Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Italian Hope

Injury Update. Saturday I went to the hospital for a private examination of the injured knee, I was so lucky to be received by the head of the orthopedic department. What a wonderful surprise: he is a runner! We immediately became friends. After 50 minutes of exams he said that before the final "sentence" he needs to check the x-ray of my legs and the cure, for now, are 3 shots - 1 per week - of hyaluronic acid inside my knee. The day after tomorrow the next examination and the first shot. Keeping the fingers crossed.

Swimming. But the Black Knight doesn't give up. I cannot run but I regularly go to swim and I am thinking of some race in the sea or in the lake. This is the work done since my last post: sat. 1800 mt, sun 1800 mt, mon rest, tue 1700 mt, wed 1800 mt and today 1500 mt (because I was late in the swimming pool).

The Italian Hope. In Italy the things go wrong. The economical crises got the Country into the troubles, 2 italian marines are prisoners in India and the italian rugby team lost the first 2 games against France and England. But I have the solution: my grandson Leonardo! He is Spiderman and a very good flanker. There is wind of change .....

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The End of the Game

The End of the Game. The magnetic resonance imaging said that I have the chondromalacia and synovial fluid inside the left knee. It is the same leg that I badly broke in september 2007. In spite of the 2 surgeries and all the medical advices I began again to run and race: that was the big mistake. This morning the physiatrist said that I have to do 90 minutes of magnetotherapy for 20 days and after I cannot run anymore, if I don't want to walk with a cane, because the knee is too damaged. However my last chance is an orthopedist specialized in "knees" and tomorrow she will visit my leg; a doctor friend of mine knows that she solved many problems like this one.
Swimming. Waiting for the final "sentence" - and I hope to run again even if only for fun and for short distances - the option is the swimming pool where I think to go 6 days per week. After 4 days in a row (1600 mt. sunday, 1600 mt. monday, 1600 mt. tuesday, 1700 mt. yesterday) today I have taken a day off. If running will be impossible, swimming can be my future.
Snow. Last monday the snow covered the city again. During the snowfall I had a walk through the desert streets with my daughter and her fiancè. 1st photo the B.K. and Elisa's fiancè; 2nd photo my backyard; 3rd photo the local marina inside the port.

For the italian followers. La situazione si è messa male ho la condromalacia all'interno del ginocchio sinistro più altre piccole complicazioni quali degenerazione del menisco laterale e segni di sinovite reattiva. Il fisiatra, un vero scienziato (mio carissimo amico) mi ha prescritto 20 gg di magnetoterapia pulsante (90 minuti a seduta) e prevede la fine completa della mia attività di podista al fine di evitare il rischio di una protesi al ginocchio. A mia insaputa un altro medico mio amico ha fissato per domani mattina un appuntamento con un chirurgo ortopedico espertissima in lesioni al ginocchio la quale, a suo dire, ha risolto problematiche come la mia. Io intanto, al momento, non ci sarei andato per rispetto del fisiatra. Non so che dire: vedremo! Intanto me ne vado a nuotare e sto pensando al gran fondo in acque marine.
The Black Knight Army. Another brave warrior came to swell the Black Knight Army's ranks: Lady Charmaine, master of chocolatey goodies ... and waiting again for knowing the role of Lady Superkate and Sir Johann.

Thursday, February 09, 2012


Injured. I am injured, I didn't listen to my body, I didn't want to stop my runs because I had the good sensation to run faster, to improve day after day. I thought that slowing down during the workouts and the last tough race was the right solution. This because my main goal is (was) the Roma-Ostia half marathon, the most participated in Italy, where I would have liked to establish the time to start the next half marathons in better corrals (last year my finishing time was 1:46:12 and this year my possible goal was 1:43:59). The day before yesterday I did the magnetic resonance imaging to understand why I have pain inside my left knee, however even if I had nothing (as my phisyo said), I must take 10 days off and take it easy for the following 3 weeks. Swimming will help but it is not the same.
Snow. After 27 years a heavy snowfall covered the city. All the inhabitants were unprepared but not the Black Knight Army. Last friday, the day of the snowfall, the Black Knight, Sir Giorgio and his humble servant Massimo, ran 10.5 km in the darkness through the frozen city where they didn't meet other runners. It happened in a magic atmosphere unknown in these places: different lights and shadows, the falling snow, the ice on the desert streets, the unreal silence (there were no cars): great and new experience! Here are 3 photos: the first is my absolute worst pic possible (taken after the workout - see the ice on the hat), the second in my backyard and the third inside my wife's car:

The Black Knight Army is always more powerful, other 4 brave warriors joined us: Lady Christi is another amazon, Teamarcia is the Lady of seafaring vessels, sir Kenley is Lord of Dillsurg and we are waiting for the Sir Joahnn's decision about his role.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Maratonina dei 3 Comuni

Prologue: On Sunday jan. 29th the B.K., Sir theyogi, Sir Giorgio and his humble servant Massimo left the Black Knight Kingdom in early morning to go to Castel S.Elia for a tough race 22.550 km (14 mi) long: the Maratonina dei 3 Comuni. It is part of the mountain circuit race. The path, never flat and with only downhill and uphill, is called the devil’s buttocks as you can see here:

We ran through 3 medieval little towns: Castel S.Elia, Civitacastellana and Nepi; every town was built on a hill. The battle was bloody and the siege was long. As usual we didn’t take prisoners. Here are the pictures of Civitacastellana before and after our raid (the photos are real and both the places are in Civitacastellana):

No previous goals, only to finish this difficult long distance run as training for the most important half-marathon of Italy: the Roma-Ostia at the end of february.

Stats: 22.550 km (14 mi) in 1:55:33 at the pace of 5’07”/km (8’14”/mi); 1210/2121 overall and 97/215 age group. The loot was interesting: a sport bag, olive oil and an artistic plate.

The Black Knight Army. We have the honour to announce that other 2 brave warriors joined the Black Knight Army: Lady Caroline is our official interpreter and Lady Terzah our first foot soldier. The Black Knight Army needs you! Find your role and join us!

Have a good week end