Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lovely Blog Award - Tagged!

Caroline from the blog Canadian Runner in Exile tagged me for the Lovely Blog Award.
Simple rules:
a)    Thank the person who awarded the award: Thank you Caroline;
b)    Tell 7 random things about yourself that no one knows;
c)    Pass on the award to 7 blogger pals.

1) December 1977: while I was in the Navy Academy I was taken seriously ill with broncho-pneumonia. The doctors thought it was only a stupid flu and I risked my life. The B.K. is the second from left:

2) I love all kind of animals and I am member of many associations for their protection. When I served in the La Maddalena Naval Base I had a special friend, a well refined gentleman: Blackie that you can see here with my wife in 1983:

3) I love the rock music and I go to many concerts with the same friend since we were teen-agers. Here we are with our wives (1999): the scottish tie is a present that I received after a rugby match:

4) I don’t use facebook and twitter. Is this a fault?
5) I have always worked in my city except short periods in the Naval Bases of La Maddalena (18 months), Taranto (6 months), Messina (2 months) and Leghorn (3 months).
6) I want to retire but in Italy it is difficult because the Parliament changes continuously the “rules of the game”. When I am sure that the time has arrived they say: “Sorry we were joking, wait again”. I am very angry with the politicians.
7) In these days my grandson Leonardo is in the hospital for a little surgery. I hope that my little super-hero comes back home soon. Here he is in his room in that hospital:

If you haven’t been tagged go ahead and do it. I like reading these about other people.


  1. I hope Leonardo is better and at home soon.

    It's so nice that you're still going to concerts with your friend from way back.

  2. What are your 3 favorite rock bands? Any American ones? Good luck to Leonardo. Very cute picture!

  3. I hope your grandson's surgery goes smoothly and that he recovers well! I know you are much more of a rugby fan, but everyone must be excited about how Italy won against Germany in the Uefa Cup last night - they played really well!

  4. As long as you can still maintain contact with others, Facebook isn't something you have to be on :) I know very few people on Twitter.

  5. Hope your grandson's surgery will go well.

    I am on Facebook and made very nice friends there, some of whom I met in person and liked a lot. The nice thing about FB is that I can keep in touch with people from allover the world. And at least in my case, it is not that time consuming, much easier to schedule time for these days than for writing a blog post. :)

    Politicians seem to be infuriating no matter what nationality. Why do we elect such stupid people?

  6. hope the little guy will be well soon....

    thank you for playing! I like reading these posts
    not a fault to not have twitter or FB as long as you keep the blog!

  7. Wishing your grandson well, Stefano! And I do hope the rule-shifting stops so you can enjoy your well-earned retirement.

    As for concerts, I just bought tickets to Mumford & Sons at Red Rocks Arena in Colorado. I haven't been to a real concert since before my kids were born--I'm really excited to see some live music again, and with a band I truly love.

  8. Good luck to Leonardo!

    I use both facebook and twitter. I could live without twitter, but I do love facebook. It's a great way to keep up with people you may not get to see often, and it has been a WONDERFUL way to connect with other runners and cyclists.

    Great, interesting list!

  9. I love Blackie! Love animals too - especially cats :) .

    Wishing Leonardo a quick recovery.

  10. I don't use Facebook or Twitter either, so make that a double fault. :-)

  11. Great facts, I dread to think what mine would be :-)

  12. Blackie looks like an Australian crow - they're a very smart bird - like the Magpies. Best wishes to Leonardo!

    I find Twitter quite useful - moreso than Facebook.

  13. All the best to handsome Leonardo for a quick recovery! Wow he's grown!
    This was fun to read. Love the navy pic!

  14. I also love rock music and animals :) Best wishes to Leonardo!

  15. A big hug to Leonardo...I just love reading your posts!!!