Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Le Orme

August in numbers. 200,8 km (124,7 ml) in 17 workouts, 4850 meters swimming in the sea (low mileage because in summer the pool is closed in early morning) and 1 race.

The road to Florence. On monday I will begin the 3 months training for the Florence marathon. Indeed with Giorgio, Massimo and Gianni we have already did 3 long distance runs in august to be ready for the more demanding workouts. Anyway on friday we run 20 km and on sunday we will enter a 6 km race in Ladispoli to get a very rich loot.

Le Orme. The last summer concert was held in Tarquinia by Le Orme a progressive rock italian band. Their songs were the sound-track of my youth when I was a teen-ager. We enjoyed 2 hours of great rock in a wonderful summer night. Question: do you like the "old" rock groups (sacred cow)?
Below you can see the sunset on the beach near the arena and Le Orme. The last photo is a gift of a professional photographer, my friend Angelo Bonarelli:

Here you can listen 2 famous songs of this group:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Umbria. I spent one week in Umbria (green region in the heart of Italy) with my wife Daniela. We visited many beautiful places but the heat was a problem (40° C - 104 F). In the pictures (click to enlarge) you can see Preci (n°1), Sibillini Mountains Park (n° 2 - with Daniela - and 7), Collescille (n° 3), Spoleto (n° 4 and 5), Cascia (n° 6), Acquaro (n° 8), Visso (n° 9 and 10) and Todi (n° 11 and 12). In the photos n° 1 and 3 the Black Knight wears with pride the t-shirt of the italian rugby team (Azzurri). It was impossible to make workouts, too hot, but we had an accommodation in a hotel with pool and treadmill where I could swim and run.

Training. I keep on running and swimming to be ready to start on sept. 5th the scheduled program for the Florence Marathon. In the meantime every week I also make a long distance run with the help of my friends Giorgio, his squire Massimo and Gianni.

Question. Do you find the time for your workouts when you are in vacation or when you travel for business?

....and as Jill wrote: run strong, my friends!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Montefiascone race

Prologue. Last thursday I went with my friend Massimo to Montefiascone to run the 8 km. race. We understood, just arrived, that we had made a mistake because the beautiful town was built on a steep hill (see the photo) and the route was 4 laps up and down that hill through narrow streets mostly in the dark. The second surprise occurred when we took the race number: we got an used bib (see the photo)!!!! It is not hygienic to wear a dirty bib!!!!

The race. Nothing to say. Few runners at the start (less than 100) and a route where it could be possible to get injured. We decided to run slowly, very very slowly without racing. It is pointless to risk the health only to finish a good race. We saw runners suffering with the hand on the liver and others retreated but the worst was the fall of 3 runners at the start because of the narrow street. Moreover the garmin said 7.4 km (and not 8). Finishing time: 41'18" at the pace of 5'35" (9'00"/ml). As you can see it was only a good slow workout in the night.

After the race we had dinner in a typical little restaurant where we ate a good pasta, vegetables and an ice cream.
On the left Massimo and on the right the Black Knight
Question: What is your favorite post-race dish?

Friday, August 05, 2011

Bryan Ferry

Training. On sept. 5 I will start the specific training for the Florence Marathon (nov. 27) so I have to increase the mileage till august, also doing a weekly long distance run despite the heat. In this way I will be ready to follow the appropriate program next month. Unfortunately I have problems with the pool because it opens in late morning so I can only swim, when possible, in the sea.
July in numbers. 181 km. (103.5 ml) in 16 workouts, 6000 meters swimming (4 sessions) and 2 races. Indeed poor numbers.
Bryan Ferry. Last week I went to Bolgheri (Tuscany), a beautiful town in the country, to see the Bryan Ferry's concert. As you know he is the front-man of the Roxy Music. 1h 45' of wonderful music under a sky full of stars. This was the only date in Italy this year. Great atmosphere, great band and unforgettable songs.

Question. Do you like Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music? If so, in your opinion, what is his/their best song?