Thursday, January 26, 2012

11 Things

Christi tagged me to share 11 things about me. Here it goes:

  1. Post these rules;
  2. You must post 11 random things about yourself;
  3. Answer the questions set for you in their post;
  4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer;
  5. Go to their blog and tell them you’ve tagged them;
  6. No stuff in the tagging section about you are tagged if you are reading this. You legitimately have to tag 11 people!

11 Random Things About Me:

  1. I live in Italy and I studied, I work and I live in the same city where I was born;
  2. I love my family, I got married with Daniela when she was 18 and I 22 y.o. Now we have one son (32 y.o.), one daughter (27 y.o.), 2 grandsons (3 y.o. and 2 months) …. and 3 cats;
  3. My best friend was Sebastiano, now he is in heaven and I am sure he has always a smile on his lips. I cannot forget his sayings, his jokes, his laughs. We were in the same course at the University and we worked together. The best person who I have ever known. Ciao Lino!
  4. The best period of my life was when I was in the Coast Guard;
  5. In my youth I was a real champion of table-football and I earned money playing (single and double). Below is a 1978 photo:
  6. I like to travel, in 1999 and 2000 I visited the USA (the last pic is in Disneyland);
  7. I like rugby and every year in february and march I follow the italian team in the 6 Nations;
  8. I am teetotal, I don’t smoke, I don’t like seafood and I don’t dance;
  9. My favourite food is pizza and pepsi;
  10. I like the progressive, the hard rock and the gothic rock music even if my favourite band are the Roxy Music (front man is Bryan Ferry);
  11. The last member to join the Black Knight Army is Raina, our new strategist. Welcome Lady Raina!

11 Questions asked by Christi
  1. Which actor played James Bond the best? Sean Connery;
  2. Are you a cat person or a dog person? I am a dog person even if I have only cats at home;
  3. What is your favorite race to date? All the races in Maremma (southern part of Tuscany) for the scenery and the rich loots;
  4. Do you prefer beer or wine? I am teetotal;
  5. What is the first race that you ever completed? April 28, 1985: 8 km, my finishing time was 40’00” (5’/km – 8’03”/mi) and I was the last;
  6. Do you have a coach to help you with your training? No, I don’t;
  7. If you could compete in any long distance triathlon and race fees were not a factor would you choose IM or Rev 3 races? No triathlon for me, after the motor-bike incident I am too scared to ride a bike in a competition;
  8. How many blogging friends have you met in person? strewth, CJ and IHateToast from Australia, Dori from USA and of course many ITALIAN BLOGTROTTERS;
  9. Who is going to win the Superbowl, New England Patriots or New York Giants? The Black Knight Army!!!!!
  10. If you could meet one person alive or dead, who would it be? Julius Caesar;
  11. And finally the big question, do you prefer Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars.

Now here are my questions for those that I tag:

  1. How many races have you done?
  2. What is your unforgettable race?
  3. Have you ever raced abroad?
  4. Are you the only runner (swimmer, biker) in your family?
  5. What is the job of your dreams?
  6. The trip of your dreams?
  7. Your favorite post-race food?
  8. The more expensive fee you have ever payed for a race?
  9. The best movie?
  10. The best song?
  11. The best friend?

If you haven’t been tagged go ahead and do it, I like reading these about other people.


  1. I love your old pictures! :) Julius Caesar...I bet he'd be a fascinating person. I just did this, so I'll answer your questions here.

    #1 How many races have you done? 22ish

    # What is your unforgettable race? Probably the non-race adventure race I did last March. It was a great intro to adventure racing and just a really good time with some awesome people.

    # Have you ever raced abroad? No, the furthest from home I've been is Mexico, and there was no racing involved.

    # Are you the only runner (swimmer, biker) in your family? Yes, and while sometimes it's sad to not have someone in my family to share it with or who really GETS it, it's also nice that I never have to find a babysitter or compete for training time.

    # What is the job of your dreams? Writing about myself for money. :)

    # The trip of your dreams? Nice long vacation, lots of time outside, a beach, dancing...

    # Your favorite post-race food? Almost anything post-race! :)

    # The more expensive fee you have ever payed for a race? I'm about to have to shell out $170 for a 24 hour adventure race. It makes me a little sick to think of it.

  2. Thanks for playing along!

  3. I think I might need to run a race in Tuscany :-)

  4. Thanks for sharing the information. Very good stuff man. BTW, What is the Black Knight army, and what are the benefits of joining? I don't use a sword very well. lol, but I can run my @$$ off if ever so slowly. My first name means "Of the King's Meadows".

  5. Interesting "question-post" and those old photos are really nice! Have you seen the comment above? She'd like to join the Black Knight Army :)

    I'm sure you're ready for next challenge (23 km in the hills) although the weather is cold enough. Anyway we are meeting on Sunday, January, 29th, at 6:45 a.m.

