Thursday, September 27, 2012


In the past this was the right period to increase the mileage for the december marathon but now I can only hope to be ready to walk again with no pain. On monday I will know the reply.
Fall is beautiful here, warm and with many wonderful colors. The nights are amazing but, as you can see in the second photo, the birds come back to the city.

How is your fall? Are you preparing a marathon?


  1. Oh my gosh...that car!!

    No fall marathon for me...I'm working towards a trail 30K, but I'm not running nearly enough miles. This may be the year I finally come in last!

  2. ...but the car behind is clean :-)
    I am running a 30 mile canal run in October and a 50 mile run a s a Race Sweeper in November so a busy few months.

    I am glad you are up and about now.

  3. No marathons for me. Just trying to get back in shape and run without pain...maybe even run fast again. You will be back running. I am sure of it. Be patient.

  4. Love birds, hate their poops! Good luck with your continued recovery efforts!

  5. No marathons for me. I have a half marathon on October 7th and then I will have to see what happens. Hope things are getting better for you and you get some good news.

  6. Nessuna altra maratona nel 2012 per Blade, ma ...potrei ancora cambiare idea

  7. My marathon is in December--hopefully I can get enough miles to be truly ready!

    That's a lot of birds.

    My fingers are crossed for NO pain for you.

  8. That's a LOT of birds - wow!!

    Fall is really pretty here, too. Not ready for winter, though - which is nearby. We already have snow high in the mountains.

    I hope you find out good news on Monday...I'll be crossing my finger and toes for you!

  9. Fall is here too but thankfully without all the birds you seem to get! Hope you get some good news soon with your pain...dealing with chronic pain is very demoralizing I have been finding these past weeks. Hang in there!

  10. That car!! I laughed so hard. Glad I don't have to clean it.

  11. spero non sia la tua auto, faresti prima a cambiarla! ;D
    sai che non riesco a parlarci? provo a scrivergli....

  12. Our spring is here and it is beautiful! We are also getting some much needed rain. I'm training for some hard mountain races, including a mountain marathon on 24 November. All the best with your injury. Take care and hang in there.

  13. Oh I hope that's not your car! Gross. Good luck on Monday!

  14. I love fall. RIght now though I want the cool without the rain. I am not running a marathon but have a duathlon in a couple of weeks.

  15. It's not fall, it's spring/summer! You were not baracking for Australia v Springboks on Saturday :(

  16. Sending you good vibes for your appointment, that car is nasty!!! We are starting to have fall, the colors are changing and I just put out my fall plants :)

  17. Holy crap that car owner can get his car washed every day with those birds :)

    I love Fall too because of the colors and even when it's raining and windy.

    I'm not preparing for anything. I just want to run and have fun doing it.

    Hope you get good results Monday.

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  19. Oh, that car picture is terrible and funny! No marathon for me, though I do *love* the October race season. Just trying to build up more consistent miles.

  20. No marathons for me, but a 5k next month. The birds really like that car! Thanks for checking in on me and my blog. I didn't know you posted a new comment until after I posted something new. I'm sorry about your injury and I hope you heal completely. Take care.