Friday, December 09, 2011

21 Things (Tagged)

Amy tagged me to share 21 things about myself. Here it goes and sorry for the long list:
01. I like to run but when I was young I played judo and rugby (the B.k. is under the arrow):

02. I don't have any brother and so my wife. We were not spoiled;
03. I have a Law Degree from "La Sapienza" University in Rome. I also have a Grad. Dip. in "Accountancy". However I don't use them because I work in the maritime branch:
04. I was not a good student and only thanks to my mom and my wife I got those "titles" because I spent all my time on my "own business" (playing rugby, reading, lazy, traveling ecc);
05. In 1977 I had a terrible car-crash, I finished down in a slop after many "somersaults". I was lucky because I left the broken car completely unhurt;

06. I have never smoked;
07. I am teetotal;
08. I don't eat seafood;
09. I love Coca Cola;
10. My favorite movie is Clockwork Orange;
11. I like to read historical books mainly about the ancient roman and the etruscan people;
12. I love to spend some days in Scotland. Before Italy entered in the 6Nations Tournament (rugby) I was a proud member of the Tartan Army. However I like all the british rugby;
13. Running? I have been running since 1985 even if my first race was in 1969 and I arrived 6th among all the students of the junior high schools: I was very upset because I considered it as a failure;
14. I spent a short part of my life in the Naval Bases of Taranto and La Maddalena. Here are my children in La Maddalena. Now Paolo is 32 and Elisa 27.
15. Both my children work in the port. Paolo in a terminal container and Elisa in a private company. My wife Daniela is an elementary school teacher.
16. We got married in 1979 when she was 19 and I was 23. We get very well together.
17. I traveled a lot, in Europe, in Asia and in Africa. Here we are in Tunisia, Sahara Desert.
18. During my trips I had the chance to race in Athens (10k), Edinburgh (10 ml and 5 k) and Berlin (half marathon);
19. I like the rock music. Among the oldies I prefer the Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry and now I love the gothic rock. Here is an example: Nightwish (wonderful rock band and the voice of Tarja is inimitable)!!!!!
20. I hope to finish the Pisa Marathon on dec. 18th.
21. .....have a wonderful week end!!!!

If you haven't been tagged go ahead and do it, I like reading these about other people.


  1. All very interesting stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You are so well traveled! That's really fun. And look at your influence on your children's career choices! Well done. Finally--how can one live in Italy and not drink wine! ; )

  3. Wow - you have lead a very interesting life, all the places you have traveled to and lived, so very cool! I was wondering the same thing as misszippy about the wine, especially since you seem to get a lot of it in race packets :). You were VERY lucky about the car crash, that looks awful!

    Happy Weekend, Stephano! :)

  4. Send your loot wine my way, Stefano :-)
    Except for the crash, seems you are living a good life. Thanks for sharing.

  5. e dopo sto post il tuo biografo può chiudere bottega! :)) bere quella zozzeria non è da te, però....

  6. You've had some amazing travels! Holding thumbs for the 18th.

  7. I'm amazed that your VW took such a beating and you came out of that OK!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Very interesting list! You live in Italy but don't eat seafood? Ha!
    Also- it looks like you and your wife were both "only children"..that would make for an interesting marriage. :)
    We have #4 in common- but different sports.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. I really love seeing all the old pictures, well, except the car crash one. I don't eat seafood either, but I'm a diet Pepsi girl. It's so cool that you get to travel so much. That's something I'd love the opportunity to do more of, especially when you get to race in new places.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. I have a friend that used to play for the Scottish women's rugby team. So intense!!

    Good luck with the upcoming marathon!

  11. Thank you! What a great compliment. :)

  12. I think you're the first person I know who lists that movie as their all-time favorite. Wow.

  13. I love reading these posts!
    very interesting

    look at your long hair in 1975!!
    no vino for me either.
    have a good weekend!

  14. Your poor little blue Beetle. You really made a mess of it. When I was 15 all I wanted (apart from a horse) was a lime green Beetle. But the blue was nice too.

  15. I loved reading this!
    One more week until Pisa! Very excited for you!

  16. Lucky you weren't on a motorcycle in '77 or we wouldn't be reading this!

    I'm sure you'll finish Pisa. Happy tapering!

  17. This is really a nice post! I love reading those lists.

    Good luck for Pisa Marathon!

  18. Saved by a Punch Buggie! Do they call VW Beetles some equivalent of that in Italy? (Here, you are supposed to punch the shoulder of the person next to you when you pass a beetle)

  19. Good luck in the marathon.

    It's funny how you can be trained in one thing (or more) and do something completely different. I have been boring and always known what I wanted to do and done it. (elem. teacher like your wife)

    You were VERY lucky to come away from that car crash.

  20. I had a blue VW bug in high school--I miss that car. Thanks to that car, I'll never be afraid of any vehicle with a standard transmission. :^)

    Nightwish....interesting...went to their site and read about some of the drama. Do you still like them now that she's not their lead singer any more? Her voice is opera worthy!

    I can't believe Pisa is in one week. I'm cheering for you across the ocean.

  21. That was one terrible wreck! You were lucky indeed.

    Maybe I will do a post like this. They are fun to read!

  22. Great read, thanks Stefano! I did Judo as well but gave it up when I was a blue belt. You are certainly a very interesting person. All the best for the 18th!

  23. Wow, crazy car crash!

    I enjoyed reading these. Very cool!

  24. I always like reading these!

    The picture of you guys on the camel is really neat!! That crash picture is scary!!

    YOU are going to finish Pisa!! I know it!

    AND something happened and I lost your blog!!! I use Google reader to read blogs and for some reason the Black Knight quite appearing!! You must have been doing battle. I found the problem and fixed it!! Phew. Missed seeing your posts! :)

  25. Very interesting post! Good luck in the Marathon on Sunday!

  26. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed learning more about you.

    I'm very sorry to hear that you had to pull out of the marathon after all the training. I know how hard it can be.

  27. I'm sorry you have to DNS a's tough to make that call