  6. LOVE these posts!! I am doing one for my next blog post...but I was tagged 3 times so I am not sure how to do it yet. Anyway, I love these, it is so fun to learn about everyone!!

  7. Bryan Ferry takes me back to my last two years in high school. One of my friends loved him so I got to hear quite a lot of him. Funnily, I like him much more now than I did back then.

  8. I love these posts always interesting and I love these pictures! Bryan Ferry for me too it is High School time..I love that song you poste. Can a Canadian be in the Army? French translator or something..I am so happy I can comment here now!

  9. I will do like Kate and answer the questions here, I posted my 11 things today also

    How many races have you done? 29, 30 is coming up next week
    What is your unforgettable race? my fitst half marathon.
    Have you ever raced abroad? well yes but for me it was home.
    Are you the only runner (swimmer, biker) in your family? yes
    What is the job of your dreams? to be a pshychiatrist
    The trip of your dreams? Ireland
    Your favorite post-race food? chicken soup
    The more expensive fee you have ever payed for a race? $125
    The best movie? Shindler's List
    The best song? English: Thunder Road. French: Je l'aime a mourir.
    The best friend? Valerie over 30 yrs

  10. Thanks for the welcome, Stefano! As my first mission in the army, I must discern what/who we are battling :) . That will help my strategy considerably! Ha.

    Your number 9 answer makes me laugh! I agree...and I am not sure who is playing in the superbowl. I prefer college football or running :)

    So you have been to the US!? Did you enjoy it?

  11. Always interesting to learn something new about runners. You made an impression on Strewth - she never stops talking about you. Funny about finishing last in your first race at 5:00/km - that's a good time these days!

    How many races have I done? Over 30+ years it'd have to be well over 1000. I'll add it up one day ;)

  12. I prefer wine (red) over pepsi. Pizza is too addictive. :) You are right about your superbowl predictions. Go Black Army!!! Do you guys play soccer too? Funny, I am a dog person too.. with two cats. I need a dog. No way Sean Connery was best Bond. Daniel Craig, of course. :) I am with you on Star Wars though. How can you not like seafood? It's good for you! :)
    As for finding a better place for a blogger's meeting (your comment on my post) maybe we'll form our own army and invade Italy to get some of the loot you guys get after your races.
    Have a great weekend, Stefano.

    1. I mean a better place because the Pikes Peak Marathon is too tough. You are always welcome in Italy.

  13. I didn't know you could make money playing foosball! That's cool!

  14. How many races have you done?--I don't know!! A lot!! I used to do one every other weekend when I lived in New York.

    What is your unforgettable race?--This is hard, but I really liked Bay to Breakers in San Francisco because it was beautiful, you finished by the sea, I ran it with my husband, we both felt fast and we saw a naked centipede (a group of runners, chained together, wearing no clothes).

    Have you ever raced abroad?--No! I need to change that.

    Are you the only runner (swimmer, biker) in your family?--My husband is a good runner, but if you're talking about my mom/dad/sister/brother, then yes, I am the only runner.

    What is the job of your dreams?--Writer.

    The trip of your dreams?--Australia and New Zealand.

    Your favorite post-race food?--Mexican food with lots of salsa. I think it's the salt I crave, but also the vegetables.

    The more expensive fee you have ever payed for a race?--The New York Marathon. I forget how much it was, but it was a lot.

    The best movie?--Best FUN movie: The Lord of the Rings. Best SERIOUS movie: Un Coeur en Hiver

    The best song?--This changes all the time, but my current favorite is "Brand New Day" by Trevor Hall. I also like everything by Mumford & Sons.

    The best friend?--My husband, Dan.

    And I fear I could never have a very high rank in the Black Knight Army, but I'd be proud to serve as a humble foot soldier.

  15. You will really enjoy South Africa's rugby crazy culture! Most guys I know over here literally live and breathe rugby :) .

  16. I need to do this as I have now been tagged several times. I do like reading these so I am going to try this weekend.
    I live 4 miles from the town I grew up in and teach in that town.
    How much money did you make playing table football? Enough to live on or was it a little extra cash?
    My favorite post race food is water melon or bagels.
    I have done - I am guessing 150 races. And I started racing late in life.
    I have never traveled abroad for a race but hope to once I retire.

  17. Remember Fields of the Nephilim? All About Eve? Red Lorry Yellow Lorry? My fav goth bands...

  18. Loved to read more about you Stefano. Great post to read.

  19. Great to learn all those things about you and I am so glad I am able to comment (for the past few weeks I was never able to get the comment page to work for your blog - strange and rather frustrating, but I am relieved it works again). Thanks for your kind words on my last few posts.

    1. I love that you are true to your Italian roots w/ Cesar! And that you have been racing since '85. Not many bloggers out there who can say that!

      When will you visit the States again? : )

  20. We have a lot in common my friend. I enjoyed learning something new about you. Stay thirsty.