month. Before to Paris (in the photo the Black Knight is under the Arc of Triumph) to watch the rugby match France - Italy when the Blues destroyed the Azzurri with a shocking 46 -20 and after to Brussels to discuss with the European Transport Network Agency (Ten-t) about a new project of Motorways of the Seas between Italy and France.
No races.

April. Another business trip to meet the Authorities of Lyanyungang and Guannan (China) and the italian Ambassador in Beijing.
1 Race: Civitavecchia-Vivicittà 12 km. in 1.00.38 (5'03"/km - 8'03"/ml). Here you can see the Black Knight before the race:

May. I had the pleasure to receive from USA the visit of Dori, her husband and a couple of their friends.
1 Race: Roma - Corri nel Campus 9.7 km. in 49'22" (5'05"/km - 8'04"/ml). Here you can see the B.K. wearing his shining black armor before the bloody battle:

June. Sad news, Wendy left on 19 after completing (and winning her age group) the Flower Sea Swim in the Caymans Island. Now she is swimming in heaven. We will never forget her.
Here it was already time for a lazy relax on the beach, always the same by the time I was 16 (Stone Age!!!).
1 Race: Montalto - Centrale Aperta 10 km. in 49.06 (4'55"/km - 7'55" ml).

July. I suffered for a lumbago and as Mark Knopfler (former Dire Strait's front-man) knew of my injury decided to come to Rome for a tribute to the sad Black Knight who kindly accepted the little homage, receiving this famous minstrel and his band at the Auditorium of Rome.
No races.

August. The Black Knight and his wife made a cruise across the Mediterranean Sea. The ports of calls were: Civitavecchia, Genoa, Marseille, Barcelona, Tunis, Malta and Messina.
1 Race: Ladispoli - Trofeo Todaro 6 Km. in 29'08" (4'51"/km - 7'46"/ml).

September. The Black Knight Army decided to race in Tuscany because of the perfect organization, the beautiful places and the rich loots. The decision involves both the years 2010 and 2011. The races are also an occasion to spend a different day with the families and to eat healthy typical local food.
1 Race: Grosseto - Forti e Veloci 12 km. in 1h01'14" (5'06"/km. - 8'12"/ml). The Black Knight is the n° 36:

October. A month with lumbago problems again appeared after the first race.
2 Races:
- Montalto - Maratonina 9.6 km. in 45'49" (4'46"/km - 7'40"/ml). The fastest race of the year.
- Grosseto - Barbanella 12 km. in 1h 01'30" (5'07"/km - 8'14"/ml). The B.K. is the n° 6.

November. After 4 years the Black Knight came back to run a half marathon. The main goal: to finish, the second goal under the 2 hours. I am sure that the next, thanks to this experience will be between 1h 50' and 1h 55'.
1 race - Fiumicino Half Marathon in 1h56'16" (5'31"/km - 8'53"/mg). Before the race:

December. Sad month because we lost my father in law so for the first time we celebrated Christmas without him. In the photo you can see "the last kid in town" the very young cat Angel taken from a shelter.
1 Race: Orbetello 10 km in 48'10" (4'49"/km - 7'44"/mg).

For my running this was the best year after the incident, the fastest pace in race was 4'46"/km (7'40"/ml) and the slowest 5'31"/km (8'53"/mg). Which was your fastest pace in race?



  1. Your grandson is adorable!!

    Awesome recap and pictures.

    All the best to you this year, too :D

  2. What a wonderful year you had, the ups, downs, loss of a family member, a new kitten and lots and lots of travel.

    May 2011 be another wonderful year for you and your family.

  3. It is an excellent post. Pictures from beginning and end of year (crocodile, kitten) are my favorites! I am thinking about getting a kitten myself - my cat (17 yrs old) died in May, living without a cat seems to me huge deprivation!

