Friday, March 30, 2012


The Future. I run again carefully, slowly (about 6’00/km - 8’03/ml) and for no more than 10/12 km. I don’t know if I will be able to increase the mileage: perhaps the limit is the half-marathon but for sure I have to forget forever the tempo-runs and the speed-works. All the doctors and the PT agree on this prohibition. I would like to race again but around here the pack is too fast, the participants are very few and the paths dangerous with uphill and downhill. All considered my decision could be to enter some race in Rome where I can run slowly because there are thousands of runners.

Training Log after my last post:

Bling. Here are some running memories: my 3 marathons (PB 3:34:09 in 1991) and 8 of my 30 half marathons (PB 1:31:58 in 1991). Unfortunately I have lost, while moving to this house, all the cups, all the plaques and many medals (included my favorite that I got in Edinburgh for a 10 miler race):

Question: do you have a special running trophy?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Running Doctor

The Running Doctor. On february 5th I did my last workout and after I had to stop the activity for the injury inside the knee. Suddendly I did the magnetic resonance imaging to show to a specialist: the head of the orthopedic department of the local hospital. After the visit he did to me 4 shots of hyaluronic acid (weekly). The “sentence” is always the same: you can come back to run but slowly and for short distances because the knee is damaged. In fact, after the 2 operations on my broken leg, I have run too many miles, too many races and, in recent times, too “fast” mainly when I ran with the group. Now the doctor and I are good friends and, what a surprise, while eating together in a beautiful restaurant on the sea he decided to run with me twice a week during the lunch break. He doesn’t run anymore since 2010 and he said that this is the right occasion to start again. I am really happy because it is a pleasure to do the workouts with him and because in this way he can check step by step my knee.

Training. Carefully I tried to run and I kept on swimming. And this is what I did in the last period: 13 7.6 km running; 14 2000 mt swimming; 16 2100 mt swimming; 18 2100 mt swimming; 19 6.8 km running; 21 2100 mt swimming and today 8.8 km running pain free at the slow pace of 6'09"/km (9'54"/ml).

Here are 2 pictures from Cardiff again. The B.K. is with the scarf of Italia (click to enlarge).

Happy running, swimming, biking, hiking.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Injury Update. No running yet. This morning I did the 3rd shot of hyaluronic acid and the doctor said that I need the 4th. Now I am painless only when I walk. I must wait and hope.
Swimming is a good option and the last trainings were 2000 (friday) and 2100 (saturday) mt. but from sunday until wednesday I was in the bed with a strong flu. In the meantime I joined the local swimming team to enter some race in open water.
Cardiff ... and on thursday I left for Cardiff (Wales) with a group of players of the local "old rugby team" to watch the match Wales-Italy at the Millennium Stadium. We are friends since the early 70s. We spent 3 wonderful days together laughing and enjoying the city. Here are some pictures:

Italy learned another tough lesson, Wales won 24 - 3 and is going to complete the Grand Slam in the 6 Nations Championship.

Thursday, March 01, 2012


Injury update. I got the first shot of hyaluronic acid inside my knee and yesterday my physio said that I can run again even if I should be cautious: it means no speed works and short distances at the moment. This afternoon I tried to run but I had to stop the workout after 10 minutes because I felt pain. I am confused and scared. On saturday I will get the second shot.
Memories. I have found these 2 pictures of my last race on jan. 29, in the first I am the 1457 and we are near the finishing line (see the uphill after 22.6 km).
Swimming. At least I can swim and here is what I did: sun 2000 mt; mon 1700 mt; tue 1700 mt; wed 2000 mt and today the failure running.
Question: I would like to race in the sea or in the lake, do you have any advices about the swimsuits? The swimming season here begins in late april.