Sunday, January 23, 2011

Towards Ostia

It's time to plan the new year and the first important event is the Roma-Ostia half marathon feb. 27th): the second italian race, the most followed by italian athletes. If you like have a look on (the english version is available).
In the same race I can enter 2 different competitions: the open one and the business run (only manager) so the loot will be bigger. The 14 km of the Trofeo Lidense, run last Sunday (see some pictures below), was a good test before starting the last month of training. Now I am more confident with the long distance runs and I think I can run faster than my first half after the incident (1.56.16 nov. 2010), the new goal is 1.50.00.

The scheduled plan is based on the cross training not to stress the operated leg. One week 2 times in the pool and 3 workouts, the week after 1 time in the pool and 4 workouts. I had only a problem, I could not swim for 10 days because some criminals set fire to the pool.
What is your first important running event of the year?
Have a good week


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  2. hope that your Roma-Ostia's half marathon training is going well, Stefano. Tomorrow we'll begin the long run as soon as you arrive near my house. Seems that the weather will be good! See you tomorrow!

    2:11 PM

  3. Per Giorgio. Ok grazie ci vediamo domani. Ti telefono appena esco da casa.

  4. onoratissimo di essere in copertina... ;) oltretutto è una gran bella foto!
    vi aspetto alla rock&run del 13.2 a ostia....

  5. It must have been very hard for the criminals to set fire to the pool. The water would keep putting out the flame

  6. someone set fire to the pool? that's something you don't hear often!

    and i should have asked you for a good italian recipe for carbohydrate loading... what was i thinking? you are italian, after all! :)