Friday, July 01, 2011


Concerts. When the press announced that the Black Knight will run the Florence Marathon many artists decided to pay homage to the invincible warrior. In July the Chicago (July 7th), Elton John (July 13rd - not my favorite but this is a my wife's desire) and Bryan Ferry (July 28th - in my opinion the main event) will make the concerts in honor to the Black Knight's decision.

Umberto. I received many comments on my daughter's cat Umberto, a sphinx. Here is his last photo. He is again in Switzerland with his breeder; we will take him at the end of this month.
Training. This was another good week of cross training: swim and run. The heat doesn't allow long distance runs but I don't complain, I have plenty of time before starting the marathon program. On saturday I will run the Orbetello Night Run (start at 09.00 p.m.) with Sir Giorgio.
I prefer to run in the morning and I don't know if I will be slower because of the "late" hour.
Have you ever run in the night? How was your performance?
Here is the picture of the famous mill of Orbetello:


  1. I'm a huge, huge Bryan Ferry fan! Elton is OK but Bryan Ferry is the man! I've run many night races and always perform very good. I think you'll have a very good run if you have a rather relaxed day before the race. I hope to run a night marathon next January.

  2. FI è magica, poi mi dicono che il nuovo tracciato sia ancora meglio: i resterà nel cuore.... ma non dirmi che ti predi l'ultimo concerto del blasco?!

  3. I love that pic of the mill!
    I'm glad you decided to run the marathon--all the best with training.

  4. The picture of Orbetello is gorgeous.

    Umberto is going to be so much fun for your daughter, he looks like a little trickster.

    Congrats on the decision to run the marathon. You can totally do it, you have more mental toughness than anyone I have seen. Train smart! Good luck with training.

    I don't like running at night because I am always alone and the coyotes howl at me. It kind of freaks me out

  5. I love Elton John too. God, that cat is cute!

  6. I didn't know Chicago still performed. I do like a lot of their songs. And Bryan Ferry, he was so handsome, don't know if he still is.

    I have run at night twice (7.30 pm) in Summer. One race it was way too hot for me. But I think I would want to try a night run once even though I'm a morning runner like you. Have fun with Sir Giorgio and good luck at the run.

  7. Wow! So kind of these artists to honour your decision! Haha!

    I've never done a night time race, but I think I would do it for fun rather than a PR - I am slower when I run at night.

  8. I had no idea you were such an important persona in Italy. But then again why not? Your fame spreads far and wide even in the States.
    Could you post a link to the map of the Florence Marathon? I love Florence and am very envious you will get to run there. Isn't it going to be a bit hot?

  9. I love B Ferry and I have seen Elton John once and he was fantastic.

    I have been to Florence and I loved it. Beautiful city for a Marathon!

    all the best to you for your training!

  10. Best wishes with your marathon training!

  11. I do not know Brian Ferry. I saw Chicago when I was in college. Didn't like them then. I would also want to see Elton John. I ran in the night last year during a 100 mile relay and loved it but that may be the only time.

  12. Oooh... I love the Orbetello photo... so beautiful!

    I would definitely want to see Chicago in concert. I like a lot of those classic rock bands.

    I ran at night when my team and I completed the Ragnar Relay last August. That was my favorite leg of the relay. Running at night is a surreal experience.

    Good luck with your marathon training!

  13. You have some good support acts there. All oldies and goodies. My friends saw Elton John in Canberra (an outdoor concert) and it poured rain. They got soaked but still enjoyed it.

    Yes, I often run (and race in the evenings/night). Our track races in summer finish about 9pm. Sometimes we need the lights.

  14. You will enjoy this marathon. So glad you decided to do it!

    There are some aspects of running in the dark that I love- the cool temperatures, the adrenaline, and seeing a sunrise. Things I don't like: glowing eyeballs that might be bears or cougars. :) I run about the same- sometimes faster at night because I got to sleep in that morning.

    Have a great weekend!!

  15. Good luck with the marathon!!you are very honorable and you deserve honor. Have fun with it. I agree with you about training some very hot days even in the morning but its good practice for when I race :)

  16. I have run at night and it's great. I'm like you, I prefer morning running but when I do 100km events there is no escaping the night run when you are as slow as me.Night running is refreshing after a hot day although here in Australia the snakes are still out at night.

  17. Marathon training - exciting!
    No, I have never run at night - although they just started a night race in the city of Gent and it sounded really nice. Maybe next year?

  18. The black knight is afraid he can't run in the night! :) The enemy will be surprised in the dark! :)

    I have never run in the night although it is good in Summer.
    Have a nice week!

  19. Chicago still performs, or is this concert only because they wish to honor The Black Knight?!

  20. That cat looks almost like a Chihuahua. So fun for your daughter!

    Glad you are getting some recognition through those concerts =)

    And I do a lot of my runs at night. I actually really enjoy it!