Friday, September 30, 2011

Grosseto Bio Half Marathon

Prologue. Last sunday the Black Knight Army - the Black Knight, sir Giorgio and his humble squire Massimo, went to Grosseto (Tuscany) to run the half marathon. I decided to do this race (and other 3 in the near future) as a training run for the Florence Marathon, reminding myself to slow down to avoid injures. In the past I was too proud to take this kind of decisions: better few races but at my max speed. Now I have changed my mind, I want also enjoy the atmosphere but I always worry not to be the last because in these places the pack is very fast.

Good Things. Perfect organization; flat path; beautiful landscapes through the downtown and the country; rich loot and rich post-race refreshment.

Bad Things. The heat (33° C - 92° F in the shadow) with 10 km totally under the sun; because of the tootache sunday was my 7th day of antibiotics and the 3rd of aninflammatory so I was very very weak; for staying on the running schedule I did a 18 km (11,2 ml) and a 10 km workout on thursday and friday: it means no tapering at all before the race; only 257 runners at the start with the risk to finish last.

Finishing Time. 1h57'13" my personal worst on the distance!!!!!! Average: 5'33"/km - 8'56"/ml.

Final Stats. 207/257 overall, 190/233 men, 12/17 age group.
Question: Do you do any race as training run for another more important event?

Friday, September 23, 2011

60 years of rugby

60 years of rugby. The local rugby team Civitavecchia Rugby Centumcellae (so called the Saracens) this year won the championship and was promoted in the second division. To celebrate the victory the President invited all the players from 1950 until now for a dinner. As you know the Black Knight was the wing in the 70s. It was a great emotion to meet the old friends and to remember who now plays in heaven. How many hugs, how many memories and yes, some drops. In the first 2 pictures the Black Knight is the first on the right, near the head coach and in the middle, the elder with glasses, the greatest and most charismatic player: the Pirate (Milvio Mondelli). When he came the journalists said: "Mondelli, Mondelli, please come here". He replied "Who is Mondelli? I am the Pirate"! My dear old friend Pirate, you were my best teacher on the rugby ground, my second father.

Here you can see the present and the first President of the Civitavecchia Rugby Centumcellae (the B.K. is hidden beyond the first President):
We are all the rugby players from 1950 until now. Avanti Saraceni means "Go Saracens". Click to enlarge.
Running. I beg your pardon but after the emotion of this event I prefer not to write about running. I can only say that despite the injury and the teeth pain I am following my scheduled plan for the marathon.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The scheduled plan

This is the second week of my marathon training. During the first one I had to rest from wednesday to saturday because of a deep pain into the knee and the neck. Now I feel better, but I need the help of the PT again: a weekly treatment on monday after the long distance run. Moreover every wednesday I have a thermal bath to relax my muscles. Here is the scheduled plan (L means monday and D sunday). In these 3 months I have included 4 races that I will do as training runs. The distances are in km; 1 mile = 1,610 km.

Here are 2 pictures of my lady cat Gioconda:

Do you like the ice cream?

Have a good running, swimming, biking, hiking week end.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Ladispoli - Trofeo Todaro

Todaro Trophy. Last sunday the Black Knight Army (the Black Knight, Sir Giorgio and his squire Massimo) went to Ladispoli to run the Todaro Trophy 6 km (indeed 6.06). It was a bad surprise: everything wrong! We didn't get the promised swag, tha path was different (3 laps with only uphill and downhill) and water at the end; nothing more. Moreover we were only 75 runners at the start. As I was following the training for the marathon, I took the decision to do a relaxing race without pushing but, after 1 km, I realized to be the last (a lady with her dog and a walker don't count). To save my honour I began to run faster even if I was late and still tired for the long workout of friday. The score: finishing time: 29'44" (4'55"/km - 7'55"/ml); 59° of 75. Sir Giorgio and his squire did a very good race.

Injured. Because of the stupid race I am injured now. This is my 4th day off. I have pain inside the knee and on the neck.

Good memories. Here are 2 pictures of the period when the Black Knight (in both the photos the second from left) was in the Navy. The first in the Taranto Naval Base (1990) and the second in Leghorn (1977):