Friday, June 24, 2011


Marathon? Everyday I ask to myself: "what about another marathon"? The incident 4 years ago was terrible and I don't know if my leg can stand a marathon and the training with all those long distance runs. The goal would be the Florence Marathon, in 3h 59'59", on nov. 27th. Last february I finished the Roma-Ostia half marathon in 1h 46'12" and for the first time I thought: "I can do it again". I have the whole month of July to take a decision. Who knows? This is the photo of the last meters of the Rome Marathon 20 years ago: 3h 34' 09".

Training. It's really hot and the workouts are not easy. This is the training of the last week: running sun 10.2 k; tue 12.2 k and thu 11.5 k - swimming mon and today 1500 meters.
Cat. My daughter Elisa has bought a Sphynx cat, his name is Umberto. He is the first on the right.
Plants. An insect, the red weevil, has destroyed all the palms of our city. I had to cut 2 wonderful high palms in my garden. On the left of the sunflower you can see an ill palm. This is a very sad situation.
Question: What is your favorite plant or flower?


  1. I suppose a lot depends on your legs and only you will know that answer. Other than that I will obviously say go for the marathon. You have the base fitness to do it. I love trees, especially thorn trees that are indigenous to South Africa and Africa. They always attract lots of birds.

  2. Hi Stefano! You are such a strong runner and I know that you have the will to finish another marathon. I agree with Johann that it will depend on how you feel. If you decide to run it I will be cheering you on!

    Very pretty sunflower! I love them because they remind me of the sunshine and remind me to be cheerlful:)

    My favorite flower from Minnesota is the lilac. They are so very pretty and smell wonderful!

    Take care Stefano!

  3. Good luck making your decision! I guess you can train and the gradual increases in distance will give your leg an opportunity to tell you yes or no. Of course, that "no" will stink if you've already registered...but not as bad as hurting yourself again.

    I love calla lilies.

  4. My friend has a sphinx cat named Chairman Meow. I always loved that name!

    I like tulips. They are a good sign of spring and always remind me of my mom, who always had a beautiful spring garden.

  5. It's a tough decision. I have decided not to do a marathon this fall. I went ahead and registered for the half and now I mostly feel relieved. I am more interested in time on my bike this summer than marathon training. I hope your decision comes to you soon.
    I love sunflowers.

  6. ragioniamo per gradi: che ne dici dei 34km ascoli-sanbenedetto del 25set? per me sarà un buon test per capire dove posso ancora arrivare....

  7. I love sphinx cats, and I also like it that you are part of a cat-loving family!

    My favorite flowers are irises and freesias.

    I think you can do the marathon. Have you looked into the FIRST marathon training plan? It involves 3 runs a week and cross-training on the other days; you train at fairly brisk paces compared to standard marathon-training plans, but it is one of the best low-mileage options there is.,7120,s6-238-244--8257-6-1X2X3X4X5X6-7,00.html

    I have the book-length version of this training plan at home in NY and can email you a PDF of the relevant pages with the training paces you'd shoot for (all in miles, not km, though!). Another option to ease the strain of the long run is to walk 1 min for every 10 or what have you (in training and/or in racing) - it really does significantly ease strain if you have a particular vulnerability and are worried about the stress of the long runs. You are a fast enough runner that I am confident you could do a sub-4:00 marathon even on a run-walk scheme.

  8. + di qualche Blogtrotters(creo una decina) andrà a Pisa a dicembre.
    Chi ti parla ha corso a Firenze 3 Maratone e 2 mezze e sicuramente è una città che da sola vale il viaggio, ma a Pisa spendiamo meno e ci divertiamo lo stesso... fino a luglio puoi pensarci.

  9. You haven't changed in 20 years! And Umberto is adorable. Elisa must be so happy.

  10. you look like you have not changed much in 20 yrs! for the race..I think it has a lot to do with how your body feels...could you run it just for the fun of running and with no time in mind?

    flowers...ah so should see my garden..I have 112 rose bushes...and many other kind of flowers.. I like Canas for bulbs and I also Iike hydrangeas

  11. You are definitely strong enough to run another marathon. I would run it for fun and not for time because I think you would enjoy the race more.

    I love cats, but not hairless cats. Personally, I think they're ugly, but that's only my opinion.

    I love stargazer lilies... they smell wonderful. Like Julie, I also love lilacs. They also smell heavenly. :)

  12. I think the only way you'll ever know if you can do a marathon is to start training. BUT you'd have to be very cautious in increasing the distances slowly and listening to your body. Good luck if you decide to go ahead.

  13. If you feel right I say give it another try. If your leg stays okay I'm sure you can do it again and a marathon in Florence: beautiful city to do a marathon in.

    My favorite flower is the rose. I don't know the name of my favorite plant in English so no answer about that.

  14. I often ask myself the same question! But for me, not this year, or next. Perhaps 2013.

    I think you can do it. Yes, as Jenny said, the FIRST program or something similar might be a good one for you. By the way, your form in that 3:34 marathon is good, and you haven't changed much!

    Sad about your palms. I like wattles - they're coming into flower right now.

  15. Sorry about the palm disease...that is so sad!
    I think you need to just go with what you feel for the marathon. If you decide to go ahead, I'm sure you'll be long as you don't stress too much about the time.
    Ok, so those sphinx cats are not pretty...but sort of cute :)

  16. I think Giancarlo is right when he say that Pisa's Marathon is better than Florence.
    As you know, If you decided to follow a marathon training I would help you.

    Have a nice weekend!

    Post scriptum: every year there's another important race in Berlin. It's a 25 km and it was held last month.

  17. If you don't give it a try, you'll never know - so I say go for it!!!

    I love the pic from 20 years ago, how totally fun!

    We have Pine Beetles in the moutains who are killing all the pine trees, it is a very sad situation indeed - I am so sorry about your palm trees.

  18. As always, GREAT running!

    Bomb the weevils! What do you do to get rid of them?!!?

    My son loves your hairless cat!...He has only seen ones that are pretty fluffy, even the short hair varieties.

  19. IF you were to become injured training for the marathon, would you see it as an accomplishment to be training for one or would you be devastated by the off time recovering? Sometimes just the ability to run is better than pushing the limits.

  20. I like a lot of flowers, can't name a favorite

    that sphynx is so ugly it's cute!

  21. Good luck with your marathon decision. It is a tough one. I am committed to my next one but think that one may be my last. We'll see. That cat is crazy! I've never seen a cat like that! Hmm, I like a lot of different flowers although I can't grow any myself. Hope the running and swimming continue to go well.

  22. If you're thinking about another marathon daily, I think you need to go for it.
    Love the 'feet off the ground' running pic!
    I love so many plants but I especially love a Nikki blue hydrangea.

  23. Umberto reminds me a little bit of Yoda!
    Good luck with your marathon decision - training will be definitely tough, but it is so tempting to want to do it again!

  24. Hi Stefano, I just love Umberto, he is so cute. I guess there is no chance of those disgusting little hair balls with him ? I dont know what to suggest about your marathon plans. On the plus side you have an excellent baseline fitness and know you can do the distance. My only concern would be the long term effects on your operative leg.

  25. Umberto is very Yoda like.

    I already read that you signed up for the marathon! Congrats!

    That is so sad about the palms...I think my favorite flower is sunflowers though.