Friday, October 05, 2012


Swimming. After 3 months of total rest for the vertebra fracture, this morning I went to the swimming pool. Usually I swam 2000 - 2500 meters but for today I had planned to take it easy, resting every 5 lengths. What a big surprise! The things went better and I could swim 1250 meters slowly but without any stop. It was a very good "first time". However not yet time to run, only walks for now. Maybe late october?

September 1990. I spent 2 months in the La Maddalena Naval Base to get the license to steer the Coast Guard Ships. When I arrived there, on the same day, I entered a running race with only 14 participants: not a big event at all. Here are 2 pictures: the post-race and the final rush.

September 2007. The worst september of my life. I broke my femur in many parts. Here are the x-ray. I removed all that iron in november 2008.

Which was your race with less participants? How many runners?