    Re: running speeds: I had a very good 6 month period a few years ago (not too long after I started running, and I weighed less and also hadn't started doing triathlon) when my speeds just seemed to drop every time I raced! I had an easy and fast half-marathon at 1:54 (c. 8:45 pace), an easy and fast 10K c. 50 minutes at something like 8:15. I want to refocus on running sometime not too long from now and try and make some good times: I am certain I could do a sub-1:50 half-marathon, a 10K at 8:00 pace, and am still reaching for the goal of sub-4:00 marathon. 3:50 is my Boston qualifying time in the marathon, and I think that would be a highly worthwhile 5-year goal - it will definitely take me a few years of well-considered running to achieve it!

  4. I love it how you made a summary of your year. You've had a good year except for the loss of your father in law.

  5. I love that you did this in photos!
    I wish you the very best in 2011.

  6. Well it looks like your year was great except December. Good luck in 2011.

  7. Looks like a full year and the kid and kit tie are very cute!

    I'm sorry about your father-in-law. my condolences to your wife.

  8. Wonderful recap of 2010! Your grandson is adorable. I hope 2011 is another great year for you.

  9. you had quite the year! I got a laugh out of your new header caption : )

  10. ti rubo l'idea per un calendario, ho già una mezza idea per Gen11...... :)

  11. What a year you had with ups and downs.
    Have a wonderful and happy 2011.

  12. I haven't raced in so long! have only done marathons so my fastest was...9.30 pace? 4:09 marathon time.
    What a year you had. Sorry for your loss.
    Cute cat.

  13. Your grandson is a real cutie! I'm sorry for the losses you had this year. You certainly had a full year. You were all over the place! And your slowest time was still 7 seconds better than my best time this year. :) Now I have something to aim for in 2011: beat Stefano's worst time. :D

  14. Enjoyed the re-cap of your year in photos Stefano. You're starting to run well again. I remember seeing Dire Straits in Canberra over 10 years ago - they played in the pouring rain!

    My fastest pace? A very short race - 1500m, so 3'56"/km. For 10k, 4'36"/km.

  15. What a great review of 2010; your photos are amazing.

  16. I loved your 2010 in pics and I especially loved the gatto.

  17. This year you are improving your speed again Stefano! We'll try to run a race every month.

    I'm looking for the Ladispoli,s 10 km race! I'll send you an e.mail as soon as I find the race through the web.

  18. I've just found the Ladispoli 10 km race. That race will be held on March, 13. "Corri nei giardini", that's its name.
    Are you interested? I'm sending an email to the former squire!

    You can read the link below:!openform

  19. Thanks for posting the recap in pics! Here's to a great 2011 for you! Can't wait to see more pics!

  20. This is a great recap of the year!
    I am exited to follow your adventures for 2011!!

  21. Wonderful recap - I enjoyed seeing your pictures. Will look forward to see where the Black Knight travels this year!

  22. Great photos! I don't know how I missed these earlier.

    Pour ta question: Je suis canadienne! Le francais est une langue officielle ici, mais la plupart de gens ne peuvent pas le parler dehors de Quebec. Je travail avec les jeunes canadiens anglophones et francophones, et c'est important pour moi de communiquer avec les deux. Maybe Italian can be my third language!!!

  23. Bello! Mi garbano tutti i mesi, ma soprattuo Gennaio, Febbraio, e Dicembre. L'ulimo mesi e ' particolarmente dolce, perche' amo i gatti. Sono meravigliosi, e anche se avete avuto una tristezza in casa, la piccolina Angel, vi portera' di nuovo un' po di gioia.
    2011 sara' formidabile per te!!!

  24. This was a nice reflection on the year. Have a great 2011!

  25. Cutest little croc on the planet!

    So amazing to see your speed progress. It inspires me to keep pushing to get faster myself. :)

  26. Great photos and fantastic way to sum up 2010. All the very best for a fast, healthy and happy 2011. :)

  27. Hi Stefano,
    This was so fun to read! You were blessed with a great year with many wonderful accomplishments:) I have a feeling that 2011 is going to be just the same if not better! Take care!

  28. Stefano, that picture of your grandson is SO CUTE!!! This was a blast to read, I really like the way you presented it. The kitty at the end is very cute!