Thursday, May 26, 2011

Race for the Cure

Race for the Cure. Last Sunday I entered with my son Paolo the “Race for the Cure”, a 5 km to help the breast cancer research. The route runs through the heart of ancient Rome: the Circus Maximus, Caracalla Thermal Baths, Piazza Venezia, the Imperial Forums, the Colosseum and Via S. Gregorio. Under a hot sun (32° C – 90° F) we ran with other 40.000 persons: only 1900 in the competitive race. To have an idea of the crowd, you have to know that when I arrived at the finishing line many people had to start again. However the organization was perfect. For a mistake we got the bibs of the no-competitive race but the mighty Black Knight (and his son) threatening and scaring the security entered into the competitive corral. It is impossible and dangerous to stop the members of the Black Knight Army!!!! Before the event we met at the blogpoint some members of the ItalianBlogTrotters: GIAN CARLO, Karim, Francescarun (in her blog you can see the picture of the group), er Moro, Maxrun and others.

The Report. The path was undulate and on the ground there were the uncomfortable “sanpietrini”, ancient and typical little cubes of porphyry, instead of the asphalt. I was not ready to race because of the long stop (the injury + the bronchitis) and the few and slow workouts; it was very tough for me. The split explains very well what happened: 4’49” (very very crowded) – 4’40” - 4’44” – 4’50” and 4’54”. As you can see every km was slower than the previous. After the effort I needed a brick of gel and a big coca cola to recover the strength. Finishing time 23’57” (4’48”/km – 7’43”/ml): the personal worst (the first 5km few months after the operation in 2008 doesn't count). And this personal worst deserves my worst pictures during a race (the Black Knight is the n° 26721):

If I had entered the competitive I would have arrived 825° of 1900 overall. My son Paolo (26720) made a good race with a finishing time of 25’55” (5’11”/km – 8’20”/ml).

The Next Future. To avoid other injures I decided not to run anymore 2 races in a row so I will not enter a beautiful 10 km on the next Sunday.

Question: If you are not ready for a race, what do you do? Are you able to take it easy and to race only for fun?

Friday, May 20, 2011


Brussels. I spent monday and tuesday in Brussels to attend a meeting among european ports about the sustainable development. I didn't have the time for a workout so I could not enjoy the city by running. Here are some pictures I took; the last is into a local with french atmosphere.

Running. I only made 3 easy and short workouts (9 km.) to test myself and the runs, fortunately, were painless. On sunday I will enter with my son the "Race for the Cure" (to help the breast cancer research) but it will only be the occasion to run 5 km in the most beautiful and ancient part of Rome taking many pictures. Is there in your city (or near) an event like this?

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Troubles. The things go wrong, after the injury, now the bronchitis with high fever. I am off from last saturday, today is the 5th day that I spend ill at home. I will come back to work tomorrow. I think I will take other 3 or 4 days off to recover completely.

Bruxelles. Monday and tuesday I will be in Bruxelles to attend an ESPO (european sea ports organization) meeting about the sustainable development. In this moment the environment is a priority in Europe. If you are interested on this topic feel free to e-mail me for more information and documents. I hope to make a workout through the city and, of course, I will take a lot of pictures.

Cats. They are very good friends. In this period Gioconda spends all the whole days at home with me. Here are some pics of my home cats (Gioconda and Benedetta) and some friends I met in Tuscany during the last trip.

Do you have a cat at home? What is his/her name?

Friday, May 06, 2011


Healing. After 15 days of total break I have begun again to run and at the moment I don't feel pain into my groin. Unfortunately I cannot swim because I have a light cold with sore throat. From monday I make 3 workouts under a warm sun: 8 km to feel again the smell of the road, 10,2 slow km and yesterday a hilly tempo run 10,6 km long. Now I have to slow down with the races: at the most 2 in one month but with not less than 15 days between the first and the second.
The Rescue. As every spring my garden fills of nice lizards and for the cats this becomes their favorite hunting time. Yesterday one feline captured this little creature and I had to fight to free her/him by those "horrible jaws". After the change of business cards and the usual polite talks, I brought the lizard to a high wall impossible to reach for the cats. Now I have a new friend.
Sir Theyogi. Sir Theyogi is a running friend who I knew by our respective blogs. We met in person for the first time last january and we ran a race of 14 km shoulder to shoulder. He was so kind to slow his pace to run with me. Yesterday he sent to me this picture where you can see both of us:
Question: How many running bloggers have you met in person?