Saturday, February 26, 2011


Before the battle. This week I have only made 2 slow workouts - pace of 5'40"/km (9'07"/ml) 10.2 km long - to be ready tomorrow for the Roma-Ostia half marathon. During the first workout, in a dark, windy and cold evening, near the stormy sea, I met Sir Giorgio with his 2 squires; it was an epic meeting, worthy to be told to the posterity.

Rugby. Now I am leaving for Rome to watch with my son Paolo the rugby match Italy-Wales. I think we don't have any chance.

Venice. After the work meeting I had a whole morning for myself to walk around Venice. It was impossible for me to run because the narrow streets, with many bridges, were full of tourists. The city is amazing and all the people were looking for the celebrations of the picturesque and famous carnival. Below some pictures of Venice:

In your opinion which is the most beautiful city in the world?
Good week-end to everyone

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rain or treadmill?

Tapering. The last week before the Roma-Ostia half marathon begins. I was lucky because I succeeded in following the scheduled program and now I can say the magic word: tapering.
I decided to enter this half because it is a classic and the most participated in Italy but I must wait in the last gate for the reason that my only result in 2010 is 1h 56' 16": it means that I will begin to run 20 minutes later than the official start.
My goal is 1h49"59" and the dream 1h45'59" (far from my PB of 1h31'58" 20 years ago).
Wednesday was a dark rainy morning and I had to take a decision: a wet workout or the "dreadmill"? No doubts, a run under the rain. The drivers looked at me as a crazy man but I was happy despite the weather and I ran one hour without any problem before going to my office.
This gentleman is the last of the Black Knights, my grandson Leonardo:

Venice. On tuesday and wednesday I will be in Venice for a work meeting about the environment in the ports. I hope to make a touristic run through the city. I will take a lot of pictures!!!

Question: do you prefer the treadmill or the rain?

Have a good week end

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another dog attack!

Dog attack. Last monday the Black Knight called an old friend to run together in the dark around the city. Our friendship began when we were in the same junior high school classroom. After 35 minutes, on a downhill, I was running a couple of steps forward him when a dog came out from a garden barking furiously and trying to bite my leg. I stopped my run to give a kick on his muzzle but Piero (this is my friend's name) didn't succeed in slowing down and hit my back with his little finger. It was a painful situation because he got a bad dislocation of that finger, the phalanx had an angle of 45°!!!! A kind driver drove us to the emergency room for the cures. The dog's owner, an ugly witch, said that her dog is sweet and doesn't attack anyone(???). Here are 2 pictures with Piero and I some years ago.
Training. The training for the Roma-Ostia half marathon goes on, following the scheduled program alternating running and swimming not to overstress my left leg. This morning I made a good long distance run of 22.6 km (14 ml) near the sea and through the country. Tomorrow the swimming pool.

Scheduled races. I have planned to run at least one race every month included 2 half marathons.
How many races have you planned?

Rugby. Today England - Italy, keeping the fingers crossed. Here is the short movie of the penalty during Italy - Ireland last saturday:


Happy running, swimming and biking

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Dogs against runners

Thank you Lady Molly. I received another beautiful gift from USA, a bumper sticker with the Lady Molly's training mantra: "you are capable of more than you realize". Thank you again.

Rugby. At last the 6 Nations tournament began and yesterday the Black Knight and his son Paolo went to the Flaminio stadium in Rome to watch the match Italy - Ireland. What a pity the Irish, with a last minute drop, defeated a brave Italy 13 - 11. Indeed at the end of the first half, the italian head coach begged the Black Knight to play part of the second half (as you can imagine this was the only chance to win for sure) but, despite the insitence, he could not accept because he cannot change his training program for the Roma-Ostia half marathon. Here you can see some pictures.

Dogs against Runners. Last friday the Black Knight planned to run the same distance of the half marathon on a hilly route but, in a narrow solitary street in the country, he met a threatening huge shepherd dog. Immediately the dog, growling, pointed the Black Knight so there were only 2 possibilities: to come back or to kick the ass of the dog. The stupid animal was lucky because the Black Knight decided to come back not to humiliate the dog in front of his sheeps. For this inconvenience the run was 23.6 km (14,6 ml) long.

Have you ever met a threatening dog while running?