Monday, May 28, 2012

The Race of Ceri

The Race of Ceri. On Saturday the Black Knight (bib 21) and sir Giorgio (bib 22) went to the ancient amazing village of Ceri to run a 10 km. The scenery was wonderful, a narrow road through the green country full of vineyards and olive trees.

We chose this race because on the website we read: “one lap with a uphill at the finish”; so we thought to run on a flat route with only a uphill. But what a surprise, only uphill and downhill with an impossible final “mountain to hike” where it was almost impossible to run. See the photo (the B.K: is the man in ... black):

Also the loot was ridiculous: 1 apple, 1 bottle of beer and a mini-cake.
As you know I made the decision to race always with no competitive spirit not to injure further my leg and this time, after having seen how tough was the route, I promised myself to be slower than usual.
Stats. Other surprise: the route was 8.9 km long (and not 10 km). I finished in 46:33 (5’14”/km – 8’25”/m); 102 of 153 overall and 12 of 17 age group. Not so bad considering that we met the usual pack with few and good runners but this time the race was really tough and many persons had problems on the uphill because they started too fast.

Have a good week and run strong!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother's Day

Mamma. I know I am late with this post but anyway I want to celebrate this special day. My mother passed away on Easter 2001 when she was only 70 y.o. I miss her, a wonderful mom and a wonderful grandma. I was not a good son, my behaviour worried her but she had always a smile and good words for me. In my youth I spent my time playing rugby and I didn't want to study; only when I got married (22 y.o.) I began to be a more serious person getting an University Degree and joining the Coast Guard. However she tried always to understand me and always forgave me.
Also when she was sick and tired she spent hours to play with my children until the day she went to sleep and didn't wake up anymore. Ciao mamma, I will never forget you.

1999: Mom and I

1980: Mom and my wife Daniela

1958: Mom, her parents and a baby Black Knight

Friday, May 11, 2012


April 2012. Stats. Running only 124.6 km (77.4 m) in 12 workouts and 2 races. Swimming 20.600 meters in 10 workouts.
April 1991. In that month I ran my second and fastest marathon in 3:34:09 and I finished 124 of 195. Yes, only 195 runners in Rome! We were pioneers.

Training. Since my last post I have run 3 times (9 km - 10.8 km - 10.4 km) and I have swum 4 times (1900 m - 2600 m - 1900 m - 2000 m). The runs have to be slow and short not to injury more both the knees.

Piombino. Wednesday I went to Piombino (Tuscany) for a seminar where I was one of the speakers. The subject was "Environmental Management in Ports by Using Ecoports Tools". Here are 2 photos from the promenade where you can also see the Isles Elba and Capraia.

Have a good week-end

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Cemivet Run

The Race. On sunday 29 the Black Knight, Sir Giorgio and his humble servant Massimo ran a race in Grosseto (Tuscany) inside the Army’s Veterinary Center, a beautiful park in the green country, where the Corp breeds Maremma horses for competitions. See the photo:

2 laps for a total of 7.63 km, part on the sand and part on the dirt patch. Perfect organization, rich post-race refreshment, good loot (see the photo) but few runners. Sir Giorgio made the decision to run for fun because he was not adequately trained and I did the mistake to try to run with him: now I have also pain in my right knee.

Stats. Official: 7.8 km in 38:00 at the pace of 4’52”/km (7’50”/ml). Real data: 7.63 km in 37:56 at the pace of 4’59”/km (8’01”/ml). The result is terrible, I finished in the last pack: 118 of 149 overall and 08 of 10 age group. It is difficult to run such races with no competitive spirit: the last place is always available! In this photo the B.K. is the n° 151 (the  279 was “smoked” a little bit later):

Training: today is my 4° days off for the pain in the knee however I went twice to the pool  swimming 2100 and 2500 meters.

Happy running