Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hell's bells

Scotland again. One week ago I was in Scotland with my son and here are other photos of the trip:
Rosslyn Chapel:
The Crypta of the Rosslyn Chapel:
St. Andrew:

Flowers of... Scotland in St. Andrew
My son Paolo outside the Castle of Edinburgh:

The Black Knight at Murrayfield:

Training and races. The things go better and sometimes I can carefully run 2 days in a row so, now, my schedule can include more workouts and less swim. This week I have run 3 times (15.1 km - 10 km and 16.9 km; in miles 9.4 - 6.2 and 10.5) and only one training in the swimming pool (1400 meters). April and May are months full of race events: the first will be the Vivicittà 12 km. next sunday. Sir Giorgio and I live 5 minutes walking from the start.

Hell's bells. Yesterday night I received a call from a friend of mine, proud member of the Black Knight Army roman legion. He said: "I have just found the appropriate hymn for our Army: it is the AC DC Hell's Bells, because when we are on the battlefield the other runners must hear the hell's bells"!!!! Laughing I agreed.

The worst race. Until now I have ran 187 races and I remember again the penultimate (Ladispoli 10 k - 13/03/2011) how one of the worst (see the report below) because of the 1500 runners and the narrow path. Here is the picture of the start: see the narrow start, the parked cars and the queue.

Question: What is the worst race you have ever run?


  1. Hmm... The Mardi Gras Marathon in 2007 was one of the worst for me, partly in large part because New Orleans hadn't quite recovered enough from Hurricane Katrina to put on a big event like that. The organization was spotty and the roads were still very cracked, and I ultimately ended up spraining my knee (because of the cracked roads) 11 miles in, causing me to have to stop at the halfway point.

    That said, I was really glad to be in New Orleans and supporting the city, and even with the problems, I'm glad that they put the race on that year. It felt like a symbolic step toward recovery for the city.

  2. Oh, how I'd LOVE to see a castle up close!!! Great photos!

    Worst race? I am waiting for that to come still. I have had few races, but most successful. I guess the one where my sister-in-law beat me was eye-opening...I was in bad shape then.

    Have a great week!

  3. Beautiful photos!

    I enjoy listening to AC/DC when I'm running. Hell's Bells is an awesome song!

    Worst run ever for me was the Hot Dam 5K last year on July 3. It was really sunny and humid and there were no water stops along the course. I felt really crappy by the time I finished the race. The swag was mediocre, too. Will never run that race again!

  4. Stunning photos! They say Scotland is beautiful and I can see why. I've had many bad races including last week's 50k where I was sick most of the way. However, bad experience and organisation is different to a bad run. I've had some races where they run out of water in hot conditions. Those are some of my worst.

  5. Beautiful photos. I've never been to Scotland, it's still on my wishlist. Is that the chapel mentioned in the Da Vinci Code?

    Racing season has started here again too although we have them all year long. But the most races are in April/May and September/October.

    My worst race was my first 10K, not because of the route but because I had been dealing with a cold the week before and it was suddenly very hot that day which I wasn't prepared for enough. So the entire 10K was a struggle for me. The positive thing about it was that my time was so bad, it was easy to improve it on the next 10K :)

  6. Great pictures!

    My worst race was not really that bad - I just wasn't prepared for the crowds and chaos of big race. This year I'm running the full marathon at the same event (last year it was the half), but I know what I'm in for, so I think it will be ok.

  7. It is very good - great that you can run consecutive days if you so choose! I love Edinburgh - my last novel was set there, I will send you a copy if you email me your address!...

  8. I think that Edinburgh has to go on my 'must see' list. It's beautiful.

    As for my worst race - The International Women's Day fun run. They started the walkers in front of the runners and the runners had to dodge walkers for the entire 5k. It was so frustrating!

  9. Nice photos! Oh to see green grass and flowers! We are in the midst of winter even though it is spring!

    My worst race was a half marathon where I woke up with a migraine headache, couldn't eat or drink anything before or during the race. I still ran the race, when really I should not have. I had to at least give it a try and I did end up finishing but it was not a pretty sight!

  10. As you know Stuart is Scottish, so we have been often, and got married there. It is always lovely to go there. Spero che vi siete divertiti...nonostante tutto. Worst race? I dont' think I 've had a truly horrendous one, but I think I already mentioned running an uphill race in Abbadia San Salvatore once, in the middle of summer, when it was already 40 degrees at 8am. I struggled right from the start and it was a nightmare. There were not many people, and I was sick a few times from the heat and humidity. Aaargghh!

  11. I love the pictures you posted.

    What is the worst race? It may have been the Leaf Peepers Half one year which is usually a race I love. But it was cold, windy and pouring. There was nothing right to wear and I froze. I had a hard time getting into my car after because I couldn't get my fingers to work. No racers high that day.

  12. Here, the San Diego Padres Baseball team used to have a pitcher who would play the later part of the game, and every time he came out the song "Hells Bells" would play over the loud speaker. Good choice of song!

    The pictures from Scotland are beautiful, especially the interior shot of St. Andrew. Amazing.

  13. Nice pictures! I went to Scotland about 25 years ago to visit a friend who was studying in St. Andrews... I remember it being cold and gray!

    My worst race was the 10K last fall in Mechelen - we got in a big traffic jam getting there so I was worried we were going to be late, I was ready for a fast PR but it turned out the course was only 9.7 km, and to top it all off, it was raining!

  14. the worst races are teh ones i dream of before a marathon. those are so horrible that real races are much better no matter how poorly planned.

    i've never been to scotland. thanks for the virtual tour. where's your kilt?

  15. Thos photos are absolutely beautiful!!

    Hells Bells! AC/DC...Perfect song!!

  16. Your pictures were beautiful.

    My worst race was maybe the endurance trail race in December. Rainy and thick mud all over the trails. Very difficult, but the organization was top notch and I couldn't complain about anything but how hard the weather made it.

  17. Holy crap. That looks AWFUL!!

    My worst race...well, it wasn't the race's fault, it was my fault for not really training. I ran a 1/2 marathon one day, and a full marathon the next (what is wrong with me?) anyway, that marathon...sucked. I quit running for a FULL YEAR after. That is how bad it was for me. I finished, but man, that was just not fun for me. HOT & HUMID too.

  18. I think I need more castles in my life! So much history in those walls!
    I can't believe you have run that many races, I feel like such a slacker!

  19. I like it! The perfect anthem - - your knights will all have to run in kilts, or schoolboy shorts ;)

    Worst race? I think a marathon in the early 90s - DNF at 32k because shoes too tight and blisters - was on target for 3:10.

  20. Amazing photos. What a great trip!

    My worst race was The Hobble Creek Half. I ran it two eyars in a row, and both times it started over an hour late. This made it miserably hot by the end of the race!

  21. Ha! Hells Bells is perfect! The worst race I ran was a 10 miler last spring, it was very hilly and the weather went up 30 degrees overnight, horrible conditions!

  22. thank you for sending me to this post
    beautiful pictures
    I know I would love this country
    one of my best friend here in California is Scotish and she does not miss her home and I don;t understand why not, it is so beautiful!