Friday, July 29, 2011

Black Knight Air Force

Black Knight Air Force. Last night I found outside my window a little bat fallen from the bat-box that I put under the roof 2 years ago (see the pictures). Immediately I prepared a provisional refuge where I fed him with milk. After a couple of hours he was ready to come back to patrol the skies of the Black Knight Kingdom. Now he is a proud member of the Black Knight Air Force.

Running. I am following the usual summer training schedule, alternating swimming and running while waiting for the start of the marathon program (late august). On tuesday I will enter a 5 km in Marina S. Nicola, a city on the sea with an ancient roman villa on the beach. I had many doubts to do it because part of the route is on the sidewalks where I think we will get into the troubles for the crowded pack. Here is a pic of my last race in S.Marinella where I am chatting with Sir Giorgio, hidden by the grey lady, few meters after the start.
Question. What do you think of the bats?

Friday, July 22, 2011

S. Marinella - Perla del Tirreno Trophy (km. 9.5)

Prologue. Saturday night the Black Knight Army - Sir Giorgio, his insolent squire Massimo and the Black Knight - went to S.Marinella, a beautiful city on the sea, to run the 9.5 km. race. Here you can see the Odescalchi Castle in S.Marinella:

The Report. We thought to race near the sea on the flat promenade but we were wrong, the path ran at the borders of the city and was tough and hilly. All things considered (hills, poor age-groups prizes, heat, fast pack) I took the decision to make only a tempo-run, slowing down my usual racing pace.

Finishing time 48'09" at the pace of 5'04"/km (8'09"/ml); 223° of 324 overall and 18 of 22 in my age group (!!!!!!).

Question. Have you ever changed your plans few minutes before the start? Was it a wise decision?

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Tribute: Chicago & Elton John

The Tribute. As I wrote 2 posts ago, when the press announced that the Black Knight would have run the Florence Marathon, the Chicago, Elton John and Bryan Ferry decided to pay homage with a concert. Here are the pictures (sorry but I don't have a professional camera) of the Chicago (July 7th) and Elton John (July 13rd). A couple of unforgettable performances, more than 2 hours of music at the Rome Auditorium:

Running. It's hot and it is difficult to follow a specific program. I try not to lose speed making cross training (swimming and running) but it is an impossible mission. Summer is not the right season to push. However we don't surrender and the Black Knight Army is always on the battlefield: tomorrow we (the Black Knight, Sir Giorgio and his insolent squire Massimo) will enter the Santa Marinella 10 km.
Here is a pic of my last race in Orbetello: a shot in the dark. The Black Knight is the n° 16.
Question: Do you like to go to the concerts? What was the last one?

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Orbetello Night Run

Prologue. Yesterday the Black Knight Army - Sir Giorgio, his squire Massimo and the Black Knight - went to Orbetello, a nice town in Tuscany famous for its lagoon, to run the 6,3 km (3,9 ml) night run. This is a race with 3 laps into the historical center, full of tourists, through very very narrow streets on a difficult ground (big stones).

The Report. It was a surprise because we found a pack of fast runners. I decided not to push too much because I understood that it was impossible to enter in the first 3 of my age group. Finishing time 29'40" at the pace of 4'43"/km (7'35"/ml).; 152° of 196 overall and 15° of 17 in my age group!!!!!! Yes I am a humble member of the last pack!
After the race we had a drink to recover: beer for Sir Giorgio and his Squire and tea for the Black Knight.
Question: How do you spend your post race time?

Friday, July 01, 2011


Concerts. When the press announced that the Black Knight will run the Florence Marathon many artists decided to pay homage to the invincible warrior. In July the Chicago (July 7th), Elton John (July 13rd - not my favorite but this is a my wife's desire) and Bryan Ferry (July 28th - in my opinion the main event) will make the concerts in honor to the Black Knight's decision.

Umberto. I received many comments on my daughter's cat Umberto, a sphinx. Here is his last photo. He is again in Switzerland with his breeder; we will take him at the end of this month.
Training. This was another good week of cross training: swim and run. The heat doesn't allow long distance runs but I don't complain, I have plenty of time before starting the marathon program. On saturday I will run the Orbetello Night Run (start at 09.00 p.m.) with Sir Giorgio.
I prefer to run in the morning and I don't know if I will be slower because of the "late" hour.
Have you ever run in the night? How was your performance?
Here is the picture of the famous mill of Orbetello: